Bunea + Pubble Puzzle League is a tile-matching arcade puzzle video game with dating simulation elements that is a crossover between the Super Bunea series and Kotomo series developed by Toroko. It was released on The V², Onyx, Nintendo Switch. It is considered a spin-off to both parent series.



Bunea's Story

While on a mission from the Mistress of Weird, Bunea comes to a world that's a merge between her dimension and another's known as Kotomo Kampus. This world is small planet that is entirely dominated by a college campus focusing. While exploring the campus environment, she comes across Pubble, a water dog that's part of a creature type known as the Kotomo, who litter the world of the Kotomo Kampus. Pubble and Bunea quickly become fast friends.

Bunea and Pubble arrive at a university building known as Bubble Hall and are introduced to the basics of a game called Kotomo Bubbles by Liz Izzard, which Bunea excels in much to the anger of star student Gifri Allmiene. Gifri decides to test Bunea's skill by putting her up against the Puzzle League, a student-run club solely focused around the game. Bunea and her Pubble gladly take on the challenge.

Will Bunea be able to take on all the club members and Gifri? Probably!

Voidmato's Story


Changes in Voidmato's story and gameplay:

  • Voidmato's gameplay is done sideways as opposed to top down like Bunea's or upside down like Xazalea's. Voidmato directly shoots out the bubbles with his Bubble Cannon.
  • Voidmato does not romance any characters or necessarily kill them- each character has a prized possession Voidmato needs to grab. As such, he doesn't gain advantages from playing a certain way as he defeats them and turns them into souls, which regenerate after he leaves.
  • Voidmato's Kotomo is a Bomberry, which doesn't like hanging out with any other Kotomo, so Voidmato doesn't engage in any Kotomo relationship or walking mechanics.
  • Voidmato's final boss is wildly different, instead dealing with a gang of delinquents from Kotomo Kampus.

Xazalea's Story


Changes in Xazalea's story and gameplay:

  • Xazalea fires from the top of the screen as opposed to the bottom. Her levels are upside down versions of Bunea's.
  • Xazalea can romance characters like Bunea, and the game will keep track of the two's relationships with the other puzzle league members. Their romancing paths are similar but not the same.
  • Xazalea has ??? as a Kotomo pet instead, changing the dynamics of how Kotomo friendships are forged.
  • Xazalea has a different final boss.


Main Gameplay

Bunea + Pubble Puzzle League is a tile-matching arcade puzzle game in the vein of Puzzle Bubble. The start of each round has the player faced up against a prearranged pattern of colored bubbles, one for each Kotomo type. At the bottom of the screen, you control a bubble cannon that fires Kotomo Bubbles that are capable of popping bubbles on screen. The color of bubbles is randomly generated, but chooses from the bubbles seen on screen. You can see up two bubbles at a time, which are influenced by the game board at the time.

Fired bubbles travel in a straight line but can ricochet off the sidewalls of the arena. They stop when they reach either the top of the arena or when they hit other bubbles. If bubbles are formed in a group of three, it removes those three from play as well as some bubbles underneath if they happen to exist under the bubble chain. Points are awarded for clearing bubbles.

Where Bunea + Pubble Puzzle League tends to differ is how chains work. If more than three bubbles of the same Kotomo element are popped in a chain, they have a unique effect that activates that can help or hinder you. You still gain points, but some bubble chains may add more bubbles onto the field or remove a ton of them from play.

Every couple of shots, the ceiling of the playing arena will begin to close down slowly, dragging the bubbles closer to the bottom of the screen. This gives you less to work with. This is slightly influenced by how many bubble colors you still have left. If any bubbles cross the line at the bottom you will lose the game immediately and need to start over from the beginning.

Side Content

Bunea + Pubble Puzzle League also features many of the romance elements from previous Bunea series titles, as well as new pet Kotomo features. Getting close with one of the many rivals in this game allows you to also introduce your pet Pubble to their pet, which will build up a friendship with that rival's pet Kotomo and gradually you will be able to "walk" that rival's pet Kotomo and use them to influence what bubbles appear in matches.

Bubble Types

Here is a table listing all the bubble types and what their effects are when they are broken in a chain of four bubbles or more.

