Candy Adventure
Developer(s) Dark Heart Games
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) RPG
Series Candy Adventure
Successor Candy Adventure 2

Candy Adventure is a video game developed by Dark Heart Games and published by Fantendo for the Wii U. It is the first game in the Candy Adventure series.


The games are best to be compared with the Mario & Luigi and classic Final Fantasy series. Throughout the game you form a group with several other characters. The camera has a third person perspective on the player in the overworld map as they make their way through the areas. There can be several treasures found throughout areas that contain items. Enemies are also roaming through the areas, and when bumping into them you will engage combat in a special combat screen. The fights are turn based in a similar fashion as the classic Final Fantasy series. First a few members of the group will attack before the opponent will attack. However the opponents attack can be reacted on by performing actions, similar to the Mario & Luigi series. The opponent can do so as well, but how well they do that depends on the difficulty it is set on.

Every character has a different set of weapons that can be upgraded/created at the laboratory of Professor Cacao. Syrup for health and Sugar for Mana. Money is earned upon defeating enemies and bosses with which the items can be purchased. In addition each character has a piece of clothing that can be replaced with a higher gear.


For the full story see: Candy Adventure (video game)/Story

Our story takes place in Confectionaria, the place of confectionery. The land is known for brining sweets to the earthly realm and having them taste as sweet as they can be. However a terror from other land, called Vegetaria, flew over to Confectionaria. She went by the alias of the Veggie Witch and released vegetables and fruits all over Confectionaria and overthrew King Glace. Somewhere in Confectionaria is a small village which, goes by the name Sweetville, lives a young 14-year old girl named Ginger Crust. Her father works at Muffin Man Inc. all the way in Delicioucity. She once went to his work and could create her own gingerbread man, whom she called Hansel. The gingerbread man became her little brother of sorts and lived in their home until he reached the age to become the apprentice of Muffin Man. He was now a year in practice and returned home for the summer at the same moment when Veggie Witch attacked. A carrot and a broccoli barged into their home. The carrot used some kind of spell which turned Ginger’s parents into lifeless gingerbread men, and took them away. Ginger and Hansel were hiding during this time and were determined to get their parents back. And so they ventured out.

Holiday Events

For all the holiday events see: Candy Adventure (video game)/Holidays

Every year there are holiday events in Candy Adventure where Confectionaria changes a little bit, sometimes major, sometimes only small bits. These events usually last about two weeks and a new story is told inside of them. Once a story has been completed once, the following year they will return as normal NPC's to talk to.


The game takes place in the land of Confectionaria. One of the many lands that lies in the sea of food. It is here where all the sweets and snacks come from. It is also the home to several spices who kinda live in every continent of the world.


One of the many little villages scattered throughout Confectionaria. Sweetville is not a very well-known place but interested people often go there to see the Gingerroot Tree, the tree after which Ginger is named. The town gained more fame after Fennel became CEO of Muffin Man Inc. It is the starting place of the game and the hometown of Ginger and Hansel.

Cotton Candy Forest

A forest made out of cotton candy trees with small cabins scattered throughout it. It is adjacent to Sweetville and Chocolatown on the west and east respectively. At the northern side is a cliff that, when jumped off, leads to the Yoghurt Lake, and in the south is the regular sea. Part of the forest also envelops Sweetville.


Chocolatown is a town known for being made out of chocolate. It is the home of the genius professor Moose, and the royal Cacao family that own a mansion just outside town. Everything chocolate related happens here as well as some caramel-related things. It is the home-town of both Ramon and Carmella.


Gumdropolis is a city ruled with the iron fist of Mayor Bubblegum. He may be very strict but is a reasonable and often stressed person. The city is known for being related to hard candy, bubblegum, taffy and toffee, and basically everything that ruins your teeth. It houses the best hospital in all of Confectionaria.


If you’re a tourist visiting Confectionaria then Pastryplain is the place to be. It is a living and blooming plain filled with shops, cafes, bistro’s and restaurants all over the place. It usually is a very crowded place and people often go here to hang out with each other. Pastryplain is a large area, however the business part of limited to the centre of it, around the centre is a dry desert.

