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Camwoodstock BUST-A-MOVE!
Cbam camwoodstockbustamoveboxart.png
Developer(s) Camwoodstock
Publisher(s) ???
Platform(s) Wii, DS
Genre(s) Puzzle, Bubble Pop
Release Date(s) 12/25/2012
Mode(s) Puzzle, VS, Wi-Fi
Age Rating(s) ???
Media Included ???

Camwoodstock BUST-A-MOVE! is a game released on christmas 2012. It is puzzle bobble meats the life of camwoodstock, really. It features nice modes wi-fi or no wi-fi.

List of modes in single player

  • Puzzle: Play through puzzle levels.
  • Arena: A CPU tournament between your character and a CPU.

Arena mode in singleplayer

See: List of opponents in Arena Mode 

List of modes in multiplayer

  • Puzzle: Compete to see how can clear the puzzle level first. The one with the most clears wins! If tied, a 50/50 chance will be decided.
  • Clash: Up to 4 players can bust a move against each other. The last one standing wins.

List of modes in online multiplayer

  • VS: Play with up to 4 players to challenge against!
  • Duel: Same as VS but with only 2 players. More for people who want to play with 2 players.
  • Puzzled: Much like puzzle on multiplayer.

List of playable characters

See: Playable Characters