Captain Toad: Explorer Extraordinaire! is the second game in the Captain Toad subseries of Super Mario. As a continuation of the game for the Switch, it not only features the same controls as the Switch version, but also new features for the game! It also has returning and new enemies, locations, items, mechanics and bosses!


Intro - The Journey Begins!

Captain Toad and Toadette, having collected treasure across numerous locations, are now becoming explorers to travel the world and discover new places. However, as they set out on their journey, a familiar-looking airship flies above them. Suddenly, the airship begins blasting the ground around them! In the commotion, a mechanical claw grabs Toadette and hauls her into a cage on the ship! The owner of the ship is revealed to be Bowser! He is intent on stopping Mario, and decides to use Toadette as bait for his latest trap...

As Bowser's Airship flies away, the Captain suddenly springs into action, chasing after Toadette and Bowser!

Episode 1-Chapter 1: The Chase is On!

Merry Meadow Prologue Rickety Rafts of Quiet Creek Perilous Plateau Climb
Charvarggh Caverns Sunset Summit Minecart Mountain Rumblewood Swamp

Episode 1-Chapter 2: After that Airship!

Galoomba Grotto Super Pickaxe Palace Tumbling Tunnels
Illusions of Trickster Manor Teetering Temple Airship Armada Infiltration!

Episode 1-Chapter 3: The Trials of the Captain

Maple Treetop Park  Rusher Ruins Storm on the Koopa Express!
Trouble-Time Tower Scalding Sea Sprint Bowser's Blazing Beatdown!

Episode 1 Ending

The Captain and Toadette have been reunited, and Bowser's plan was foiled before it even began! The two Toads then returned to their home, exhausted after their adventures and ready for another bout of exploring the day after.

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