Dessert Harbor

If one leaves Pastryplain they will arrive at a small harbor that is known for its desserts that they retrieve from Sorbet Mountains, get shipped by Bento Valley and fish out of Yoghurt Lake. It is a small part, even smaller than Sweetville, but still a place many people come to visit, primarily because of Sorbet Mountains dangerousness.

Sorbet Peaks

If one were to continue from the Dessert Harbour, instead of crossing Yoghurt Lake to Delicioucity, then they arrive in Sorbet Peaks. It is a place where no one lives and only ingredients are taken from. It is dangerous because it often happens that parts of mountains break off, and because of the sheer cold. However there is a small tribe residing in the caverns where the ancestors of the Glace family come from.

Yoghurt Lake

Inside of Confectionaria is the Yoghurt Lake in which many fishes live. The place can be explored by hiring a boat and diving equipment from the harbour. Normally a boat goes from Dessert Harbour to Delicioucity but those were closed off when Veggie Witch invaded. There are little islands on the Yoghurt Lake made out of cereal.


The largest city in Confectionaria. It is adjacent to the royal Frosting Palace where the royal family lives. Delicioucity houses the Muffin Man Inc. which is the main manufacture of pastries, cookies etc. It also has several restaurants and a large arcade hall. It is the most advanced and populated part of Confectionaria.

Frosting Palace

The home of the royal family is the Frosting Palace in Confectionaria. It is a large terrain with a huge front- and backyard which is open for commoners to visit. The palace is made out of frosting for the main part and also has many ice cream elements and cake elements to it. The castle has a large dungeon which is completely made of ice. It is the current home of Vanilla and Carmella.

Snack Isle

Between the cliff of Sweetville and behind the mountains of Sorbet Peaks is an island that goes by the name of Snack Isle. It is a secluded part of Confectionaria where most people don’t really want to go to. The main reason is because the food is called cheat food there and is salty instead of sweet and contains too much fat. It can only be accessed after beating the game.


Playable Characters

Character Description Skills
Ginger Crust
A 14-year old girl who lives in the south-west Sweetville. She is the daughter of an employee at the Muffin Man Inc. and always had big dreams to be a baker herself one day. After Veggie Witchs’s attack she ventures out with her adoptive brother Hansel to save their parents. Ginger fights using a giant lollypop that has great strength, while she lacks in agility.
Hansel Gingerman
The adoptive brother of Ginger who chronically is 9 years old but biologically already around the age of 16. He was made by Ginger in the Muffin Man Inc. and was adopted by the family Crust. After a few years he enrolled in Muffin Man’s academy for a year before he returned home for the summer. After Veggie Witch’s attack he and his sister ventured out to save their parents. Hansel fights with his fists which are embodied with a sugar coat to perform special attacks. He is the most all-around character in the game.
Ramon Cacoa
A rogue member of the Cacao family, better known as Choco Ninja. Ramon cut off all ties with his family to become a ninja with his own private practice. He doesn’t reveal why he left his family or the reason to become a ninja and wants to keep his whole history ambiguous, making many contradictories when telling about it. When he gets air of Veggie Witch’s attack he decides to stop her. Ramon fights using various ninja equipment like chocolate shuriken and a hard candy ninjato. He also is the most agile character in the game but lacks power and magic.
Carmella Fudge
An agent and guardian of King Glace. Carmella has spent most of her time in training with her father who was King Glace’s best friend and right hand, but one day disappeared. She acts very distant to everyone and often is sarcastic. When Veggie Witch attacked Confectionaria she was tasked to take and protect Princess Vanilla, but unfortunately lost each other when crossing the Yoghurt Lake. She uses two revolvers that shoots chocolate truffles. She is agile and has strength but has no magic.
Princess Vanilla Glace
The daughter of King Glace and the heir to Confectionaria. Vanilla is a 16-year old girl who is a real bookworm and spends most of her time reading and learning magecraft without the knowledge of her father. When the Veggie Witch attacked Carmella took her with her and escaped Delicioucity. They however get separated on the Yoghurt Lake, for which Vanilla takes the blame. She fights with a small popsicle wand with which she can perform ice cream magic. She has the best magic but lacks power.


