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Captain Toad: Lost Adventure
Captain Toad is back on a brand new adventure in the Lost Kingdom! Help him Collect Power Moons and treasure by exploring various areas of the Kingdom.
Developer(s) Nightcap Devs.
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Genre(s) Puzzle,Platformer
Series Captain Toad

Captain Toad: Lost Adventure is a 3D puzzle platformer developed with the assistance of Nightcap Devs. for the Nintendo Switch.


Episode 1 Intro

The game takes place in the Lost Kingdom, where the Toad brigade is on yet another treasure hunt. Captain Toad and Archivist Toadette can be seen carrying some treasure and a couple of Power Moons back to the Starshroom. They then place all of their treasure inside the Starshroom. Satisfied with the amount of treasure they found,they exit the Starshroom in order to take a break.

As they sit down and relax near a campfire, Wingo appears and lands right on the Starshroom. He then starts flapping his wings and slowly lifting the Starshroom with it's legs. The Toad Brigade quickly runs towards the Starshroom, but they don't make it in time and Wingo manages to get away with the Starshroom and all of the treasure in it.

Hint Toad shows Captain Toad a map of the island where Wingo is heading. Now knowing the location, Captain Toad and the rest of the Toad Brigade waste no time giving chase.

Episode 1 Ending

Captain Toad (Or Archivist Toadette if you used her during page 20)  will throw his final turnip and causes Wingo to fly back a bit in a dizzy way. Archivist Toadette (Or Captain Toad) again, depends on who you use during this mission) and the rest of the Toad Brigade arrives at the top of the tower. Wingo will fly down and grab the Starshroom while chuckling at the Toads. He then charges up a giant fireball before launching it at the Toad Brigade, knocking them off the tower.

Episode 2 Intro

Captain Toad and the Toad Brigade can be seen falling from the sky. Captain Toad looks down and sees that they're about to land inside the ocean of poison. The captain and the rest of the Toad Brigade brace themselves for what's about to happen next, but a plane flies below them and catches them. Captain Toad looks at the pilot and sees Mario. Captain Toad then looks to the side and sees Luigi piloting his own plane. Mario points towards Wingo, who can be seen making his way to another island. Captain Toad then signals Mario and Luigi to fly towards the island. 

Episode 2 Ending

Captain Toad (Or Archivist Toadette if you used her during page 20)  will walk towards the unconscious Mage. Captain Toad then looks out of the window of the lair and sees Wingo escaping. Mario then flies in front of the window with his plane and motions the Toads to get on. Once the Toads do, they start flying towards the direction Wingo has headed.

Episode 3 Intro

The Toad Bridage step out of Mario and Luigi's planes. Captain Toad and Archivist Toadette look in front of them and see their final stop...The Long Lost Castle. Captain Toad and Archivist Toadette wave at Mario and Luigi before running towards the castle.

Bonus Episode Intro

The Episode begins with Archivist Toadette walking around in a forest. She looks up and sees Klepto flying towards the end of the path with Treasure in it's talons. Toadette gives chase to Klepto and enters Page 1.

After clearing Page 1,Toadette manages to get her hands on the treasure. This treasure turns out to be the Super Crown. Toadette slowly puts the crown on and starts glowing. Once the light around her clears,she looks down and sees that she transformed into a princess that looks like Princess Peach. She then notices some sparkles under her legs. She jumps up and slowly falls down thanks to the sparkles. Wanting to see what else the crown can do,Toadette starts running forward for a new Adventure.



This game takes place in the Lost Kingdom and plays like Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. The game is about exploring your surroundings and solving puzzles in order to reach the Power Moon. Once again, all the equipment in Captain Toad's backpack prevents him from jumping, so he'll need to rely on Power-Ups in order to take down enemies.


The main campaign can also be played with an extra player. The second player will take control of Toadette and they can work together to solve the puzzles in order to reach the Power Moons. Similar to Super Mario 3D World, you will earn points depending on your actions. And whoever has the most points when the Power Moon is grabbed wins a crown.


