Candidate Wars: The Heavy Hitters is a fighting game produced by Taskmaster Studios, Marvel, and D.C. Comics. The game is distributed by Nintendo and is available for P.C, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, and Playstation 4. Candidate Wars is meant to be fun and comical, and isn't meant to poke fun at our president, last years candidates, or any former presidents. If you take offense to this sort of thing, I suggest you stop reading now. I am not taking sides as a Democrat or Republican in this game, and I will try my best to treat them equally. Candidate Wars has Bernie Sanders voice acting as Bernie Thanos, Hillary Clinton as Hillary Thing, and president Donald Trump as Donseid. The game also has other voice actors, like Matt Damon as Iron Jeb. The game is scheduled to release in September 2017. It has been leaked that there will be a Vice President DLC Pack, and a Founding Fathers DLC pack.


White House: Donseid, Lobama, and Teddy Roseahulk's home stage. Stark Tower: Iron Jeb's home stage. Antartica: Neutral stage. Sokovia: Ben Cartron's home stage Brooklyn: Captain Cruz's home stage Gotham: BatStein's home stage Wakanda: Bill Panther's home stage Mt.Vernon: SuperWashington's home stage. Toledo: Story Mode


  • Bernie Thanos
  • Donseid
  • Hillary Thing
  • Iron Jeb
  • Captain Cruz
  • Teddy Roseahulk
  • Lobama
  • Ben Cartron
  • BatStein
  • SuperWashington
  • Bill Panther
  • Chesterpool


Vice President Pack

  • Joe Baneden
  • Spiderpence
  • Abomistevenson

Founding Father Pack


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