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Caleb Barron is a hero of the future and saviour of his homeland in Cassia: Jump Parade.


Caleb doesn't expect much and likes to take things slowly. Because of this he finds it hard to set and fulfil ambitions, despite his urge to overcome his lack of confidence. Caleb loves to get out of danger and a sense of action and will do anything to protect his friends on the line. Earning him the title Caleb the Protector. He is courageous and determined if lives are on the line, usually a huge motivation factor for him.


Caleb wears a long black leather jacket to shield any attacks. He wears black jeans and shoes. Caleb has brown eyes and brown-blone hair.


Cassia: Jump Parade

Caleb is player 3 once him and Constantine agree to help Kaisser and Stella stop the jump parade.

Stelios Scramble

Caleb is a unlockable character once unlocking all Ella and Kaisser characters.




These two trust each other deeply since they have been best friends since birth, they get on well and love to share a joke. But they know together when they need to focus.


Although a close friend since childhood, Caleb finds it harder to talk to more personally to Constantine due to his crush on Constantine, it is unknown if she is aware of this or returns the favour. They get on well, and she admires his determination.

Jacob the Time Lord

Out of the 3 main teenagers, Jacob shares hatred for Caleb the most, mostly due down the fact that he eventually is the saviour of VineVille. Caleb dislikes Jacob's constant bragging about his empire.

Kaisser Cassia

Stella Cassia