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Developer(s) Illusion Works
Publisher(s) Illusion Works
Platform(s) Pacifico
Genre(s) Action
Series Cabin Fever
Predecessor N/A
Successor Cabin Fever 2
Release Date(s) Flag of the United States 2017.
Flag of European Union 2017.
25px-Flag of Japan2 2017.
Flag of Australia 2017.
Age Rating(s) 12RatingTeenRating
Media Included Pacifico Application

Cabin Fever is a first-person action, thriller and horror game created and developed solely by Illusion Works to be released exclusively onto the Pacifico platform sometime during 2017, as one of the various launch titles exclusive to the platform. It is rated "T" by ESRB and "12" by PEGI for supernatural disturbances. It follows the story of a young lady named Elle, who is suffering from a condition known as agoraphobia, which has a terrible effect on her and her life throughout. Her life begins to fall apart, and she faces the final struggle to pull her life together before it is ended once and for all.


Cabin Fever focuses on a lady named Elle, who goes through a rough ordeal after being diagnosed with agoraphobia. She is bound to a life inside her own home, without ever being able to escape, unless she can somehow master the courage to go out and experience the world for what it is.

The game works with you navigating around Elle's massive house. She lives in a mansion by herself (which is explained in the story), after winning the lottery on the same night in which she started having agoraphobic symptoms. However whilst doing this, there will be jump-scares in the game such as ornaments breaking which will raise her heartbeat, and if Elle's heartbeat manages to become high enough, she will suffer panic attacks and maybe even worse, heart attacks. It is vital that Elle's heartbeat is kept to a minimum whilst exploring the house, so make sure to take it slowly.

Since this is a game after all, there are a lot of events which can occur through taking different stages of action at different points in the game, which can change the outcome of the game radically. There are also quick time events which can help you in the game when there are occurrences that can increase Elle's heart rate. Both are especially evident in the last chapter of the story, but I'll leave that as a mystery for now...

The game follows a chapter-by-chapter approach story mode, and the opportunity to replay events from the game in other ways to test the different outcome opportunities.


Cabin Fever is very open as you can travel through Elle's mansion at your own pace. You are able to go as fast or as slow as you like, and there are a lot of different rooms in the house that you can explore. 


Some require Keys to unlock, such as the basement. Keys can also be used to unlock certain drawers or padlocks that may have items in that you need to access the next room or place in the house, so it's best to carry around as many keys as you can. You can carry around unlimited keys, and you can check them all out through the keychain option in the menu. 


While playing through the game's story mode, you will have to keep Elle's heartbeat as low as you possibly can. It is very important that you keep Elle's heartbeat to as slow as possible, as if the heartbeat reaches a higher rate, it might cause her to have panic attacks or possible die. If this happens, you game will restart and you will have to begin the section of the level you are on. 

Game Modes

Story Mode


Story Mode is the main mode of the game. The game plays in chapters that follow an episodic scheme. Every "episode" has a specific theme to it, and every episode is named after a room in the mansion which will be the main room you're supposed to explore during that episode.

Chapter Title
01 The Kitchen

This episode begins with a backstory. It shows Elle and her boyfriend together in a cramped run-down shack of a home. They watch a small television together, clutching onto a ticket in their hands. They switch to the lottery channel, and begin to watch the seemly millions of lotto balls swirl across the dome. One by one, the balls are revealed, and Elle's husband responds disappointedly, however, Elle's eyes begin to gleam, she realises that they've won the lottery of 17 million, and the two hug in unison at the discovery.

The first room in the mansion for you to explore is the Kitchen. The Kitchen holds a lot of deadly traps that Elle has to avoid, such as flying plates from the dishwasher and glasses from the cabinets. You open the top half of the fridge to discover a key, however it is floating over a small pool of water, if you try to take the key a crocodile will launch out of the hole and devour on your hand, so instead you look around the Kitchen in order to find something usefull to snatch the key. You notice a post-it on the bottom half fridge door which Elle wrote to herself a while ago, stating: "The spatula is in the second drawer on the right. Elle you need to stop forgetting where you place your utensils!" You proceed to the drawer and retrieve the spatula, and eventually retrieve the key to unlock the next room.

