Caeda or Sheeda is the most recurrent female character from the Fire Emblem series. She appears along with Marth as a major protagonist in the first game, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, released for the Famicom system in Japan. She is Marth's wife and Chrom's great grandmother, effectively making her Lucina's great-great grandmother. She is first one of the female charcters of Fire Emblem series, the others being Anna, Linda, Tiki, Celica, Julia, Lilina, Lyn, Eirika, Mia, Micaiah, Kris, Lucina, Robin, Tharja, Lissa, Corrin, Azura, Camilla, Sharena, Byleth and Edelgard.

Fanon Appearances

Super Smash Bros. Definitive

Caeda is going to be confirmed in Super Smash Bros. Definitive, along with Edelgard, Marth, Lucina, Robin, Corrin, Roy, Ike, Chrom, Byleth and Mia. Caeda is a playlable fighter. In June 2019, the Smash Bros. sequel is started to plan the project. Super Smash Bros. Definitive is going to Release in 2023.


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