Flame Bubble Water Bubble
KotomoOrb FLame When Flame Bubbles are broken in a chain, they burn bubbles below and above them to clear them from the playing field. KotomoOrb Water When Water Bubbles are broken in a chain, they drop connecting bubbles below them to clear them from the playing field.
Electric Bubble Plant Bubble
KotomoOrb Electric When Electric Bubbles are broken in a chain, they electrify surrounding bubbles. These electrified bubbles pop all together when the player lands a chain of three or higher, but bubble effects will not activate regardless of element. KotomoOrb Plant When Plant Bubbles are broken in a chain, they create a new line of random bubbles at the bottom of the bubble stack. This has an exception if Plant Bubbles are the last bubbles on screen.
Ice Bubble Melee Bubble
KotomoOrb Ice TBA KotomoOrb Melee When Melee Bubbles are broken in a chain, they destroy immediate connecting bubbles alongside them, allowing you to clear a lot of bubbles quickly.
Poison Bubble Earth Bubble
KotomoOrb Poison When Poison Bubbles are broken in a chain, they contaminate all bubbles above and below them in a column, turning those bubbles into poison bubbles that can be broken for a further chain. KotomoOrb Earth When Earth Bubbles are broken in a chain, they shake up the placement of all bubbles on screen in a earthquake animation that can be used to change up a bad game of bubbles for the better- or even worse!
Wind Bubble Psychic Bubble
KotomoOrb Wind
When Wind Bubbles are broken in a chain, they fill empty space across a horizontal row. This can be either really bad or gives you stuff to work with- however, you might generally want to avoid this one where you can. KotomoOrb Psionic
Magic Bubble Bug Bubble
KotomoOrb Magic TBA KotomoOrb Bug When Bug Bubbles are broken in a chain, they fill empty space across a horizontal row with more Bug Bubbles. This effect does not repeat with these spawned in Bug Bubbles but can be used to stack up a lot more combos- or give you more trouble!
Shadow Bubble Mythical Bubble
KotomoOrb Shadow
When Shadow Bubbles are broken in a chain, they create a new line of bubbles on the bottom that mirrors the row above them. If there is no more bubbles, there is nothing to reflect. KotomoOrb Mythical
Metal Bubble Light Bubble
KotomoOrb Metal
TBA KotomoOrb Light
Digital Bubble Soul Bubble
KotomoOrb Digital When Digital Bubbles are broken in a chain, they glitch out surrounding bubbles, which are only fixed once a new bubble is fired next to them, turning them into a bubble of the same type. KotomoOrb Soul TBA

Kotomo Toys

Kotomo Bed Kotomo Leash
KotomoToy BedNaturalColors The Kotomo Bed will let any Kotomo pet rest and take a nice nap after they run out of energy. Comes in many colors. KotomoToy LeashNaturalColors The Kotomo Leash is vital to keeping Kotomo on you when you walk them. You will need to purchase one for each Kotomo you intend to walk. Comes in many colors.
Chocojester Chewtoy Chococarrot Chewtoy
KotomoToy Chocojester The Chocojester Chewtoy will let Kotomo with a lot of energy expend it as part of a play activity. KotomoToy ChococarrotChewtoy The Chococarrot Chewtoy will let Kotomo with a lot of energy expend it as part of a play activity.
Throwball Virtupine Bone
KotomoToy ThrowBall You can throw the Throwball and have Kotomo catch it and bring it back to you. KotomoToy VirtupineBone You can throw the Virtupine Bone and have Kotomo catch it and bring it back to you.
Rat Toy Chococherry Bells
KotomoToy GenericRatToy You can throw the Rat Toy and have the Kotomo catch it and play with it before they bring it back to you. Comes in many colors. KotomoToy ChococherryBells Chococherry Bells are bells you can attach to a Kotomo to have them constantly make sound so you don't lose them if they escape from you.
Bandanna Tie
KotomoToy Bandanal You can put a bandanna onto a pet Kotomo to raise affection and accessorize them. Comes in many colors. KotomoToy Tie You can put a tie onto a pet Kotomo to raise affection and accessorize them. Comes in many colors.



Liz Izzard
Liz Izzard is the tutorial match more or less, working with her Bastek to teach you the basics of Kotomo Bubbles. She already has history with Bunea, so she's more than willing to teach her the ropes of how to play Kotomo Bubbles.
Bastek Charged

KotomoOrb FLameKotomoOrb WaterKotomoOrb PlantKotomoOrb Digital KotomoOrb Digital

Signature Bubble: Digital

Soul LizIzzard
PrizedPossessionBPPL Clementine
Liz Izzard already recognizes Bunea from previous adventures, so rekindling their romance is fairly easy. While she suffers from self-confidence, she also is good at providing advice irregardless of whether you pursue a relationship with her or not. She responds well to flirting and is open to poly relationships.

Her pet Kotomo is a Bastek named Basket, who is a digital type Kotomo. They initially don't get along with Pubble much at all, but the more time you spend with Liz Izzard, the more Basket will warm up to you and Pubble, eventually trusting you to "walk" it.


Togea is another one of Bunea's old loves, although her love for Bunea is undying and borderline stalker territory- which extends into her appearance in this game, hoping to meet back up with Bunea by joining the Puzzle League mere moments before Mina challenges the league to challenge Bunea. Despite her relative creepiness, she means well and will stop doing anything that Bunea asks her to not do.

