Camwoodstock Adventure
Camadventure1 boxart
Developer(s) Camwoodstock
Publisher(s)  ???
Platform(s) Wii
Genre(s) Platformer
Release Date(s) 12/25/2012
Mode(s) Single Player
Age Rating(s)  ???
Media Included  ???
Camwoodstock Adventure (AKA Cam Adventure sometimes as shortening, even the boxart knows this and utilizes it for spacing out it's logo) is a Wii Platformer Game released in 2012 as a surprise christmas game.


In the year 2013, a terrible force had attacked one of the princesses of camtopia, a world of Camwoodstock's creation! It was rainbow dash, who had been killed by the evil changeling queen, CHRYSALIS! Out for avenging and revenging, camwoodstock set out to destroy chrysalis and somehou revive rainbow dash after that!!

List of Items

Name What it does
Coin Adds 1 coin. Get 100 to get a life.
Pringle Makes you get 1 more hit.
Cheez-it Allows you to fire cheez-its that bounce to kill enemies.
Spell Card Makes you invincible for 10 seconds while playing a jingle.
Ninja star Makes you throw fast-moving ninja stars that move forward and not bounce.
Tri-Mega buster Has 3 spreading shots, other then that, it is the same as the ninja star
Bubble Fire ranged but powerful bubbles as a weapon as a refrence to bubble bobble.
Zap shockwave Shoots a pulse of lightning in both left and right. Peirces walls but not shields.
Flame wheel 1 pulls out the flame wheel, 1 again and a you select a direction via a button on the D-pad and it has been aimed and it SHOOTS!
Dnmaku Bottle Very powerful, allows you to aim it in 8 directions, and press the weapon button to split the bullets into a random of 1-3, but can't be split more then twice. very rare.


You hold the wiimote on it's side.

Button Action
Left/Right (on sideways prespesctive) Move left or right, depending on the button.
2 Jump.
1 Weapon. (if one is set to powerup)
+ Acess on-demand weapons/items.
- Go to main menu, allowing you to restart, quit level, or save game and quit game.

List of worlds

There are 8 main worlds (1-8), 1 final boss only land (9) and 1 bonus land (10)

  1. Grass Lands
  2. Heavenly Heavens
  3. Flipnote Hantena Desk World
  4. Candy Country
  5. Club Pengin Isles
  6. Hot Hots
  7. Cold Colds
  8. The Hive Entrence
  9. The Hive
  10. Rainbow Stellar Stars

​List of bosses

World No. Name Pictures Attacks How to Defeat
1 Grass Ninja Smiley
Slices his sword with a pierce and jumps at the player. Since the arena has a cheez-it generator, and cheez-its are his weakness, chuck cheez-its at him until he is done for.
2 Youmu
Sends out bullets, slices holes in the floor, clones and shoots bullets from the clone and the real. Much like the grasslands boss, there is a generator for a weapon, this time, the tri-mega buster. Just shoot away until she retreats.
3 Lightningbot 3000
Lightning Bot
Flys around dropping knives and homing, exploding missles that selfdestruct after 5 seconds. You get it, don't you? Anyways, this boss is weak to the flame wheel.
4 Squashini
Same as his appearance in kirby's epic yarn. By now you've unlocked a on demand mega buster and a yarn whip powerup which are acessed from the + menu. You can either shoot squashini or fight him like you do in kirby's epic yarn.
5 Herbert P. Bear
Acts like ice man and chill man from mega man franchise. You need to use the yarn whip to grab his chill spike (not in spike, but in shot form) and chuck those at him. Repeat 5 times and you got it!
6 Fire Man
Acts just like his appearence in new mode in mega man powered up. Mega buster. Or you could use the MM1 weapons you unlocked, and use ice slasher!
7 Crystal Man
Crystal Man

Acts just like his appearence in mega man 5.

Since you defeated fire man, you've got the right idea now. The easiest way to do this now you're in a cave is burn him with the flame shield (you get from the generator) or use the fire storm weapon
8 Changeling
809px-Changeling swarm S2E26
Shoots bullets in all 8 directions, homing bullets, and can block attacks. Just freaking SHOOT IT WITH ELEC BEAM... No other weapon works.
9 Chrysalis

Same as changeling, lightningbot 3000, and quickman, needleman, brightman, and elecman from mega man (games) 1-4. She has also TWO 1-hit KO moves, her love feed bite and her color bite.

Use bubble. Bubble is all that works. After you do that, you've beaten the game. But a warning, she takes 120 HITS.
10 Lightning
ALL BOSSES ATTACKS. (With the exception of chrysalis's 2 1-KO moves.) This is difficult, but since he's the extra world boss, it's bloody doable. You need to use the danmaku bottle generator. Hitting him is harder then it sounds, he is so fast, attacks are spammed, so GO FAST OR HE WILL DESTROY YOU.


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