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Saeki Bros. Box Art

Butch: Saeki Bros: (Japanese: 乱暴者:佐伯兄弟 Brothers Saeki ~ Hofuru) is an action /adventure role playing game that features Ed and Tom as the main heroes as they search for their fortunes, reclaiming there revenge and ultimately reach their destines along the way, The game was created by McBowser and developed by ToyBox Inc. and The Fantendo Corporation for the Wii console system.

Despite the name of the game "Saeki Bros", Ed and Tom are not biological brothers and the phrase at hand is simply used as a term of endearment to show the bond between the two heroes' Many of the things in this game have strong language, blood, gore, Sexual Situations, Nudity, Drug Use, Alcohol Use, Homosexuality and various others, thusly, this game is sold in few selections of stores.