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Capri Sun's Disrespectoids
Developer(s) Phazonworks Engineering Division
Genre(s) 3D, Adventure, Open-World, Platformer.
Age Rating(s) E10+ (Cartoon Violence)

Capri Sun's Disrespectoids is a 3D Adventure Open-World Platforming Game based on the characters designed on the old ad campaign for Capri Sun, the Disrespectoids; setting their adventure in a universe not unlike our own, this game tells the story of the kids who abused the pouch - and paid the price for it.

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Disrespectoid Trait Story
Bobblehead Fred Massive, Rattling Bobblehead Meet Freddy Bobbins - just your average run-of-the-mill troublemaker. But his naughty nature got the better of him: he whacked the pouch with a baseball bat just for kicks. And now? Well let's just say he's got a BIG weight on his shoulders! Sorry, Freddy - the pouch plays hardball!
Whoopee Cushner Whoopie Cushion Hands and Feet Annie Cushner loved practical jokes; if she could get a laugh by playing a practical joke on you, she'd do it in a heartbeat. Then she blew up a pouch and stuck it under a friend as he sat down; bad move. Who's laughing now, funnygirl? Huh? The pouch, that's who!
Leaky Louie "Leak" Holes Maybe Louis Waterstein was just trying to have fun with his little sister. Maybe he was showing off - who cares? Fact is, he got poke-happy with the pouch, and you know what happened? The pouch aired him out with some holes of his own, that's what happened.
Boing-Boing Betty Spring Foot Little Betty was a champion pogo sticker; she'd bounce on anything: park benches, stairs, the neighborhood dog.... Finally, there was nothing left for her to bounce off of but the pouch. Now here's a twist ending - her bottom half is now a giant spring. Bad move, Betty.
Chuck the Clucker Chicken Butt Chuck was chasing a bit of a chuckle on a field trip to the farm, so he chucked the pouch in with the chicken food; bad choice, Charles. Check it out - the pouch chewed him up and spit him out and Charlie got turned into a champion egg-layer. What a chump.
Balloona Luna Balloon Physiology This is Luna. What a friendly girl she was: always cheerful, always smiling. Why did she want a water balloon? What would she have done with it, we'll never know. Point is, she made her choice: she traded the pouch away for a tool of mayhem, and all she got was trouble.
Chewie Stewie Chew Toy Physiology Oh, Stewart. You knew better, didn't you? You knew you shouldn't have given the pouch to a dog! What were you thinking? You weren't thinking. You acted the fool, so the pouch busted you down; and now you're a squeaky toy. Nice one, doofus.
Sandy Mandy Sand Composition You know what's nice? A day at the beach - the sun on your face, the waves lapping at the shore, and the sand in your toes; sounds perfect. Why would Mandy have wanted to ruin the perfection by burying the pouch in the sand? Whatever the reason, life just got gritty for this little girl.
Slow Moe Turtle Shell/Arms Hey Moe. Let's list out a lot of good ideas for a day at the pool, shall we? Bringing a towel: good idea. Wearing sunbock: good idea. Messing with the pouch? REALLY BAD IDEA. Your big plan to look cool in front of your buddies was a major bellyflop.
Handlebar Harry Bike Physiology Harold was a real daredevil. When he got a new bike, he built a ramp to show off for the kids on the block. He should have learned to ride first - he couldn't jump one pouch without landing on it! So the pouch gave him a permanent set of training wheels. Way to go, hotshot!
Sousaphone Simon Sousaphone Body
Pancake Peggy Flattened Physique
Deltoid Donny Oversized Torso Muscles
Bobby-Sue Joiner Fused Twins Introducing Bobby and Sue Joiner - identical twins who did everything together. And when Bobby wanted to stomp on the pouch to see what would happen, Sue was right there beside him to help; double the mistake, double the revenge. Now Bobby and Sue are stuck together like crazy glue.