Character Description Skills
Lettucia the Veggie Witch
The main antagonist of the game. Her real name is Lettucia and a regular inhabitant of Vegetaria. She spend most of her free time studying to become a witch, in which she succeeded. She got word of another land called Confectionaria, and thought she would be more well known if she could take over the land so there would be no more sweets. Her plan succeeded and she overtook Confectionaria. A powerful sorceress, or witch, who has control over everything related to vegetables and fruits. She is able to make mindless minions of them out of thin air and uses projectiles and weapons similar to veggies.
Dough the Muffin Man
Dough Gingerman
A man made out of cookie dough who goes by the name Muffin Man with his real name being Dough Gingerman. He is respected throughout all of Confectionaria and seen as the greatest baker around. He is the boss of Ginger’s father and helped her make Hansel. However he was easily bribed by Veggie Witch once she invaded Confectionaria and joined her side. He produced Gingerbread Man with spinach through them so they wouldn’t rebel against him. Besides his natural talent of being an excellent chef he is a master swordsman. He wields a gigantic fork which acts like a trident. He has some knives hidden in his pockets which he uses as throwing knives. In addition to that he may use a spoon as defense.
Another corrupt member of the government who tagged along with Nut la Choc. Despite him being a henchman of Nut, he is only defeated later in the story. When Nut dies she informs them that Lemondrop will take care of the rest. They find him in the Cotton Candy Forest where he is harvesting cotton candy to make a powerful creature that can devour King Glace and Veggie Witch. Despite his appearance Sir Lemondrop is a very powerful man. He is often seen riding his royal stead made out of hard candy. He wield a foil which also is made out of hard candy but has a very sharp tip. He is incredibly fast, agile and nimble.
Captain Cereal & Daifuku
In the Yoghurt Lake cruises a ship called the S.S. Cereal named after its captain, Crunch Cereal. He is a tiny and bossy man with lots of humour. He has ventured through many lands to explore them but always returns to his homeland Confectionaria. He has been absent for such a long time that he didn’t notice Veggie Witch taking over and was frightened by all the vegetables in the land. He fights the heroes when they trespass his ship as he doesn’t trust anyone. His 19-year old happy-go-lucky comrade Daifuku, who comes from the distant Bento Valleys crossed paths with Captain Cereal and wanted to tag along in his travels as part of his crew, which with her is two. These two really balance each other out. Cpt. Cereal is a powerhouse, despite his size. He often goes for the frontal assault and just attacks trespassers with his bare hands. Daifuku on the other hand prefers to stay more on the background and fire projectiles. She is agile and can replace herself fairly quickly to avoid getting hurt. She is a professional at making onigiri cannonballs as well as licorice cannonballs.
Nut la Choc
Nut la Choc
Confectionaria is a monarchy, despite that it does have a government who in the end make the final decisions. The head of the government is Nut la Choc, a small woman made out of chocolate with nuts, from France. She always has been a sinister woman and quickly wanted to lend her help to Veggie Witch in order to eventually best her and be Confectionaria’s queen. Nut is actually the weakest boss in the whole game. She is small, weak and slow but benefits from the many gathered supplies stocked away by the army in her house. She wields various firearms that contain snacks from Snack Isle. She even has borrowed a personal vehicle, a burger tank.
Carrotim Left
One of Veggie Witch’s most loyal companions. They go way back to childhood and was her very first friend. Carrotim also took interest in the witchcraft of Lettucia, but wasn’t as skilled in it as she was, but managed to get a good hold of it eventually. He followed Lettucia’s cause and took Confectionaria over. A really good mage, not as good as Lettucia, but still very good. He wields powerful magic that mostly relates to carrots and thus often summons carrots as spears to rain them down on opponents, or find other uses with it.
Cherry Mayor Bubblegum
Sometime during the planning of taking over Confectionaria, Cherry, got air of the plans and approached Lettucia. She asked her if she could join her. Lettucia was first reluctant to let her join, but discovered quickly that she didn’t have any friends so allowed her to do so. Cherry was given the task to take over the mayor of the largest part of Confectionaria besides Delicioucity, Gumdropolis. She did so with success and ruled with a strong hand. Cherry has the special ability to possess a person, here she has done it with Mayor Bubblegum and thus control his thoughts. Bubblegum is an excellent gunsman and wields a bubblegum blaster with him at all times to protect himself. He can make parts very sticky and bind opponents.
Broccolin Right
Like Carrotim, Broccolin is one of Veggie Witch’s most loyal companions. He and Lettucia met later in their adult years and seemed to hit it on right off the bat. They had the same ideals and worked together, with the assistance of Carrotim of course, to conquer Confectionaria. The strongest in terms of strength of the Veggie Troupe, Broccolin, despite his strength, is the first boss to go down in the game. He punches with boxing gloves resembling broccoli, it actually are his hands.
Hansel Gingerman
Appearing as the tutorial boss of the first level and sparring partner of Ginger. The player has control over Ginger and has to spar against Hansel just to see who's stronger. This all happens right before the invasion of the Veggie Witch. Hansel fights with his fists which are embodied with a sugar coat to perform special attacks. He is the most all-around character in the game.

