It takes a real man to be a captain and to be orange. But of you want to be the queen of the group, Amy Rose, I'll teach you.
Carlos Talking to Amy rose


Carlos is the captain of yoshi bros (or yoshi kids or Yoshlings) he is the 1st one being born by A Pink Female Yoshi. Carlos is captain. When Amy Rose Needs tips, she goes by Carlos. He likes to be called Carlos Sr. Carlos is the smartest one in the Yoshlings. The is Larry Koopa's friend.

He is red-orange and blue hair, like Larry Koopa, and Green Pants and Blue shoes.


Bruce the white yoshi kid- Get along very well (sometimes fight)

Miles The Red Yoshi Kid-Keeps him in check of his Radom Experience.

Vitani The Yellow Yoshi Kid-Sibling Rivals (only when needed)

Billy The Green Yoshi Kid- Best Friends.

Marco the Black Yoshi Kid Sr- Best friends for 11 years.

Kooper Sr The Blue Yoshi-Thinks he's Cocky and can't understand his ideas.

Drake The Pink Yoshi- Best Friends


Pronto (1990 name in Yoshlings show)

Bruce's Twin (1990 name in yoshlings)

Sr/King (Billy yoshi)

Captain Twin (Bruce Yoshi)

Mr.Carlos (Amy Rose)

Yoshi Kid 1 (Nintendo)

Yoshling (Nintendo)

Sassy (Vitani Yoshi)

Yoshi Dude (Funky Kong)

Best Twin/BFFT (Bruce)

King of Yoshlings (Kooper Sr)

Carlos Sr (Jackson Koopa,Donkey Kong,Yoshis,Bowser,Bowser Jr,Rocko H. Koopa, Risen Koopa, Ludwig von Koopa)

Gangsta King (Rocko H. Koopa,Ludwig Von Koopa)

Smart One (Risen Koopa)


Rocko H. Koopa- Is His Best Friend. He calls Him Gangsta King. (On the Mario and Sonic Adventure: Rocko's Plot)

He Helps Rocko H. Koopa and Others.

Larry Koopa- Have The Same Things in common.(But Larry Dons't like Carlos Being friends with Bruce) When Carlos Gets his friends to meet

Larry, They Gather Around (Because he Is Famous)

Wendy O. Koopa- Well sometimes Carlos Can't Understand her Being Whiny. But he needs her only when needed.

Bruce Yoshi- Twins. in Fact. There are just like Iggy Koopa & Lemmy Koopa (but Carlos was born first and Bruce was born 2nd).


Rocko H. Koopa and Wendy O. Koopa's Wedding.

When Rocko H. Koopa and Wendy O. Koopa are getting married, and Mario captures Wendy O. Koopa, it's a job for the Yoshlings, Boolings, Plantlings, Koopalings, Super Koopalings, Morton Koopa Sr., Bowser and Dry Bowser to save Bowser's second daughter.

When the 'lings grow up

When the Yoshilings, Boolings, Plantlings, Koopalings and the Super Koopalings grow up, they don't know how to get their own children to beat Mario. But when Ludwig von Koopa and Carlos find out, you have to help them so they can prepare for their own Family.


  • Carlos was named after the character Carlos from the hit Nickelodeon TV-Show Big Time Rush.
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