Captain Toad
TheTreasure Hunter
Universe 50px-MarioSymbol.svg
Recent Game Wii U Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
Availability Starter
Final Smash Toad Brigade/Draddagon

Captain Toad makes his first appearance as a playable character to the Super Smash Bros. franchise in Super 5mash Bros. 5. Hailing from the Super Mario (series) series, he originally was a Toad but, at some undisclosed time, became Captain Toad. Captain Toad first appeared in Super Mario 3D World where the player could control him through various mazes. He appeared again in his own game Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. Aehtetically, he appears much like in his Treasure Tracker model.


Captain Toad is a sort of jack-of-all-trait type character but has some glaring advantages and disadvantages. For his advantages, he has widely mixed amount of attacks that help with his approach options and has some decent killing moves. He has projectiles as well as attacks that brings him closer to his opponents like the Mine Cart. He can attack from far away with the Turnip Launcher. He is fairly fast and could be considered as being above average in terms of speed. He is able to pack his backpack with items and turnips which weighs him down. His Custom Set A Backpack is helpful in storing and getting rid of items easily from the pack thus making it best suited for intense and quick battles. However, he is dependent on items being available or that the opponent produces projectiles/items. His Custom Set B Pluck Patch is a bit more complex and doesn't allow him to unpack and pack on the fly but requires a bit more to unpack it. This attack is more situated for spacing options and he does not have to worry about finding items. By packing his backpack, Captain Toad can increase his weight thus increasing his falling speed and launch resistance. This allows him to weather attacks that may KO him if left unpacked. However, his jumping and speed stats drop steadily the more he packs it in thus making him a big target.

His notable difference from the rest of the roster is his inability to jump. Instead, he enters into the Starshroom hen he jumps. The Starshroom appears instantly and vanishes as soon as his jumping sequence is over. He can attack out of the Starshroom but it's the vehicle that is attacking, not Captain Toad himself. The Starshroom has a slight hovering ability like Peach though it is weighed down if Captain Toad is fully packed. As a result of the Starshroom, he has a little landing lag when short hopped.


Move Set

Name Damage Description
Neutral Attack Toad Jab, Toad Kick 3%, 5%, 5% Captain Toad performs a single jab, followed by a second jab, and then a short jump kick. It connects well but doesn't do that much damage.
Forward Tilt Backpack Bash 10% (unpacked), 16% (packed) It does more damage but it is a bit more slower when fully packed compared to unpacked backpacks. It has good reach and priority.
Up Tilt Slipping Toad 9%, 3% (landing) Captain Toad slips up into the air, flips, and lands back down on his butt. The second hit can do damage.
Down Tilt Ground Pluck 13% Captain Toad plucks up a turnip top only to find nothing is there! Though there isn't anything there, it does knock players up into the air and does decent damage.
Dash Attack Gem Trip 8% (trip), 14% (gem) Captain Toad trips and drops a Super Gem. The tripping animation does damage as does the gem. It will remain on the ground for several seconds and will allow Captain Toad to pick it up should he choose to.
Forward Smash Block Wall 10% (uncharged), 16% (charged) Captain Toad summons a block wall that does damage when it spawns. Captain Toad will cower behind the wall. It will stay for several seconds and can block attacks for a limited time. Depending on how long it is charged, the stronger it is.
Up Smash Brick Block 10% (first hit charged), 5.5% (debris charged), 6% (first hit uncharged), 3.5% (debris uncharged) A brick block appears above Captain Toad and explodes, causing area damage when it breaks upwards. Depending on how long it is charged, the stronger it is and the debris extends upwards.
Down Smash Spin Wheel 4.4% (per hit charged), 2.8% (per hit uncharged) Captain Toad cranks his wheel while charging the wheel. When released, Captain Toad will get overwhelmed by the spin wheel and gets whipped around in a circle; dealing hits. A fully charged down smash does 6 rotations while uncharged does 4 rotations.
Neutral Aerial Shroom Spin 6% The Starshroom spins rapidly while in mid-air. It does three rotations but launches opponents per hit. It has ending lag if short-hopped.
Forward Aerial Shroom Flip 6%, 6%, 6% The Starshroom flips forward and does 3 hits of damage that does burning damage. The first two hits does hitstun and the last hit does knockback. It has landing lag when short hopped.
Back Aerial Rolling Starshroom 2.2% (per hit) The Starshroom flips backwards and spins rapidly; doing multiple hits. It cannot be short hopped well.
Up Aerial Starshroom Rocket 13% Starshroom flips upside down and then blasts the rocket upwards; hitting the opponent with fire damage. It can be short hopped unlike the aerial attacks.
Down Aerial Toad Ejection 10% (descent), 8% (impact) Captain Toad is ejected from the Starshroom and gets shot down into the ground. It won't meteorspike in the air and does less damage when it impacts on the ground. When ejected, he looks stunned and looks about before shooting downwards.
Grab --- --- Toad grabs the opponent with both hands.
Pummel Pummel Pluck 3.2% Captain Toad plucks while damaging the opponent.
Forward Throw Falling Toss 6.7% Captain Toad goes to push the opponent but then falls into opponent by tumbling into the opponent; dealing damage.
Back Throw Backpack Toss 3%, 7% Captain Toad captures the opponent within her backpack and then whips them and knocks them behind Captain Toad.; ejecting the opponent out of the backpack.
Up Throw Cannon Shot 10% Captain Toad stuffs the opponent into the Turnip Cannon and then fires it upwards; launching them into the sky. It puts the opponent into a small helpless state after being launched.
Down Throw Statue Crash 13.5% Captain Toad collapses along with a statue which crashes down onto the opponent; spiking them upwards and dealing damage.
Floor Attack (front/back) Twirly Toad 7% Captain Toad spins on his back and his on both sides; launching an opponent.
Floor Attack (trip) Butt Plant 4.5% Captain Toad trips yet again; slamming hi sbutt forward as he falls. He then gets back up very quickly.
Edge Attack Backpack Push 5% Captain Toad climbs up and slams his backpack into the opponent.