Non-playable Characters

Character Description Location
Cinnamon Crust
Cinnamon is the father of Ginger and the adoptive father of Hansel. He along with his wife got turned into carrots at the start of the game, but were turned back after Carrotim was defeated. Cinnamon is an employee at the Muffin Man Inc. and wields a high position, he also brought Ginger to his work to make Hansel. Sweetville
Anise Crust
Anise is the mother of Ginger and the adoptive mother of Hansel. She along with Cinnamon got turned into carrots at the start of the game, but were turned back after Carrotim was defeated. She is a kind and caring woman. Sweetville
King Glace
King Glace
King Glace is the king of Confectionaria. A strong and mighty ruler and a kind one as well. He always strives for peace and makes sure everyone is equal in the land. He was locked up in the dungeons by Veggie Witch and needs to be freed when entering the Frosting Castle. Frosting Palace
Mr. Peps Mint
Peps Mint
Mr. Mint is the trusty right hand of King Glace. He doesn't speak very much, only when needed, and has a monotone speech pattern. He got locked up alongside King Glace in the dungeons. Frosting Palace
Mayor Bobble Bugglegum
is the mayor of Gumdropolis and was possessed by Cherry. He is a man who is very willing to protect his city and felt powerless when he got overtaken by Cherry. After being defeated he spends most of the game at Aniseed Twist and is very depressed but as the player progresses he may even give wonderful advice. Gumdropolis
Mayor Apfelstrudel
Apfelstrudel is the mayor of Pastryplain and a real coward. After Veggie Witch’s attack he hides out in his office and doesn’t have the bravery to check on his people. He has a German accent. Pastryplain
Professor Moose
Professor Moose is a chocolate mousse who resembles a moose. He owns a laboratory in which he makes various weapons. He was befriended with Ginger and made her the Lollipop she wields as her default weapon. He later provides upgrades for the weapons of the protagonists if they have enough money. Chocolatown
Dr. Aniseed Twist
Aniseed Twist is a doctor residing in Gumdropolis, she owns the hospital where one can heal itself or buy syrups. She spends most of the time in the game repairing Mayor Bubblegum. Gumdropolis
Old Lady Cotton
Old Lady Cotton is like her name says an old lady made out of cotton candy. She resides in the Cotton Candy Forest in a small cabin where she can provide shelter and food to the heroes. She later was held hostage by Lemondrop. Cotton Candy Forest
Neapolitan is a young woman who studies rights and provides useful information to the players. After the events of the first game she takes the place of Nut la Choc in the government. Dessert Harbor
Fisherman Pistachio
Fisherman Pistachio is an old fisherman who rents boats, unlike the others he isn’t afraid of the vegetables but is held back by the others because they find him a crazy old man. Dessert Harbor
Chocolate Malt Ball Gives out quests in Chocolatown. Chocolatown
Brownie Gives out quests in Chocolatown. Chocolatown
Nosferatu Corn A candy corn and one of the quest givers, often related to Halloween. He wears fake vampire teeth. Gumdropolis
Blueberry Cheesecake
A good friend of Mayor Afpelstrudel. She owns a little bistro that has been overtaken by the vegetables. She has been hiding out in the house of the mayor and desperately wants to get back to her bistro. Pastryplain
Cupcake owns a disco where she somehow managed to train the vegetables. Some mini-games can be played at Cupcake's disco and can take your mind off things. Pastryplain
Mr. Cannoli Gives out quests and owns a 5-star restaurant. Pastryplain
Ms. Tiramisu Gives out quests and is the manager of the shopping centre. Pastryplain
Rocky Road A groovy ice cream man who gives out quests. Dessert Harbour
Banana Split Originally a banana who got captured by Darky and Stracciatella and turned good. Harbor
Stracciatella A strong and determined woman who tries to do her best to keep the vegetables in their place. Harbor
Spumoni The little sister of Neapolitan who is told to keep in hiding while the vegetables are out. Out of curiosity she helps with Banana Split. Harbor
Popsicle Tribe A tribe consisting out of a few members who are all popsicles. They reside in a cave somewhere in Sorbet Peaks and is the only safe haven in the place. Sorbet Peaks
Whipped Cream Yeti A yeti-like creature made of whipped cream who roams through Sorbet Peaks and brings the players to the safe haven. He is very shy but very friendly. Sorbet Peaks
Mr. Scone A British refined gentleman who is self-centred and requests the heroes help. He is in the surviving group. Delicioucity
Marshmallow A garbage man who tries to get survive and get rid of the vegetables. He leads the surviving group. Delicioucity
Peach Blossom A young girl who got lost from her mother during the attack and joins the surviving group. Delicioucity
Smore Guardians Are the doors to the gardens of Frosting Palace. One of the two has been killed by the vegetables and thus gives easy passage for anyone to enter the palace. The other guardian is in grief. Delicioucity
Stack of Pancakes Like his name says a stack of pancakes whose layers are scattered throughout Delicioucity and requests the heroes to get it back. Delicioucity
Chip A little cookie boy who hands out quests. Delicioucity
Empire Biscuit The cat of King Glace that wasn’t thrown into the dungeon. It helps the main party navigate through the dungeons, a place where both Vanilla and Carmella are unfamiliar with. Frosting Palace
Sergeant Fried Sergeant Fried is the uncle of Fry and the sergeant of King Glace’s snack army. He is a strict man who always follows the rules of the book and hates when things do not go according to plan. Snack Isle
Fry Fries
The nephew of Sergeant Fried who was forced into the army by his parents, declaring him as a good-for-nothing. He is a clumsy guy who often gets favored by the sergeant because of their relation, which bothers him even more. Snack Isle


