Cape Mario
Cape Mario SMWU
Cape Mario by YoshiGo99
Original Character(s) Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser
Achieved By Collecting a Cape Feather
Forfeited By Enemy damage or collecting another power-up
First Appearance Super Mario World
Latest Appearance WarioWare Gold
Main Ability/ies
Gliding, slower descent, flying, spin attack, reflect projectiles (Super Smash Bros.)

Cape Mario is one of Mario's many power-uped forms, in which he gains a cape to glide with. Cape Mario debuted in Super Mario World and later appeared in Super Mario World: Wii, Super Mario Quest Δ: Dimensions and New Super Mario Bros. 3. Cape Mario is generally gained by the Cape Feather.

Game Appearances

Super Mario World U

The Cape Feather appears in Super Mario World U allowing Mario, Luigi, Yellow Toad and Blue Toad to gain a Cape.


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