Playable Toads

Toads Description
Captain Toad: The brave (?) captain of the Toad Bridage. Captain Toad is ready to explore the entire Lost Kingdom in order to discover all of it's wonders. Because of his backpack weighing him down, he moves pretty slow and can't jump.
Archivist Toadette: The upbeat archivist of the Toad Brigade. You can also choose to play as her during missions, but she doesn't have any advantages over her leader.
CTLA Peachette
Peachette: Toadette's form after grabbing the Super Crown. This form is only available during the Bonus Episode. 

Unlike the Toads,Peachette can jump and slow her descent thanks to her dress. She can also perform other jumps,like the Long Jump,the Spin Jump and also the ground pound.


NPC Description
Mario: He can be found in certain levels. He will allow the Toads to mount his airplane in order to take flight. Mario's plane can shoot bullets at enemies. Mario's plane has a healthbar and if it depletes completely, the plane will explode and cause the Toads to lose a life.
Luigi: He can be found in the levels Mario is in. He only appears during Multiplayer and he has the same role as Mario.
Glydon: He can be found in certain levels. The Toads can mount him in order to take flight in certain levels. If you're playing with a friend,Two glydons will appear in the level they're in.
Hint Toad: He can be found in certain levels and he will reward you with a Lost Ruby if you find him.
BankToad CTLA
Bank Toad: He can be found in certain levels. You can escort him to certain areas of the level. Once you bring him to a certain area (Like a cracked wall) he will use his pickaxe to mine through that area and gets treasure. 
CTLA Sleeping Toad
Sleeping Toad:He can be found in certain levels with POW Blocks in them. You need to throw a POW Block near him in order to wake him up. Once he's awake, he'll reward you with a Lost Ruby.
CTLA Mail Toad

Mail Toad: He can be found in certain levels and he will give the Toads a random item if they find him. These items can range from coins to Power Ups.