Enemy Description
Artichoke A brutal vegetable that deals massive damage with its regular attacks. It can do a 3-move combo that, when hit, decreases much of ones health. In addition it also has a high defense which is hard to break through.
Asparagus Asparagus usually come in pairs in battle. They can work together by using team attacks, making their damage dealt much larger. Their most often attacks include throwing each other in different kind of ways. When all alone they are weak and can be easily defeated.
Pepper A pepper can open itself up to shoot seeds at the players, as well as bounce up and down to create small shockwaves. They come in various colors: Green, Red and Yellow with green being the least strongest and yellow the strongest. Yellow also has a higher chance of inflicting a "burn" effect the player.
Red Chili One of the enemies that deal status effects are the red chilis. They can inflict the "burn" status effect on players with every move, from a simple punch to their fire breathing or ember attacks.
Broccoli Similar to Broccolin, the broccoli are fighting orientated. Their moves include delivering punches with their broccoli fits and bashing into the opponent.
Sprout A small enemy that is very pesky when battling. They often will evade your moves by stepping aside, ducking or jumping so it is best to use large attacks against them. They are not very strong but can place a "disgust" effect on the player.
Cabbage A motionless enemy that doesn't attack and only stays in place on the battlefield. It has a lot, really a lot, of health and a high defense. When defeating it a large reward is given to the player, although it will take a long time to defeat it.
Carrot Similar to Carrotim, the carrots are magicians. Their attacks include conjuring smaller carrots and firing them at the players. This may be all at the same or varying to multiple. It can also decide to launch a large carrot.
Cauliflower A more offensive enemy are the cauliflowers. The cauliflower can shoot pieces of its head up which then fall down on the stage. They can also slash with their leaves and spin around as well to reduce damage dealt to them.
Celery The celerys usually hide themselves in the environment. Their attacks include absorbing projectile attacks and reflecting them, so it is best to use melee attacks on them.
Corn Corns can be best defeated using magic attacks, avoiding 'baking' magic as that will only cause them to turn into popcorn. When they turn into popcorn they turn into allies and no EXP is gained. Most effective is using 'ice cream' magic and otherwise attacking them head-on can be done as well, except with Hansel.
Cucumber An enemy that uses water based attack are the cucumbers. They attack with blasting columns of water or letting it rain from the sky, rendering any 'baking' moves useless, but also heals any 'burn' effects.
Eggplant A large enemy that has a chance of inflicting 'poison' with every move. Most of their moves consist out of simple punches or belly bashes. 
Lettuce Lettuces have the ability to shoot out lettuce leafs. Aside from that they can practice magic as well. The leafs may multiply and be shot at higher speed, but also can be hardened as defense or enchanted to heal themselves.
Mushroom A tricky enemy to defeat. They appear as a regular mushroom. They have low health, but it is wise to attack them with a projectile, because when getting close they emit a scent that causes the player to get 'dizzy' after which they execute wrong moves and may walk weird in the overworld as well.
Onion The onions quickly begin to cry during battle, often after only one gets hit. Their normal attacks only include bashing, but once they cry they can become very dangerous. The may use their tears to let it rain acid from the sky. They emit a spore at certain times that makes the opponent 'dizzy' as well.
Pea Peas are always found in the overworld in sets of three, they will also stay this way in battle until their shell is broken. They exit their shell to attack only and quickly retreat inside afterwards. Once they are out they are more vurnable and can be defeated with ease.
Potato Hard enemies that are best to defeat with melee attacks as they are ressitant to magic. Heavy weapons like Ginger's are adviced against the potato as they have a high defense. Their attacks are slow but land massive damage when hit.
Pumpkin The pumpkins have a huge appetite. They appear in the form of jack-o-lanters and will chase down the opponents to swallow them. They can breathe fire, bite and summones vines from under the ground.
Raddish Similar to turnips but they are a lot smaller and somewhat faster. They always appear in groups.
Tomato They will bounce around, the height of the bounce also making up the amount of damage they will do. When boucing they leave slippery pools of tomotojuice behind which slows the players down when stepped in.
Garlic During battle they will emit a scent that attracts other enemies to the battle, making it harder for the players. They can also heal other enemies so it is wise to defeat them first.
Beet They usually keep themselves just slightly above the ground and will hurl sharp blades at the players. Once a player comes close they pop out and actually allow to be attacked better, they usually appear in groups.
