Car Yoshi
Car Yoshi
A Light-Blue Yoshi using the car ability.
Original Character(s) Yoshi, other Yoshis
Achieved By Touching a Morph Bubble
Main Ability/ies
Fit through tight spaces, extend wheels over enemies, travel fast.

Car Yoshi, sometimes called Vehicle Yoshi, is one of the forms Yoshi and his species can transform into by touching a Morph Bubble in the Yoshi's Island series. In this form, Yoshi can travel much faster across the ground. He is also smaller in this form, allowing him to fit through small passages and reach otherwise inaccessible areas. Though Car Yoshi cannot jump, he is able to extend his wheels for a short time. This will allow him to dodge enemies and get onto higher platforms. He will revert to his regular state if Yoshi touches a Yoshi Block or a timer runs out, the latter of which will take Yoshi back to where the Morph Bubble was.


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