1.Mummy-Me CTLA
2.Klepto Odyssey Model
Mummy-Me: They will appear in a couple of levels and copy every single move the Toads make. They cannot be harmed unless you use a Super Pickaxe. Klepto: They will appear in some levels and steal the Power Moon. When this happens,You'll have to chase him in order to get the Power Moon back.
3.LostKingdom Goomba
Goomba: Even in a kingdom that's rarely visited, Goombas are unavoidable. They will chase down the Toads if they get within range. Because the Toads can't jump, you actually need to rely on a Power-Up to take these Goombas out. Paragoomba: They will simply fly back and forth or up and down.
5.LostKingdom MicroGoomba
Micro Goomba: Smaller versions of the regular Goomba. They behave the same as their bigger counterparts, but they can't hurt the Toads. Hammer Bro.: They usually come in pairs and will hop from platform to platform and hurl hammers at the Toads that fly in an arc.
Fire Bro.: They usually come in pairs and even gangs. They will hop from platform to platform and throw fireballs at the Toads that bounce along the ground. Lava Bro.: A rare variant of the Hammer Bros. They will hop from platform to platform and will throw lava blobs at the Toads that will travel in an arc. Once the blob hits the ground, it will create a puddle that will instantly defeat the Toads if they touch it.
Torch Bro.: These guys seem to feel at home in the Lost Kingdom. They will hop from platform to platform and will throw torches at the Toads that will travel in an arc. Once the torch hits the ground, it will create a fire that stays there for a few seconds. Boomerang Torch Bro.: They will hop from platform to platform and will throw throw torches at the toads that'll come back to them. While the torch is flying forward,it'll leave fire behind. The torch will put out the fire on the way back.
Burning Lakitu: They will float above the Toads and drop fireballs. These fireballs will split in 4 once they reach the ground. Bullet Bill: These bullets will be fired from Bill Blasters. They will fly in a straight line and explode after a while.
14.AirstrikeBill Artwork
Bull's-Eye Bill: These bullets will be fired from Bill Blasters. They will home in on the Toads and explode after a few seconds if they don't make contact with something. Airstrike Bill: These bullets will be fired upwards from Bill Blasters. They will then dive down and crash on the spot the toads were standing on when it was fired.
16.661px-Venus Fire Trap dArtwork - Super Mario 3D Land
Piranha Plant: These hungry plants will try to take a bite out of the Toads if they get close. Venus Fire Trap: They will stand still and spit fire balls at the Toads. 
18.TBS Piranha Creeper
Poison Piranha Plant: They will stand still and spit poison at the Toads. This poison will harm the toads if they touch them. Piranha Creeper: They will slide back and forth and they can sometimes even be found sleeping. If you attack them,they will slide back. To defeat them,you need to make them bump into the wall they're attached to.
19.Poison Bubble SMRg
20.SMSR Poison Cheep Cheep
Poison Bubble: They will jump out of poisonous liquids. They can go through metal bridges and cannot be harmed. Poison Cheep Cheep: They will swim in the poisonous liquids and jump at the toads when they get close.
22.Hidden Shy Guy
Bob-Omb: They will light their fuses once they spot the toads and detonate after a a few seconds. Hidden Guy: They will hide and ambush the toads when they get close.
23.Lost Spear Guy
24.Scuttle Snifit
Lost Spear Guy: They will walk side to side and strike the Toads if they're close. Scuttle Snifit: They will hang from ceilings and fire iron balls at the Toads.
25.Bramball NSMBU
Bramball: They will walk in a set path by flipping themselves over. Touching it's legs will harm the Toads. White Boo: They will give chase to the Toads if their backs are turned. But they will stand still and cower in fear if they look at them. They can be defeated with the Toads' lamps.
1.2.BMBR Boo Artwork 6 Blindfold Boo
Red Boo: They will float side to side. If the Toads shine their lamps on them, the Red Boos will transform into platforms. Blindfold Boo: These ghosts will float in place and cannot see because of their blindfold. They will start moving if they hear footsteps. Because of the Blindfolds,they cannot be harmed by Toad's lamp.
Eerie: They will fly in a straight line and try to ram into you. They can be defeated with the Toads' lamp. Peepa: These ghosts will float side to side and in circles. They can be defeated with the Toads' lamps.
Chain Chomp: They are usually lose and will chase the Toads if they spot them. Thwomp: They will try to stomp the Toads if they get close.
32.Spike - Super Mario 3D World
Closethwomp: They will keep their doors open and try to trap the Toads if they get close to them. Spike: They will stand in place and throw spiky cylinders at the Toads.
33.Stone spikee3
Stone Spike: They stand on high platforms and throw rocks downwards. Tropical Wiggler: These wigglers are native to the Lost Kingdom. They will stand still and stretch their bodies forward.
Chargin' Chuck: These Chucks will charge towards Captain Toad on sight. They can also charge through enemies. Pyro-Koopa: They will teleport around and blast flames towards the Toads.
Ant Trooper: These ants will walk in a straight line and can stick to surfaces. Biddybud: They often come in groups and they will walk back and forth.
39.Stingby 3d world
Stingby: They will fly around and give chase to the Toads if they get near them. Bomber Flaptor: These birds will fly back and forth and drop bombs if the Toads get near them.
Stumper: They will stand still and cannot be defeated. Walking into them will hurt the Toads, but they can walk on them. Trapeetle: These bugs will slowly walk towards you. If you throw something at them, they will start glowing before lunging towards you.
2.Cobrat 3D CB64
3.Poison Whale
Cobrat: They will pop out of the ground and spit bullets at you. Poison Whale: They will stand still and act like platforms. They will let out poison out of their blowhole,wich will hurt the toads if they're close.
2.3.Koopa -Koopeleon
2.1.Koopa -Bodyslam Koopa
Koopeleon: They will cling onto walls and stick their tongues at the Toads. Bodyslam Koopa: They jump up and punch the ground if the Toads get close.