Spring Onion The spring onions know three attacks. Their first one is launching themselves forwards at high speed, the second one is twirling around at high speed, almost impossible to dodge, and lastly they can use the same twirl as defense.
Turnip Usually turnips hide under the ground. They also won't come out till the player approaches on the overworld. In battle they usually dig into the ground to pop up underneath the opponent, but can be taken out before they can complete that attack. They may also simply bash the players.
Spinach The spinach leafs are carried by the wind and home in on players when close. They cut with their sharp edges and are hard to deflect without a shield. They can only be defeated with a shield or by avoiding them. Weapons have little to no use.
Endive Endive is a motionless vegetable.
Orange Oranges are enemies that can't be defeated by the player self. They will roll around, following you and after a certain time they explode.
Mandarin Mandarin work similar to the oranges but they can be hit and will explode only once they are hit, they are also much smaller and somewhat faster.
Grapefruit They are basically just there to heal other enemies. It has no offensive attacks.
Lemon The lemons have the ability to spray a thick beam of lemon juice forwards or sprinkle lemon juice on the field to create puddles. Either way the lemon juice inflicts a "disgust" status on players that are hit by it.
Kiwi The kiwis shoot many needles from their body all around, they can be deflected by guarding or attacking the needles. They also will stick to anything they latch on to. Blades are the best way to defeat them.
Pineapple Large and hard enemies to defeat. They have a thick shell that is hard to penetrate. They may occasionally spike themselves, making it impossible to hit them, or swing with their vines.
Pomegranate The pomegranate always just sits in one place and shoots out little seeds that explode on impact with anything they touch. It doesn't have a clear pattern of releasing its seed.
Apple Simply roam the area and jump up and down to create shockwaves or roll around to inflict any damage to anyone in their way.
Pear They are similar to apples only their jumping pattern is way off and when they roll around they may make unpredictable turns.
Peach The peach is a fruit that is usually in distress and protected by other fruits. They don't attack themselves but contain a lot of sugar cubes. If their guards aren't defeated quickly the peach will flee.
Passionfruit Unbeknowst to the passionfruit it heals the player when it gets attacks, slowly transferring its health to the player. However when they attack they drain health from the player and add it to theirs. It's a matter of rapidly attacking.
Cherry Cherrys always come in a pair of two attached to each other. The bigger one has the face while the other one has a timer. The cherry will keep following you and when the timer hits zero it will explode. However when bashing into you it will explode too, and when you attack it too, and both cases will inflict damage. Projectiles work best against them.
Grape They usually appear in a large group. They bounce around and don't inflict that much damage, but it usually takes a long time to defeat them because they are always with a very large crowd.
Plum The plum can inflict 'poison' with some of its attacks. The change is higher when the player has more sugar cubes on them. Their attacks don't do much damage but poison always lurks around the corner.
Watermelon One of the largest enemies in the game. The watermelon can approach a player and then open its upper part and swallow the player, repeadetly inflicting damage inside of itself. It then spits them out. When not being able to get close it will only spit small bullet seeds.
Banana The bananas usually come in pairs. They throw themselves as boomerangs at the player so be wary on both sides. When they are defeated their shell remains which one can trip over, so be cautious.
Strawberry An airbone enemy that keeps itself in the air, using its leafs as a propeller. They can fly into the player of over them while dropping seeds.
Blueberry They are the smallest enemies in the game that keep running after you and will lunge onto you. They slow you down but don’t do much damage. However it enables other enemies to attack you easier. They can be shaken off by repeatedly pressing the attack button.
Coconut A coconut will shoot a beam of milk out of their three holes and does this until it is empty. Once they are empty it is the time to strike, quickly before it regains their milk again.
Mango A fruit that will keep attacking the players, even when it is not their turn. They break the turn-based attack system and attack whenever they want.
Dragonfruit A rare enemy that has the ability to breathe fire and inflict the 'burn' status. They drop rare items.
Carambola The carambola is a magical fruit that rewards the player with a very special item once it is defeated. It is very rare for them to appear.
Pomelo An enemy that looks very friendly but gets enraged by attacking them. When not attacking them they will flee after a period of time.