02 The Basement

Continuing from the backstory, Elle and her boyfriend celebrate their lotto win and go out on lots of expensive dates together. They also treat each other to various gifts and presents. That night, they go out to dinner at one of the most expensive restaurants in the area, and Elle's boyfriend takes the chance to propose to her, to which she accepts, and the two cry and hug in unison together in happiness.

The second room in the house for you to explore is the Basement. The Basement has a lot of wires and other tripping hazards that Elle might fall over, so watch your step. There is also a lot of electrical hazards that can shock Elle if you're not careful. There is a power cut in the house, so your objective is to restore the power in the House through the basement's control panel. You look around and eventually find the control panel, but it is locked and requires a key, and surprisingly a lot of sparks dash off the panel. After searching around, you find a skull, which inside the eye holds the key. After grabbing the key, you rush back to the panel and unlock it. You attempt to turn the power back on, and it does, but only for a few seconds before all the bulbs in the house burst, taking you back to square one.

03 The Bathroom / The Garage

We rejoin the couple after the dinner that night, Elle is still in shock after the events which took place previously, but in a good way. She and her fiance crash at home for the rest of the night and watch television until the early hours of the morning, before falling asleep in each other's arms. The next day, they begin to plan the wedding, and plan the date for only three days away, but they both agree that they want to spend as much time together as man and wife as they physically can.

The third room in the house for you to explore is the Bathroom. There is a lot of water elements in the bathroom, such as puddles which will make Elle slip over, so it is important to avoid them as much as you can. The objective of this episode is to find the source of the leakage which is starting to create a problem throughout the entire house. You find a pipe underneath the boiler which appears to create the problem, but you have no tools. You leave the room and enter the Garage in order to find a toolbox. The toolbox appears to be covered with cobwebs and spiders, which jump on you if you approach it. You find some bug spray, which kills off the spiders, allowing you to grab the toolbox. You return to the bathroom and fix the pipe, which initially works until the pipe bursts.

04 The Lounge

Today is the day of Elle's wedding. Her and her fiance begin to get ready for the wedding, Elle puts on her wedding dress and takes a proud spin, happy that she is about to begin the rest of her life with him. She walks down the aisle with a big grin on her face, and the two become man and wife. Elle and her husband rush off back to the cars, and her husband announces to her that with the lotto winnings he bought her a house, and the two drive off to see the house, the first time for Elle.

The fourth room in the house for you to explore is the Lounge. In the lounge, there are a lot of photos and memorabelia that remind Elle of her husband, which cause her pain and axiety upon seeing, so try to avoid those ornaments where possible. Your objective is to find the key to the Attic, as well as getting rid of the photos of Elle's husband. After locating the five photos in the room, you can throw them in the fire place, and destroy them. Once done, you notice a safe behind the fire place, and decide to put out the fire in order to unlock the safe. After the fire is extinguished, you fiddle with the safe and struggle to unlock it. If you return to the Kitchen, you will find another note saying: "It turns out that this husband of mine is a master of disguise! He's hid the safe very carefully, but if you manage to find it, the combination is 3113. Good luck finding it future Elle!" You return to the Lounge and enter the combination, and find the key to the attic.

05 The Attic

The newly married couple are moving into their new house, a mansion, which is secluded in a lovely plot. They begin to place all their new furniture around the property, and Elle is intrigued by the concept of having an attic. While her husband is placing all the heavy furniture, she explores the attic. She is dazzled by how spacious the attic is, and decides to use it as her walk-in wardrobe, and begins to move all her clothes and related boxes to the attic.

The fifth room in the house for you to explore is the Attic. Similar to the Garage, there are a lot of cobwebs, creepy crawlers and other bugs in the Attic that will spook and possibly attack Elle, so try to avoid them as much as possible (which is rather difficult given the size of them). Your objective is to pack away all of the clothes in the attic back into boxes to be taken downstairs. After all the boxes have been filled with clothes, you take them back downstairs but have to be careful with your balance, and you place them in the spare bedroom to be put in the Master Bedroom.

