Cara and the Skyrockets: War in Space is a futuristic strategy game for the Hybrid Delta. While orginally under devolpment under Stelios7 (tbc), it was later passed over to Overclocked.


In a futuristic galaxy, a war is engraging in space. The Zuzuxion empire is trying to take over dwarf planet Harmonia. It's inhabitants are a rogue band with their only celebrities; Cara and the Skyrockets have to protect their home from being taken over before it's too late!


The gameplay is a strategy game, with a third person point of view of where the band are. You will command to attack or defend. There will be a free roaming path to choose, and you must attack your opponents to stop them getting close to the planet. You will have to move your character freely and attack your opponents by choosing to attack solo or together.

Cara and her bandmates will be able to attack, they can use their microphone, guitar, drums and keyboard respectively.


A mode where you can recite songs from the game either freely or with enemies. Free sessions can be experimented with too.


In total there are 20 songs in the game, 10 original and 10 prexisting. These are from the bands album and their cover album. The genres range from rock to dance/rap, they were suggested by the users of Fantendo and Sorastitch (tbc).


  • Cara - The lead singer who can attack with radiowaves.
  • Nelson - A loud hipster dog drummer, who can attack using his drums.
  • Malone - A laidback guitarist, who wears futuristic metallic looking clothes.
  • Nevk - Nevk stants for New Electronic Virtuoso Keyboarder, A twisted keyboard obsessed hi-tech malfunctioning robot. Whipped up by some fans as the newest band member.


  • Daft Punk - The Game Has Changed
  • Rezonate - Pump It!
  • Nosia/16Bit - Machine Gun (16Bit Remix)


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