Character Weapons
Ginger Crust
GingerCrust Sweet Lollipop
the default weapon of Ginger, a simple pink lollipop.
Candy Cane
like the name implies is a giant candy cane.
a club made of a liquorice lollipop
Candy Crusher
a hard candy inside a wrapper on a stick, the sides of the wrapper are very sharp making it similar to a halberd.
Brownie Hammer
a gigantic hammer with a brownie at its top
Hansel Gingerman
HanselGingerman Gingerbread Fists
first embodied with sugary magic.
Cotton Champion
boxing gloves made out of cotton candy.
Ice Cat
gloves made out of ice with ice cones as claws.
a shield made out of jelly.
Muffin Mittens
cooking mittens that have flame magic.
Ramon Cacao
RamonCacao Projectile Blade
Choco Shuriken
shuriken that are made of chocolate.
a ninjato made out of hard candy.
an ice cream cone which acts similar to a kunai.
a ninjato made out of spiky rock candy.
a piece of pizza acting like a throwing knife.
an axe made out of butterscotch.
a boomerang covered with slippery caramel.
two roles of mint connected with a chain.
Carmella Fudge
CarmellaFudge Double Truffle
two candy cane revolvers that shoot chocolate truffles.
a gun that shoots sticky bubblegum.
Cupcake Bomber
a large gun that shoots cupcakes that explode on impact.
a gun that shoots taffy which acts similar to a sticky bomb, making the taffy explode after a certain amount of time.
Shaked Blaster
a milkshake tank is attached to her back and she shoots milkshake from the straw.
Princess Vanilla Glace
PrincessVanillaGlace Popsicle Wand
a popsicle that can do ice cream magic.
a tokko that performs chocolate magic.
a fork and a knife for pastry magic.
a hot dog with snack and junk food magic.
Veggie Staff
a liquorice-like wand that can perform veggie magic.


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