06 The Master Bedroom

A year has passed since the couple has moved into their new home, Elle's husband checks his bank balance and finds out he has none of the lottery money left in his account, and becomes very paranoid as neither of the couple have jobs. He begins to panic, and decides to commit a robery at a local bank, to which it is successful. Elle finds out about this, and she comfronts him about it, distraught. She tells him she doesn't want him to ever do something like that again, however he begins to question where her loyalty lies within the household. He then decides to steal possessions from the house, and rob Elle before her own eyes, taking all her money and making a getaway just as the police arrive at the property. The police then arrest Elle and she is sentenced to a small prison sentence for harboring a fugitive, and she returns home soon enough. She then sits on the staircase in the middle of the mansion and weaps quietly to herself...

The sixth room and last room in the house for you to explore is the Master Bedroom. The bedroom has elements of all the hazards that have been in all the previous rooms, including electricity, puddles and even fire. In this episode, Elle has flashbacks to her prison life, which traumatise her even further. The bedroom is almost pitch dark, which makes the episode even harder than other ones. Your objective is to find your wedding ring somewhere amongst the room, which can take some time. You open the bedside cabinet and find a small box with a pin lock on it, you remember that the pin is the same as the date which Elle and her husband met, being 31/12. The box unlocks, and you find the ring. A small jingle begins to play, which is similar to that of the song that Elle walked down the aisle to. A faint version of Elle's husband appears in the mirror of the top half of the ring case, making Elle turn around in shock, she continues to see the ghost and a boss fight between the two begins. 

After successfully killing the beast, it stops attacking and begins to speak. "Elle, you're stronger than this. Don't let a jerk destroy you after you've been through so much on your own. You can work with this, you're Elle, you can make this mansion the best house in existence if you really wanted to. Don't let a horrible person like me stop you, do this Elle, for yourself." The ghost disappears and Elle falls to the ground, with her eyes wide in horror. She crawls to the wall, and sits against it, trying to decipher what is reality and what is imagination.

EXTRA The Garden
The extra room in the house for you to explore is the Garden, while not necessarily being a room. It is unlocked through the Elle Pacificard. There are no hazards or enemies in this room, but there is a nice garden that you can enjoy and view all your trophies with. 

Free-Play Mode


Free-Play Mode allows you to play through the game once again, without having to worry about things such as the Heartbeats or the Keychain. You are free to explore to your heart's content and you can finish off any of your remaining collections which you didn't complete in the story mode.

Supernatural Mode


Supernatural Mode is an extra gaming mode that is unlocked after the story is completed for the first time. It takes place in Elle's Mansion once again, but is extremely difficult. There are spirits haunting Elle and you need to explore the house similarly to the story mode, but this time your heart beat will be constantly at a high, so you need to keep as calm as possible in this mode if you want to succeed...alive.

Trophy Room


The Trophy Room is the place where you can view all your achievements and collection pieces. Once you complete a collection, you receive an achievement for it. Once you collect all the achievements you will be able to play as Elle's husband in the game.


Elle Elle is a 24-year old lady who lives alone in a mansion that she won through her lottery earnings. She has fair hair and wears an ocean blue gown that lights up from time to time whenever she is in danger. She was diagnosed with agoraphobia a couple of years ago, and it has since destroyed everything that was ever good in her life, and now she has to contend with her house, as it seems to become more and more possessed the more she explores it. Will she be able to uncover the secrets of the mansion before she has become a victim of it herself?
Elle's Husband Elle's Husband is a 26-year old man who lived with Elle for a while until he went on the run from the law. He is playable in the game after you receive all of the achievements in the game, making him the second and last playable character in the game.


Cabin Fever has received moderate reception, it was highly anticipated by fans of the company and it has been enjoyed by a lot of people.


Cabin Fever is scheduled to have Pacificard compatability from launch. If you scan one of the few Elle Pacificards in the game's menu, you will unlock a new and exclusive key which unlocks a secret room in the mansion for you to explore.



  • Cabin Fever was one of four games revealed as the original game line up for the Pacifico platform's launch title library. The others being Savage Kingdom, Guardian Angel and Phantom Motive.
  • Cabin Fever was initially going to be a smaller project with moderate content, but the time frame for the project was later changed by the creator so that the game could have a lot more content.
    • With this, Pacificard compatibility was added as well as Supernatural mode. However there is more planned to be released as Downloadable Content later down the line.
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