Special Custom Set A

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Backpack 0% Captain Toad can press the standard special to pack away any items or object found on the stage. This increases his weight which does slow himself down but increases his falling speed and launch resistance. He can unpack his backpack by pressing special at any time. The item he pulls out, however, is lost as it vanishes upon being taken out. There is a certain amount of items that Captain Toad can pack with larger items taking more room.
Custom 1 Stuffing Backpack 3% Stuffing the Backpack causes it to expand every time which can damage and knock away nearby players.
Custom 2 Windy Unpack 0% When Captain Toad removes the item, it causes wind to shoot out which knocks opponents backwards.
Side Special Pickaxe 10% (first hit), 4% (subsequent hits) Captain Toad will travel forward, using his Pickaxe which deals damage. While holding the special button, he is unable move in other directions but straight. Letting go causes him to stop. The first hit does more damage compared to later hits.
Custom 1 Burying Pickaxe 14% (first hit), 6% (subsequent hits) Instead of doing an attack that launches opponent, it buries anyone who is below the pickaxe. It does more damage but the traveling speed is slower.
Custom 2 Free Pickaxe 5% (first hit), 2% (subsequent hits) Captain Toad can change directions after the initial input but it is weaker in damage.
Up Special Starshroom Launch 14% Captain Toad can cause the Starshroom to shoot upwards into the air. It will then explode; dealing damage, and causing Captain Toad to plummet back down to the ground.
Custom 1 Starshroom Crash 22% (packed), 15% (unpacked) The Starshroom goes up and descends back down quickly, crashing into the ground and launching Captain Toad up into the air. The crash deals damage to opponents around the crash site.
Custom 2 Exploring Starshroom 0% Much more free control which by holding down the special button will allow Captain Toad to navigate upwards in the Starshroom. It will vanish after a duration of time.
Down Special Turnip Launcher 8% (close), 13% (far) Captain Toad fires the Turnip Cannon. Pressing down special summons the Cannon and loads the Turnip inside. Toad can then move the cannon up and down to alter the trajectory. Pressing the special button again causes Captain Toad to fire it. It does more damage from far away. If he is attacked, the cannon will vanish. It can fire in only one direction.
Custom 1 Explosive Turnip Launcher 12% (close), 18% (far) The turnips do explosions but travel less vertically and horizontally. In addition, it takes longer for Captain Toad to move the cannon up or down.
Custom 2 Soaring Turnip Launcher 6% (close), 12% (far), 14% decent) It does not allow for the trajectory to be altered much like before with it only being pointed from a directly up to upward angle. It has a much higher vertical trajectory and does more damage as it comes down.