Question Block: These will contain items in them. Since the Toads can't jump,you need to throw something at them in order to get the item inside them. Pluck Patch: These can be plucked and will often contain items that can be thrown. Coin: Coins can be found everywhere and will grant you a 1-Up if you collect 100 of them.
Coin Stack: Collecting these will give you you a random amount of Coins. Purple Ring: These will give the Toads 5 coins if they go through them. Power Moon: The main collectable of this game. You often need to solve puzzles in order to reach them. Reaching them will complete the stage.
Lost Ruby: There are 3 of them in each stage. A number of them are usually needed in order to unlock levels and progress through the game. Key: These can be found in levels with doors. Collecting them will open the doors in said levels. Mushroom: Collecting these will make the Toads grow back to their normal size if they got hit by an enemy attack. If they collect a Mushroom while they're normal, the Mushroom will give them 10 Coins instead.
200px-1-Up Mushrooma Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
1-Up Mushroom: Collecting these will grant you an extra life. Invincibility Mushroom: These will spawn if you lose 10 lifes in a level. Collecting one of these will make the Toads invincible for the remainder of the level. Golden Mushroom: These can be found in almost every level and will give the Toads 50 coins if they collect them.
Mario Radish Render
Turnip: This can be plucked from the ground and thrown at enemies. Radish: This can be plucked from the ground and thrown. They will bounce a couple of times before exploding. Turnip Cannon: You can aim this cannon in almost all directions and fire an infinite amount of turnips at enemies and objects.
Pickaxe CTTT
Timer: These can be picked up and thrown. Throwing them will freeze time for a few seconds. Potted Piranha Plant: These can be picked up. While being held,the Piranha Plant will eat whatever is in it's path. Super Pickaxe: This item will allow you to break almost everything in your path for a short time. You can also use this to dig out items from Pluck Patches.
6. POW Block
POW Block : These can be thrown forward. Once the block makes contact with the ground,a shockwave will destroy enemies and blocks that are within range. Koopa Shell: These can be thrown forward. They will slide along the ground and bounce off walls,Knocking almost every enemy in it's path. Double Cherry: This item will create a clone. The more Double Cherries you collect, the more clones you'll have. These clones will copy every single one of your moves, but will be destroyed if an enemy attacks them.
Fire Flower: This item will give the Toads the ability to shoot fireballs at enemies. Ice Flower: This item will give the Toads the ability to shoot ice balls at enemies. Super Leaf: This item will allow the toads to attack with their tail and slowly descend if they fall down. 


Episode 1: The Forgotten Island

Boss Description
Tropical Flutter: The midboss of Episode 1. She'll attack by ground pounding and dropping some sparkles that will harm the Toads if they touch them. She will also summon tropical wigglers and throw poison bubbles at the Toads. To defeat her, the Toads need to throw 3 vegetables at her.
Wingo: The boss of Episode 1. You'll need to make your way through his gauntlet in order to reach the top of the tower. Once you reach the top,you'll need to avoid his projectiles while throwing turnips at him. Once you throw enough turnips at him,you'll win the fight.

Episode 2: The Abandoned City

Boss Description
0.Poison Mermaid
Velena the Mermaid: The midboss of Episode 2. This giant mermaid will attack by throwing Poison Bubbles at the toads and trying to crush then with her tail. She will also Poison Piranha Plants. To defeat her,the Toads need to throw 3 turnips at her.

During page 11,You can take control of her and use her to destroy obstacles. She cannot be harmed by enemies and she can attack them by sending waves of poison forward.

Fauster Mage
Fauster Mage: The boss of Episode 2. He will fly around and strike toad with lightning. He will also summon bats that'll home in on the Toads. And he will throw Radishes at the Toads wich will bounce for a bit. Once the radishes stop bouncing,you can pick them up and throw them at the Mage. You need to throw 3 Radishes at him to defeat him.

Episode 3: The Long-Lost Castle

Boss Description
Lost Goro
Lost Goro: The midboss of Episode 3. He will try to throw punches at the Toads and stomp them. He will also cause debris to fall from the sky. This Debris can be picked up and thrown. Once you throw one of the rocks,it'll break and reveal a Super Pickaxe. You need to hit him with the Pickaxe until he breaks into multiple pieces. This needs to be done 3 times in order to win the fight.

During Page 14,He will turn into a giant. Velena makes a return in this page to help the Toads. The Goro will throw out punches wich you need to dodge. Once he's vulnerable,Velena needs to punch him until his health bar drops.

CTLA Poison Seizer

Seizer: The 2nd midboss of Episode 3. He will strike you with lightning and summon scythes. These scythes will shoot lightning at you and strike you if you're close. You need to get rid of the scythes in order to lure the Seizer towards the arena. Once he's there,he'll attack you by summoning bats and by flying towards you and trying to strike you with his scythe. You need to throw a scythe at him while he's on the arena. All of this needs to be done 3 times in order to win.

Bonus Episode: Crowned Quest





  • Some of the Bosses in the game are based off some characters from Wario Woods.
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