KotomoOrb WaterKotomoOrb PoisonKotomoOrb EarthKotomoOrb Shadow KotomoOrb Shadow

Signature Bubble: Shadow

Soul Togea
PrizedPossessionBPPL BuneasXXX
Togea is very eager to rekindle her relationship with Bunea, so romancing her is very easy, but she also requires a lot of attention. If she feels like she's being ignored, she may lash out at other characters and kill them to offer their souls to Bunea, who has the option to take them or revive them. She can be very useful for obtaining the Vulpea ending for this game.

Her pet Kotomo is a Dekayuga named Crypt, who is a shadow type Kotomo. They initially don't take well to Pubble's energetic personality, but the more the player hangs out with Togea, the better they get along, with Crypt liking to give one-handed back rubs to Pubble and entrusting you to "walk" it.


Riona Wyverre
Riona Wyverre is a member of the Puzzle League and is known as the muscle of the group. She enjoys eating Dragonfruit and crushing the tough fruit with her thighs. While she's big on muscles, she's also big on heart too, she has no qualms with Bunea and even thinks she's kind of cute.

KotomoOrb WindKotomoOrb MeleeKotomoOrb EarthKotomoOrb Plant KotomoOrb Plant

Signature Bubble: Plant

SoulSB64 RionaWyverre
PrizedPossessionBPPL FijiWaterJug
Riona is not too particularly hard to romance but she does expect a good performance out of you. You'll want to get an above average score for your best chance of impressing her. While she doesn't require a lot of attention, she does like having a lot of people to hang out with so having multiple girlfriends will actually multiply your relationship stats. She can bust through some doors and obstacles early for you.

Her pet Kotomo is a Cactex named Sangria, who is a Psychic/Plant type Kotomo. Pubble is initially put off by Sangria's spiny appearance but as Bunea hangs out with Riona, Pubble will get along better with Sangria, after noticing that the spikes barely phase their watery body and Sangria can even moisturize themselves through Pubble. You can "walk" Sangria pretty quickly, although Pubble will be more wary when walking with Sangria to a point.


Turea is a member of the Puzzle League and is obsessed with competing with Bunea wherever possible- except in racing, she can't keep up there as she gets easily fatigued. She's not a stalker, she just got the heads up from Togea. She won't hesitate to give Bunea the best challenge she can with her skills.

KotomoOrb BugKotomoOrb WaterKotomoOrb MetalKotomoOrb Earth KotomoOrb Earth

Signature Bubble: Earth

SoulSB64 Turea
PrizedPossessionBPPL TureaTrophy
Turea is a difficult girl to charm. You can't lose because then you can't progress, but destroying her outright won't earn you any charisma. You have to give her a somewhat close game in order for her to feel good about losing- knowing she's that close to beating Bunea. After that, starting up a relationship won't be too difficult. After romancing or befriending her, she will appear as a ghost data set for other Puzzle League members that you can beat as a challenge.

Her pet Kotomo is a Gigapagos known as Koopa that is a Earth/Water type Kotomo. Koopa is a fairly slow and peaceful Kotomo that contrasts with Pubble, but Pubble actually gets along well with Koopa pretty well, taking naps in it's pool of water on the top. Turea advises against walking with Gigapagos, but if you do she'll offer a couple podcasts to listen to while you do.

Mina InsoPainted

Mina Inso
Mina Inso is a member of the Puzzle League and is a master hypnotist. She keeps her targets awake and then sways her hypnotism talismans to pull them under her control. She likes to use her talent to make the other members do commands if they make her feel inadequate, firmly planting her thumb against them. While not a leader, she certainly carries a dominative aura.

KotomoOrb IceKotomoOrb PoisonKotomoOrb WindKotomoOrb Psionic KotomoOrb Psionic

Signature Bubble: Psychic

SoulSB64 Mina
PrizedPossessionBPPL HypnoMedallion
Both Xazalea and Bunea are immune to Mina's hypnotism powers- in order to charm her you'll have to pretend to be hypnotized instead. Following her commands will reveal that Mina wants to make you her girlfriend, so following her commands as closely as possible will net you her love. Afterwards, she can use her hypnotic commands on the other members for you.

Her pet Kotomo is a Mezemral known as Mimi that is a Psychic type Kotomo. Mimi is a spooky Kotomo that seems to hide and pop out of weird places, moving in a very strange fashion. Pubble typically doesn't like being around it until extended contact, in which it becomes very subservient to Mimi. It will let you walk it if you appear hypnotized, often sending you on shopping trips to buy donuts that Mina won't give it otherwise.


Felissa Felix
Felissa Felix is a member of the Puzzle League and is a witch. She is somewhat a cooler, more aloof character that is more interested in casting magic and charms across the campus than challenging Bunea head on, instead dedicating time to studying magic and aligning her chakras. She also has a supernatural sense of luckiness.

