Captain Toadette: Treasure Tracker is a version of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, but with Toadette instead. This game is for Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo Switch.


Captain Toad has been captured by Wingo for taking a Star. Now it's Toadette who saves Toad. Go to areas with coin plants, find diamonds and destroy stuff with the pickaxe.


  • Toadette: The main character.
  • Toad: He's captured by the Wingo. Please save him!
  • Wingo: The giant bird. It's a boss.
  • Lava dragon: The dragon who shoots fire, who is a boss.
  • Other Toads: They make cameo appearances in the first level, giving Captain Toadette the diamond.

Downloadable content

Behold, the dlc that is coming in 2020 with new levels, toad original levels, etc. the wii u version can't get this DLC


  • Toadette was supposed to be the second player character in Captain Toad for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch. She was replaced by a cursor themed after her in demo versions, and Purple Captain Toad in the full game.
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