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Captain Sabrine Lee Female
111 lbs
21 years old Human
Sabrine Lee, with her Standing Ripple Alien Ant Farm
FULL NAME Captain Sabrine Lee

Attracting treasure
Throwing treasure
Summoning inner demons
Last Resort

BIRTHDAY March 8th
ALIGNMENT Self interest
OCCUPATION(S) Pirate Queen

Super powers, calzones, treasure, women


Blackbeard, inner demons, her increasing responsibilities and stress



Captain Sabrine Lee (nicknamed as Captain Lee) is a young asian woman that lives in the bleak seas of the Bermuda Triangle, aided by her Standing Ripple known as Papa Roach. Sabrine Lee began as a pirate that went hunting for treasure in the Bermuda Triangle after finding out that the Bermuda Triangle was a hotbed for new discoveries and islands. Along the way, she found a island created entirely out of Ripplite, which gave her the powerful Standing Ripple Papa Roach. Taking over the seas as a pirate queen, Captain Sabrine Lee takes what she wants and has enlisted a powerful crew from her power and influence. The character was created by Helena Harper (tbc) as an alternate universe version of Sabrine Lee for fun, although admits that there are possible plans to use her later down the road.

Captain Sabrine Lee is the pirate queen of the sea, taking on the title due to her powerful influence on the Bermuda Triangle's open oceans. She is also the user of the Standing Ripple known as Papa Roach. This Standing Ripple allows her to steal money through wasp wings, and can let her fling treasures via flapping angel wings. She can also attack with a firestorm of her inner demons, as well as unleash a powerful Last Resort attack.


Captain Sabrine Lee Description

Captain Lee is a red haired asian woman with green eyes. Her eyes often have bags under them as she suffers from insomnia. She wears a black leather shirt with a zipper that unfolds like a dress shirt under the zipper. It has a bright green collar. She wears a small skirt and baggy pants with black boots. She also wears a giant orange coat with black trimming. Around the coat is a metal brace, which she uses for one of her abilities. She has fanged teeth compared to her main universe counterpart. She has a tattoo on her back that is a rather explicit picture of Princess Rosalina and the transformer Windblade consummating, which she claims she got when she was drunk, but that doesn't line up with how back tattoos are actually done.

Papa Roach Description

Papa Roach is a brown insectoid Standing Ripple with orange and blue eyes. He has horns on the side of his head with a hexagon marking on the front of his face. He has four arms, which have shoulderpads that are spiked. He also has enlongated legs with crescent shaped feet.


Captain Sabrine Lee is a rebellious pirate who prefers to steal in most situtations and will take what she feels is hers. She carries herself very confidently and can control a room or a conversation with very little effort. She has a free-spirited nature, not living in anywhere particular beyond her ship, which she is constantly maintaining. She hates those who see her as grander than her authority and will stomp them out. Being a free spirit, her will is incredibly strong and has led her to be rather determined, which served her well. Her free spirit nature allows her to befriend many characters, including ones of morally dubious nature, although she is not willing to bide time or health for anyone if it no longer suits her, citing that her own well-being is more important than anyone else's. As such, she can come off a bit egotistical in this sense.

She is also rather inappropriate. She has a rather explict tattoo on her back that she claims she got while drunk, although this is unlikely as tattoos of this nature would require hours under the needle and multiple trips to a tattoo parlor. She often over-shares and doesn't care who is disgusted. She seems to have no sense of shame as well. She is also an insomniac, being vulnerable only in dreams and is haunted by a strange creature heavily implied to be a form of Oober Nightmarecoat.

She has many personal demons, which appear in her ability set. She is particularly afraid of harming friends with her abilities and has many pressures placed on her that she finds extremely stressful. She also has no idea if she's really doing the right thing- she sees those who would attempt to steal from her or stop her from stealing as villains so when people compliment her on her good nature she feels somewhat conflicted by it.

Her Standing Ripple, Papa Roach, has no real will of it's own, but has a party-going personality and has been described as fighting recklessly and violently. Papa Roach seems to be found looting for alcohol or drugs on ships which Captain Lee doesn't really seem to mind him looting.


Powers and Abilities

Captain Sabrine Lee's powers and abilities come mostly from her Standing Ripple, Papa Roach. Papa Roach allows Captain Lee to fly and gather treasure or fire it via angel/wasp wings. This ability allows her pull in nearby treasure simply by flapping her wings, allowing her to be sort of a magnet for valuable metals, gems, and personal possessions classified as treasure. Papa Roach also has a powerful ability to let loose a fire storm that lets out her inner demons, which take on her insecurities into the battlefield. Having them too long will cause them to turn on her, so she can't keep it out for too long. She can also just summon a demon through a Molotov cocktail.

Captain Lee's most powerful ability is Last Resort, which after breaking off a metal bracer, allows her to attack with a area of effect attack that makes her harm foes and friends alike in a blindly over-emotional state that verges on suicidal. As suggested, this is best used as a last resort in any scenario.

Captain Lee is also well trained in Zui Quan, a Chinese martial art that imitates the movement of drunk people. She can only do this when completely sober, ironically enough. She cannot hold her booze very well, so even being slightly drunk will throw her off. Too bad she likes to drink a lot!

