Burn Bit
A Burn Bit is a red-and-orange round volcano-like enemy with white eyes that floats around.
First Appearance Super Mario Galaxy
Related Species
Brrr Bits
Koopa Troop, Baron Burn

Burn Bits (also known as Lil' Cinders) are enemies in the Super Mario Galaxy series, and are the fiery counterparts of Brrr Bits. To defeat one, Mario must use a spin attack to put out the flame surrounding it, and it will fall to the ground stunned just like any other enemy. If the player is not quick to hit the Burn Bit while it is vulnerable, it will start to hop around, attempting to jump in the lava and regenerate its flame. Shooting Star Bits at it has the same effect as spinning it.

With their flame, Burn Bits resemble Podoboos with white eyes. They also resemble Fire Elemental Ghosts from Luigi's Mansion.

If Mario rolls a snowball into a Burn Bit, it is defeated instantly.

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