Button Hiyo
Button's modern artwork, by Exotoro (tbc).
SPECIES Fabric Sprite
HEIGHT 3 centimeters

Button is a Fabric Sprite and the main protagonist of the Button series of video games.


In the original game, Button is friendly and kind. He hates getting in fights. He is really serious in his job, and would even fire Coy if he had too. Blue thinks this is a little harsh, but then Button brings up that nobody has done anything worth being fired, and most likely nobody will. Button is very brave and will stand up to anything. He even stands up to Bloop for Thread, although Bloop knows he's faking, and would like to hang out with Button, but Thread would never approve.

Button is brave and respectful, but is also somewhat naïve. This trait sometimes leads him down the path of danger, especially when he is lured by a villain.


He was born in Kansas, United States. He still lives there. All of his ancestors were friendship workers. They wanted him to be one, too. He loved making friends and was very interested in Buttons, so the name fits. His favorite button was a big blue button, who is now Blue. He was brought to life by Professor Cuddly. Button then decided he should hire the Professor to help him. He was at this point in high school. He then met Thread. She came to live with Button because her parents had abandoned her. He then taught her about Friendship Workers and then she wanted to be one to. By this point Coy had already been persuaded by Button and so had Thimble. So they all went to confront Shades. He had something they needed. Fast transportation. So he gave Heat to them and they all flew away to a house where there was a conflict. Heat then flew back to Shades. They found Loop, who was the friendship worker in the house, and he was not doing a good job. They helped him out. And in return, he taught them about Blark. Professor Cuddly had left Button and had come here, and Blark followed. Nobody knew it, but Blark had been created by Professor Cuddly. They worked together, stopping Blark at various houses. They did this for a year utnil Shades came. He had also ditched school. He didn't help them, but he did entertain them with dares. They started finding different Friend Gremlins through out the years, until the whole S.O.E. was with them. They started working together more and more. They became very close friends, and started to think of themselves as a family.

Unfortunately after this happened Blark established Cloud Castle, his base. There was a big war. During the war, Blark found Conosrik. He taught him how to be evil, and Conosrik liked it. Of course Blark's Darklings were eventually destoryed, and Blark didn't want to rush into things. So he stopped attacking. He decided to wait until he had a plan. And Blark is bad at planning, so he simply drew a picture. It showed lightning hitting Button. But Blark realized he couldn't use his lightning anymore. It had been years since he had. So Blark sat there, waiting for a soulution. He decided to go make more conflicts, and also attempt to make a conflict between the S.O.E. Unfortunaly, with them having the power of Friendship, he couldn't. But he went on making conflicts between humans. One of the biggest things was the time he made a conflict between Luigi and Mario. Them being heroes, they fought eachother with weapons, and their own body. This went on until it left the rest of the Mario sereis characters picking sides. It took weeks for the S.O.E. to stop the fight. It would of took longer except that once they told the other Mario characters what was going on, they wanted to help. Atleast the good characters. The bad characters were enjoying Mario and Luigi kick eachother's guts out. Shades was actually enjoying it too. Once this problem was solved, Blark had made alot more conflicts. They had to catch up. Eventually they decided each one would go to a different house until they got caught up. This depressed many members of the team. Once they did catch up Blark needed a break. This game them time to relax and visit some Fantendo Characters. Coy visited Wheelie Penguin. Button visited Andy Pasta and Fox McCloud. The others just visited eachother. Blark was out of his break pretty quick, but he decided to send out Darklings to attack. They were pretty easy to fight, but a couple worked together to throw Button down some stairs. He came back up with the Puzzle Box, and he looked like he alreay knew what was inside. But he wouldn't show the others.

Button Hiyo is a member of the Fabric Sprite race. His parents, Zipper and Lace, taught him the ways of their species, and he lived a decent life.

Then, Blark invades his home dimension and captures his parents. Button is enlisted by Professor Kud L.E. Kenski to gather a team of interdimensional knights and stop Blark.

New Super Mario Bros. All-Star Adventure

In this game, Pre-Reboot Button and his friends are tortured by Bowser. In the main quest they are able to escape, but for the side quest you will have to rescue them, along with Peach and Amy Rose.



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