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Antispark Cactuar.png
Cactuar, as it appears in Mobius Final Fantasy
Species Origin Cactus
Rarity Rare
Alignment Evil/Neutral
Habitat(s) Deserts
Ability/ies 1000 Needles
Weapon(s) Needles
First Appearance Final Fantasy VI (1994)

Cactuar (Japanese: サボテンダー Sabotendā) is a creature from the Final Fantasy series, created by Square Enix. They look like cacti, they have faces, they're bodies are slanted, they have three quills at the top of their heads, and they have stiff arms and legs. However, some rare Cactuar have segmented limbs.

Game Appearances

Mario's Batter-Up Baseball

Cactuar appears in Mario's Batter-Up Baseball. He has good chemistry with Moogle, Slime, Chocobo, and Tonberry,

Mario Kart: Splash!

Cactuar appears in Mario Kart: Splash!, alongside several other Final Fantasy characters.