Special Custom Set B

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Headlight 5%, 2% (uncharged) Captain Toad activates his Toad Light which can daze opponents. It takes time to recharge it so it can only be done for maximum effect for a few times.
Custom 1 Scorching Headlight 6% Holding down the special button causes it the light to continue which can cause fire damage to occur when it connects to the opponent. It decreases in damage the longer it is held.
Custom 2 Highbeam Headlight 3%, 1% It has much more range but does less damage and daze duration. It travels quite far.
Side Special Mine Cart 5.5% (per hit), 7.5% (w/Captain Toad packed), 6.5% (w. Captain Toad unpacked) Captain Toad jumps into a minecart and careens forth while riding it. It will push opponents backwards as it travels until it crashes into an object or falls off the stage. It does more damage if Captain Toad is in the cart and if he packed or unpacked his backpack. As a result. it goes faster without Captain Toad or if Captain Toad unpacked his bag. If Captain Toad resides int he cart, it will knock him out when it crashes or can cause a Toadicide.
Custom 1 Collision Mine Cart 19%, 23% (w. Captain Toad packed), 21% (w/Captain Toad unpacked) Instead of pushing back opponents, it launches them upwards instead; dealing high damage. It is a bit slower than the default.
Custom 2 One-Wat Mine Cart 21%, 25% (w/Captain Toad packed), 23% (w/Captain Toad unpacked) Instead of continuing, hitting an opponent ends the mine cart ride and causes Captain Toad to be ejected.
Up Special Starshroom Zoom 7% Captain Toad zooms at an horizontal angle on the Starshroom. It then ejects Captain Toad out and vanishes.
Custom 1 Starshroom Zip 12% (sweetspot), 4% (soutspot) The Starshroom zooms forward at a upward angle and has a sweetspot right in the front. If it connects, it does high knockback.
Custom 2 Starshroom Zap 3% (per hit) As the Starshroom passes by, it does multiple electric damage to the opponent. It is much quicker than than the default.
Down Special Pluck Patch 0% Inputting down special will cause Captain Toad to put down a Pluck Patch. Pressing the special again nearby it cause Captain Toad to pick it up. Afyer plucking, pressing the special button causes him to pack it away. Pressing down special after the Pluck Patch was laid down causes Captain Toad to remove an item. Captain Toad pulls out items from the Pluck Patch with some of them including:

  • Coins
  • Food
  • Turnips
  • Pluck Mole
  • Fire Flowers
  • Super Germs
Custom 1 Bursting Pluck Patch 6% Plucking an item out causes a mini-explosion that knocks opponents upwards.
Custom 2 Turnip Pluck Patch 0% Instead of it plucking random items, it only plucks out the turnip which can then be thrown.

Final Smash

Name Damage Description
Final Smash 1 Toad Brigade Varies Captain Toad summons the Toad Brigade who descends upon a giant Starshroom. They jump out and begin pulverizing opponents using Pickaxes and Turnips. They then jump back into the giant Starshroom and try to take off but it crash lands back onto the stage; dealing even more damage. It causes all of the Toads and Captain Toad to be ejected out. Captain Toad falls back onto the stage.
Final Smash 2 Draggadon 18% (fireball), 12% (roar), 8% (per hit fire breath) Toad summons Draddagon who emerges from the bottom of the screen to the back of the stage with Captain Toad on his head. Pressing the special button causes him to releases fireballs, pressing the attack button causes him to release a paralyzing roar, and holding down the special button initiates his flame breath attack.


Italics means they have to be unlocked.

  • Captain Toad throws his hands into the air while cheering. (Up)
  • Captain Toad puts his hand on his mushroom to the right and left. (Right)
  • Captain Toad touches his headlamp which blinks very quickly. (Left)
  • Captain Toad takes out a Super Gem and marvels at it. (Down)

Character Selection Screen

  • Captain Toad goes "Oh yeah!" and pumps his fist into the air.
  • Captain Toad stands on his tiptoes and laughs.
  • Captain Toad spins on his foot and goes "YEAH!!"

