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Cardmaster Box Art
North American box art
Developer(s) Nintendo
Box Productions
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Distributor(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Genre(s) Adventure
Series Cardmaster
Predecessor N/A
Successor TBA
Release Date(s) Worldwide: December 7, 2019
Mode(s) Adventure (1 person)
Challenge (1 person)
Multiplayer (2-4 people)
Online Multiplayer (2-4 people)
Age Rating(s) E for Everyone (ESRB)
Media Included Nintendo Switch Cartridge

Cardmaster is an upcoming game developed by Box Productions. It is an original game created by Purple133.


The game has it's own unique style, having 2-D 16 bit platforming through most levels, while also having a unique way of fighting enemies and bosses. To attack enemies and bosses, a seperate screen will open with them on one half of the screen, and you on the other. You attack using your deck of 52 cards. Across different levels and boss fights, you can find and obtain "special ability cards" which give the card a special attack when you are in a fight. 


In the post apocalyptic world of Ases, a tyrannical leader known as Blackjack has asserted control over everyone. In order to restore peace and harmony to the once great world, Cardmaster must embark on a journey to bring down Blackjack and his forces. Along the way, you face off against many of Blackjack's troops and army commanders. 

Card Types

Regular Cards

  • Aces (Do 1 damage)
  • Numbered Cards (2s do 2 damage, 3s do 3 damage, and so on)
  • Jacks (Do 12 damage)
  • Queens (Do 14 damage)
  • Kings (Do 15 damage)

Special Ability Cards

  • Blank Card (Does any random amount of damage from 1-15)
  • Flaming Aces (Does 50 damage)
  • Frosty Fours (Does 4 damage to the enemy after their next 4 attacks)
  • Terrible Twos (Does twice the amount of damage your enemies' card does)
  • Silver Enhancements (Makes numbered cards do twice as much damage then what's on the card)
  • Golden Enchancements (Makes numbered cards do 4 times as much damage then what's on the card)
  • Elite Eights (Allows you to use three numbered cards in one turn)
  • King's Clubs (Does 1 more damage then what's on the card)
  • Steel Spades (Does 2 more damage then what's on the card)
  • Deadly Diamonds (Poisons your opponent, making them lose 1 HP after every turn)
  • Heart Hazes (Does 66 damage)
  • Jokers (Makes enemies' attacks do 50% damage; adds that 50% to your next attack)
  • Star Card (Does 25 damage)
  • Amazing Ace (Does 100 damage)
  • Super Golden King (Does 300 damage and gives you +25 HP)
  • Nintendo Spectacular (Only one in existence, does 500 damage)


For a guide to the levels, see this page: Cardmaster Levels For a guide to the bosses, see this page: Cardmaster Bosses

You begin your solo adventure mode in Card Kingdom.  More to be added. 





Online Multiplayer


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