Specific Abilities

Papa Roach Abilities

  • Between Angels and Insects - Captain Lee grows either angel wings or insect wings (particularly those of a wasp) and begins to either fling treasure by flapping her angel wings, or gathering them with the wasp wings. She can also take flight in this form and swap between angel or wasp wings mid-flight. She literally attacks with treasure is what we're saying. Treasure can be vague as either just anything made of gold or other valuable materials, or possessions that the enemy would not want to part with.
  • Periscope - Captain Lee lets loose a firestorm through a looking glass that reflects her insecurities- her inner demons so to speak- and has it wreck havoc. If she lets it out too long, it'll begin attacking her. Has a flame elemental damage boost to the attack. The personal demons that Captain Lee has tend to vary in power based off her emotional state.
    • Fool's Gold - A demon with a giant exposed heart that reflects projectile damage that reflects her concern over her moral nature, wondering if she's a person with a heart of gold or a bully. When particularly powerful, the demon gains a large spiked club.
    • Atlas - A demon carrying an atlas of the world. The demon can throw it in the air and crush people with the pressure of the atlas. This reflects her stress of her responsibilities and how she wants to get away from them. When particularly powerful, the atlas becomes larger and heavier and the demon can roll it like a bowling ball.
    • Para Noia - A demon that has a miniature version of Papa Roach's Last Resort ability. This demon attacks with green strikes in an area of effect around him. This reflects her concern of accidentally hurting someone she cares about. When particularly powerful, it's almost on par with Last Resort in destructive power and should be avoided.
  • Who Do You Trust? - By dropping a molotov cocktail with a looking glass inside, she can summon one of her demons from Periscope to aid her in battle. The demon she summons is random, meaning 1 of 3 demons will appear. Demons will not repeat until all demons have been summoned and then the cycle resets.
  • Last Resort - Captain Lee lets off the metal bracer around her coat and brings out her "last resort"- a blind rage where she and Papa Roach create cutting crimson energy slashes in the area around her. She becomes blind to her surroundings and friends and foes alike are harmed by her abilities. She takes on a emotionally unstable state as well, seen crying when unleashing this attack. When the area is clear, the metal bracer comes back on. Interestingly, the metal bracer is not necessarily tied to this ability- removing any clothing piece would actually activate this ability if Captain Lee really wanted. She just needs a piece of clothing to tie back to a mentally stable state, serving as an anchor. If the piece of clothing was destroyed, she would be locked into a dangerous and suicidal mental state.

Martial Techniques

  • Zui Quan - When completely sober, Captain Sabrine Lee is able to utilize the Chinese martial art known as Zui Quan. This martial art imitates the motions of a drunken person and can be difficult to fight against due to it's unique motions. If Captain Lee is drunk in any way, her movement will be thrown off.
    • Lu Dongbin Back - Captain Lee attacks with a knife attached to her back, swaying back and forth to confuse her opponent.
    • Li Tieguai Kick - Captain Lee pretends to crumple onto her left side before swinging her right leg forward, slamming hard with a strong leg attack.
    • Han Zhongli Tackle - Captain Lee tackles the opponent with just her strength and can even ride them briefly by grabbing their head and kicking into their side.
      • Han Zhongli Jockey - Captain Lee can wrest control over her opponent while riding them if she focuses, having trained on a mechanical bull when she was younger. She can use the belt on her waist as a leash and exert further control. If her opponent is more of a submissive type, they may allow her to ride on them for extended periods of time.




  • Captain Lee was visualized alongside Penny Hope as darker counterparts of Helena's Standing Ripple users.
  • Captain Lee's home universe is unknown. Due to it sharing so many aspects from the New Fantendoverse, it's likely just a close offshoot.
  • Captain Lee has killed Blackbeard in her universe via her Last Resort ability.
  • Papa Roach was chosen as her Standing Ripple as the bands Alien Ant Farm and Papa Roach are friends.



Standing Ripple is a concept in the New Fantendoverse used to refer to projections of fighting spirits created by contact with the metal Ripplite. These fighting spirits are created from the hosts' Aura and general will to fight and host incredible but bizarre abilities. These Standing Ripples name themselves, usually off musical artists, and often do not speak or act on their own, but do follow their host everywhere. They have an arguable consciousness; while they can act on their own when not in combat, they do not seem to be consciously aware of their own actions.

Ripplite is a mineral/metal alloy that can phase light through it to alter it's properties. It is key to being able to produce Standing Ripples. It comes from Vokkskar-created Catalyst Comets that crash into planets. Ripplite can also inversely be used to cut through Standing Ripples. Given it's weak resistance to force, crushing similar to quartzine mineral, it is not good for weapons.
  • Ocean 11's leader Hammerhead, who has the largest fragment recovered, has used it for monetary gain and on every member of his mob gang.
  • CHELPRO as corporation has a smaller fragment that they are experimenting with.
  • Trent Corona has a very small fragment that he uses in the blade of a laser sword known as the Ripple Ripper.
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  • Standing Ripples are inspired by the concept of Stands from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. The name of the concept is even a reference to both the shorthand (Stand) and it's meaning (Ghostly Ripple).
    • One key difference is that if Standing Ripples interact with the environment, they can be hurt and attacked like a normal character. Additionally, they can be seen by anyone.
  • Standing Ripples could possibly be seen as a new extension of the music numbers that have been present in both the original Fantendoverse and the new Fantendoverse- where as music punctuated pivotal moments in past stories, now they are literally powering characters.
  • Coincidentally, Standing Ripples and Stands were both introduced in the third "part" of their respective series' on going narratives- Standing Ripples in Phase 3 of the New Fantendoverse and Stands in Part 3 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.