On Screen Appearance

  • Captain Toad is standing on a bridge and crashes to the ground. He stands up and dusts off his pants.
  • Captain Toad descends from the Starshroom.
  • Captain Toad looks to the right and then the left.

Victory Animations

  • Captain Toad looks to the right and left and then cheers with saying "Oh yeah!"..
  • Captain Toad throws up a Super Gem and catches it while laughing.
  • Captain Toad looks rather scared, falls down, and then rubs his back.
  • Captain Toad descends from the Starshroom and then points to the heavens.
  • Captain Toad pulls up a Turnip and holds it up into the air.
  • Captain Toad runs past the camera followed by Shy Guys.

Fan Cheer

Mixed male/female cheers that says "Go! Captain Toad! Go!"

Losing Animation=

  • Captain Toad is clapping while smiling.
  • Captain Toad is closing his eyes and shaking.
  • Captain Toad is shaking while standing still.

Victory Fanfare

A flourished remix of the "World Clear" for Captain Toad Treasure Tracker.

Fighting Stance

Captain Toad is seen holding his backpack.

Idle Poses

  • Captain Toad pulls on his backpack straps.
  • Captain Toad lets go of his straps and looks right and left.
  • Captain Toad shakes while looking scared.
  • Captain Toad shuffles his feet.

Misc Animations


Captain Toad crouches low tot he ground while holding his helmet.


Captain Toad slowly shuffles forward while crouching.


The Starshroom jumps up with boosts of fuel.


Captain Toad somersaults forward.


Captain Toad reluctantly walks forward while shaking.


Captain Toad slightly leans back while holding his backpack straps and dashing forward.


Captain Toad lies on his back with his hands folded on his chest. A bubble blows out of his nose.


Trips and lands on his butt.


Balances with both legs and swings back and forth while holding his helmet.

Home-Run Bat

Swings the bat with both hands.

Star KO


Screen KO

Slams into the screen with his eyes open and mouth agape.


Captain Toad's trophies can be earned by completing Classic Mode, Adventure Mode, All-Star Mode, and Boss Battle mode. In addition, further trophies can be found during matches and at the Trophy Shop.

Captain Toad and Toadette

Unlock: Classic Mode

Captain Toad (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode Console/Blue

Toadette (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode Handheld/Purple

Classic Toad

Unlock: Boss Battle Console

Classic Toadette

Unlock: Boss Battle Handheld

Captain Toad (Pluck Patch)

Unlock: Complete a Character Challenge Pink

Toadette (Turnip Cannon)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge Red

Captain Toad (Green)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge

Toadette (Orange)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge

Captain Toad and Toadette (Up) Yellow/Cyan

Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop

Dr. Toad and Nurse Toadette.

Unlock: Complete a Captain Toad Character Challenge

Toad Brigade

Unlock: All Star Mode


Unlock: All Star Mode

Alternate Costumes


Color Title Color Notes Status
Red Red Default coloration of Captain Toad. Starter
Blue Blue Based off of Blue Toad. Starter
Yellow Yellow Based off of Yellow Toad. Starter
Pink Pink Based off of Toadette. Starter
Green Green Resembles the 1-Up Mushroom. Starter
Pink Pink Toadette's model. Starter
Light Blue Cyan --- Starter
Purple Purple --- Starter
Orange Orange Based off the Super Mushroom. Starter
Red Red Based off Toad's color schemes. Starter
Classic Toad Blue Based off of Toad's default outfit. Locked
Classic Toadette Pink Based off of Toadette's default outfit. Locked
Dr. Toad White Doctor outfit for Toad. Locked
Nurse Toad White Nurse outfit for Toadette. Locked

Reveal Trailer

"In Search for a Smashing Treasure"

Time: 2:50 Scene: a floating island with a maze-like configuration.

The main theme of Captain Toad Treasure Tracker plays against a black background. A circle opens up and shows the scenery as a back drop. Captain Toad and Toadette are seen navigating through this island's maze and obviously heading for the Power Star at the top of the stage. They manage to get past the Shy Guys and Goomas while climbing over blocks and other obstacles. They finally reach the top and Toadette runs to grab the Power Star. However, as she hoists it proudly above her head; a dark shadow looms over here and she looks up. Captain Toad falls back with shock and points his finger upwards.

