Button: Interdimensional Knight
Developer(s) Lone Planet Productions
Publisher(s) Darklight Studios
Platform(s) Pharo
Lone Planet IC
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
ESRB2013EYfgPEGI 3.svg
Genre(s) 2D Platformer
Series Button

Button: Interdimensional Knight is an open-world 2D action platformer developed by Lone Planet Productions for a 2018 release on the Pharo and the Lone Planet IC. It is advertised as the "big return" of the forgotten Fantendo character, Button, and his introduction into the New Fantendoverse.


There are several pocket dimensions that surround the primary Fantendoverse. These realms remained unaffected by the Shattering, and as such, their citizens have gone on with their everyday lives.

That is, until very recently.

Blark, the legendary Thunder Demon, has uncovered a secret dimension that is home to a banished Fantendoverse deity known only as The Banned. In an attempt to take down the Fabric Sprites (the new title for Friend Gremlins) once and for all, Blark has used The Banned's powers to shatter walls between pocket dimensions and form a much larger world on par with Earth.

Professor Kud L.E. Kenski catches wind of Blark's plan and summons Button once more. Now, Button and his allies must explore the "Counter-Earth" that Blark has created and put an end to his reign.


Button: Interdimensional Knight is mostly inspired by the 2D sandbox game, Terraria. Button will travel through a large world filled with several different biomes, which are the result of the pocket dimension fusion. He must gather supplies, use his powers, and fight enemies and bosses so he can enter Blark's castle and defeat him.

As a Fabric Sprite, Button's main ability is to peel the fabric of reality and access the "background" of a stage. Objects in the "foreground" will be affected depending on what he does in the background.

He can morph into different creatures. These forms give him access to areas he otherwise can't reach, and they can be unlocked under certain conditions.

  • In the Mole form, Button can burrow through the ground and access lower areas. He can also perform a sort of "ground pound" ability.
  • The Eagle form allows him to fly and hover through the air. He can use a homing attack to boost forward and/or lock onto enemies.
  • Becoming a Frog will give Button a double jump ability and improve his swimming skills.



Button is a Fabric Sprite, a resident of the domain of Fabrica, and the only playable character. For centuries, his people have been living peacefully across many pocket dimensions -- but now, as Blark establishes his rule over his new Counter-Earth, Button must jump into action as always.

The Banned is a former colleague of The Threat from around the time the New Fantendoverse was first brought into existence. He wanted all the power for himself, and after a so-called "flame war" with The Threat, she banished him to a pocket dimension, which he has been living in and modifying to his liking ever since. His real name is unknown, and he only received his current nickname after the ban.

Akin Stralka is a "son" whom The Banned created for himself. He has lived in his pocket dimension all his life, and it wasn't until very recently that he realized there was a lot more to the multiverse than he could see with his own eyes. Confused and shocked, he is currently stumbling through Blark's Counter-Earth wondering why his father has been hiding these worlds from him.


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