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Button Studios
Type of Company Video Games
Founder(s) Thepuddlecat
Founded at/in June 21st 2018
Headquarters Bristol, UK
Inspiring Creativity
The company's motto

Button Studios is a game developer studio founded on June 21st 2018, owned by Puddle (tbc).


Button Studios was founded on June 21st 2018 by Puddle (tbc), with the reveal of its first game, Super Smash Bros. Aether, on the same day. This project was worked on throughout the summer of 2018, eventually being released on the Switch in August of that year.

Later, on August 16th 2018, Button Studios revealed its first console - The Nymbus, which was made as a successor to the Nintendo Switch as well as a platfrom from which the company could release its original IPs. Several launch titles such as Splatoon 3D and Fruit Punch were unveiled, with more to come in the future.

On September 25th 2018, the company revealed Button Medals, an upcoming feature for the as-of-yet unreleased Nymbus console that would reward players for completing tasks. The company's first collaborative project began on October 30th 2018, with Emerald Splash (tbc) on Smash Galaxy: Star Bright, Star Fight.

Following a short hiatus from February to May in 2019, Puddle announced his first sequel and third original title, Draco Duel 2. Following another hiatus between September 2019 and March 2020, Puddle returned with more projects during the Coronavirus pandemic, namely Mario Kart: Platinum (the studio's first remaster of a previous game) and STING among other unrevealed titles.

Button Directs

Button Directs are online blog presentations delivered by Puddle, containing details about upcoming releases. Below is a list of all of the Button Directs so far.


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In Progress

These games are currently still in development.

Game Description
PSSB Logo (October 19th 2019)
Puddle's Super Smash Bros is an upcoming crossover action-fighting game developed by Button Studios for the Nymbus and Nintendo Switch consoles. The game is Puddle's personal take on the Super Smash Bros. franchise. It was originally meant to be released in April 2019, but the release was pushed back to Fall.
Draco Duel 2 Logo (June 3rd 2020)
Draco Duel 2 is a fighting game developed by Button Studios for the Nymbus, as a sequel to Draco Duel. Like its predecessor, Draco Duel 2 is a fighting game that takes place in the mythical setting of Arcania, a land where half-dragon, half-human creatures named Draconids roam the earth.
Sting logo white
(Summer 2020)
STING is a single-player beat-em-up adventure starring Team STING, a quartet of insectoid superheroes as they attempt to rescue the giant city of Megapolis's insect population from the notorious Exterminator.
Fantendo Card Cataclysm (2021)
Fantendo's Card Cataclysm is a turn-based role-playing strategy game on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, Playstation 5, Nymbus and Steam. The game features as a crossover between many Fantendo characters from many different universes, attempting to save the universe from the Cardmaster.


Development on these games has been completed and no further updates will take place.

Game Description
Gold Logo
(September 6th 2018)
Mario Kart: Gold is the ninth instalment in the Mario Kart series, for the Nintendo Switch, featuring a new mechanic called the Plasma Gauge, which, when full, gives the user an 8-second burst of speed.
Smashgalaxylogo (November 12th 2018)
(Collaboration with NoOneCanJustDeflectTheEmeraldSplash (tbc))

Smash Galaxy: Star Bright, Star Fight is crossover fighting game developed by Nintendo in conjuction with Button Studios and Ubisoft as an alternative take on the Super Smash Bros. series. The game features many Nintendo characters fighting in space using spacecraft and long-ranged attacks.
Fruit Punch (November 12th 2018)
Fruit Punch is a puzzle-platformer game and a launch title for the Nymbus. In the game, Punch, goes out on a quest to Vegetable Ridge to save his little sister, Cordia, from the evil Dr. Vegtebloid.
Super Mario Quartz
(November 26th 2018)
Super Mario Quartz is Mario's latest 3D adventure and a spiritual successor to Super Mario Odyssey, using similar mechanics albeit in different settings with increased difficulty and new characters.
Infinity Logo 2
(December 17th 2018)
Pokémon Infinity is the first game of Generation VIII, introducing a new region, new Pokémon, new mechanics and a whole new story, featuring the legend of the mysterious legendary Pokémon.
Draco duel logo (January 7th 2019)
Draco Duel is a fighting game developed by Button Studios for the Nymbus, featuring half-human, half-dragon characters called Draconids that fight in tournaments and competitions.
Mario kart platinum logo (May 3rd 2020)
Mario Kart: Platinum is a is a full remaster of Mario Kart: Gold that was released two years prior on the Nintendo Switch, and includes all of the original game's base and downloadable content as well as new features that weren't present in the original.


Development on these games has not yet begun.

Game Description
Fruit Punch 2 Logo
(Summer 2020)
Fruit Punch: Sugar Rush is the sequel to Fruit Punch, starring Punch, Cordia and their friends on a holiday-turned-adventure in the Candy Kingdom.


Development on these games has not been fully completed and there are no plans for further development to take place.

Game Description
Super Smash Bros. Aether Logo
(July 9th 2018)
Super Smash Bros. Aether is fantasy fighting crossover game for the Nintendo Switch that was released on July 8th 2018. The game is the sixth in the Super Smash Bros. franchise and it was revealed by the developing studio, Button Studios, at E3 2018. SSBA has since received several waves of downloadable content as well as a port to the Nymbus.
Splatoon 3D (November 12th 2018)
Splatoon 3D is an online multiplayer game and the third game in the Splatoon series. It will be a launch title for the Nymbus and introduces a new single-player mode as well as an array of new weapons and ranked modes.


  • The founder of Button Studios, Puddle, has stated that he named the company after his pet cat named Buttons.
  • Puddle considers his best project to be Draco Duel 2, while he considers his worst project to be Splatoon 3D.
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