Ridley swoops down and captures both Toadette and the Power Star. He looks down at Captain Toad, screams, and takes off into the sky. Toadette's scream fades away as fade away into the sky. Captain Toad looks scared and sad at first but, he looks at where the Power Star was and back to the sky. He clenches his fist and punches upwards thus queuing the "Captain Toad" splash art sequence. The scene then transitions to a distance shot of the island with Captain Toad summoning the Starshroom and blasting off towards Ridley and Toadette. He spots them some distance away and ignites his booster which causes him to blast off. Captain Toad manages to catch up to them with Toadette; still cluthing the Power Star, giving out a joyful yell. Ridley turns his head and screams at the Starshroom and knocks it with its tail.

Toadette gasps as it plummets into the clouds below but, from above, Captain Toad appears and lands on top of Ridley's back. He begins pulling out Turnips and Super Gems and tosses them at Ridley's head. Ridley's flight pattern wavers as he is trust continuously by these items. Captain Toad is about to take his pickaxe to Ridley's head but Ridley suddenly bucks Captain Toad off. Captain Toad begins to follow downwards as Toadette yells and reaches out her hand. Captain Toad does as well but, to his horror, they miss and he falls down. The next shot is of Captain Toad's perspective as he watches Ridley and Toadette become smaller and smaller.

The next shot is from far away and shows Ridley flying while Captain Toad descend past the clouds. However, a bright blur light flashes into the sky causing Ridley to stop and turn as he shields his eyes. Emerging from the sea of clouds is Captain Toad on top of Draggadon. Ridley clutches his free fist and screams at Draddagon who answers with a massive blast of flame which scorches all of Ridley except for TOadbette. Ridley, comically, is charred to black with smoke rising up after the inferno. Ridley falls down into the clouds; letting go of Toadette and the Power Star. Before she falls to her doom though, Captain Toad manages to grab her hand and pulls her to safety. They both give each other a hug and then hold up the Power Star; laughing. This cuts into the actual game play:

  • Captain Toad and Toadette are seen standing next to each other. They both do a taunt.
  • Captain Toad is seen running across Battlefield to off screen. He then chased back across by Ridley. Ridley is then chased across by both Captain Toad and Toadette.
  • Captain Toad uses Pluck Patch to put up items and stores them into his backpack. However, it shows that he is unable to store anymore with an X representing that he reached the limit. Captain Toad frowns and looks slightly upset. Toadette enters and tries to empty here backpack but is unable to as it is empty. Bowser enters and attacks Toadette launching her away. Bowser then attacks Captain Toad but he flies less further than Toadette.
  • Captain Toad uses his side special Mine Cart to travel across the stage ZombieU but crashes into the wall.
  • It shows Captain Toad looking scared as zombies are about him but he escapes by jumping upward which activates the Starshroom.
  • Both Captain Toad and Toadette activates the Starshroom on either side of the stage; both traveling the same distance.
  • Captain Toad is seen doing his idle pose and then running before doing his dash attack. Captain Toad then grabs the Super Gem and packs it away.
  • Toadette grabs a Beam Sword, a Pitfall Seed, a Green Shell, and a Ray Gun and packs them in that order. She then unpacks each one; with them vanishing with a puff of smoke afterward.
  • The camera pans from Captain Toad and showcases his colors which ends in his Pink color swap. Toadette is standing next to the pink Captain Toad and continues to pan across with the last recolor being Red Toadette.
  • Captain Toad is seen trying to dodge racers on Shy Guy Falls but ends up getting hit.
  • Captain Toad appears next to Toadette, Mario, Bowser, Peach, and Rosalina & Luma on Super Bell Hill. They all do a pose.
  • It then transitions to the stage Treasure Tracker and they do a taunt. The stage then rotates to the right and they perform another taunt. It then rotates yet again and they do another taunt.
  • The last scene zooms onto Captain Toad and Toadette as they cheer up and down and give each other a high five.

The scene then cuts to the Super Smash Bros. 5 logo.

Afterward, it cuts to Ridley laying on the ground; burnt to a crisp and smoking but very much alive. Bowser, Ganondorf, Kamek, and Wolf look down at Ridley with shake their heads as if disappointed. Bowser grabs Ridley's tail and drags him along.


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