KotomoOrb ElectricKotomoOrb MythicalKotomoOrb FLameKotomoOrb Magic KotomoOrb Magic

Signature Bubble: Magic

SoulSB64 Felissa
PrizedPossessionBPPL LuckyLeche
Felissa is not exactly chomping at the bit to defeat Bunea, more so being ordered to, so she will gladly get to know Bunea better if the player approaches her for romance. However, she is not interested in agressive answers or ones that imply science is better. She does not get along well with Dexelia or Aaa, so romancing her will be harder if the player is already dating either one of them. However, she will eventually get along with them if the player maintains a good heart level with them. Felissa's luck will rub off onto Bunea, allowing her to find more Borbz.

Her pet Kotomo is a Caldera known as Fiji that is a Flame/Magic type Kotomo. Fiji and Pubble do not get along well- Pubble uncharacteristically barks (although don't worry, it sounds like he's underwater so it still sounds cute) at the lava Kotomo and Fiji steers clear of Pubble in fear of having her lava body cool down. Only by equipping special hazard equipment to both Pubble and Fiji will they ever get along well enough for Felissa to let you walk them.


Hazel Ultima
Hazel Ultima is a member of the Puzzle League and is a potionsmaster. She searches for ingredients, often being mushrooms, scales and scabs from monsters, and goop she can collect from the Kotomo Bubbles. She occasionally can be seen with Felissa but is often found in a dark corner with a goopy potion cauldron in her lap. She couldn't care less about beating Bunea.

KotomoOrb MagicKotomoOrb ShadowKotomoOrb BugKotomoOrb Poison KotomoOrb Poison

Signature Bubble: Poison

SoulSB64 Hazel
PrizedPossessionBPPL PoisonPot
Hazel Ultima is rather easy to romance, although you will need to walk a Kotomo that can detect poison ingredients. Kotomo that are able to do this are ones that are strong against Poison type, so Water, Plant, Physic, and Metal type Kotomo are the ones you should use to scope out ingredients. Walking two of these kind of Kotomo will increase your chances of finding it. After showing up with poison ingredients, you'll hit it off with Hazel rather well. She gets along well with anyone.

Her pet Kotomo is a Marsage known as Macaria that is a Poison/Magic type Kotomo. Macaria and Pubble get along generally well enough, although they should be swimming/bathing in separate areas so that Pubble doesn't take poison from Macaria.


Dexelia is a member of the Puzzle League and is a Dex Droid that is also a streamer, using the income from playing Kotomo Bubbles to fuel her independence. Given no real other choice from the Puzzle League leader, she challenges Bunea with her chat overlay on the screen to cheer her on. Her fight is unique in that respect- truly what this game was missing was pogging emotes when your opponent kicks your butt.

KotomoOrb DigitalKotomoOrb PsionicKotomoOrb IceKotomoOrb Metal KotomoOrb Metal

Signature Bubble: Metal

SoulSB64 Dexelial
PrizedPossessionBPPL DexCommunicator
Dexelia is hard to romance due to her streaming- it's bad for her viewership and trying to romance her on air will always fail. You must specifically ask her out when she's on a oil break, and only by swearing the relationship to secrecy can the relationship begin. She will ask to see you when she's on her oil breaks from then on, and other people in your possible poly relationship may appear in her streams. She can set up streaming gear for you when you two are in a relationship so you get a chat overlay on your next matches, this time cheering you on.

Her pet Kotomo is a Cavalibur known as Porthos that is a Metal/Melee type Kotomo. Cavalibur is Dexelia's bodyguard and acts defensive around Pubble, but is easily swayed by offering accessories to it, allowing you to walk it. Pubble is a friend to just about everyone, so they get along swimmingly.


Aaa Pluse
Aaa Pluse is a member of the Puzzle League- as well as the swim club, the spelling club, the robotics club, the book club- really she's a member of every club. She maximizes her schedule, carries around all her gear with a Dex Droid called Dexufo, and tries to optimize everything. She's constantly stressed out and multi-tasking- even in her sleep.

KotomoOrb DigitalKotomoOrb LightKotomoOrb MetalKotomoOrb Water KotomoOrb Water

Signature Bubble: Water

SoulSB64 AaaPluse
PrizedPossessionBPPL AaaPlanner
Aaa Pluse is incredibly busy, so it's a matter of getting her focus if you wish to romance her. You will want to pick the most outlandish dialouge options possible to get her attention and then be more sincere. She can ocassionally drift off to another focus, so managing to keep her attention without losing it at any point will give you the best success. Aaa Pluse is already over-scheduled, so you won't have to check in with her that much- but when she asks for your attention, you better give her it or she will end the relationship. Optimization. With her on your side, you'll have access to optimization methods for Puzzle League.

Her pet Kotomo is a Silvuid known as 111 that is a Metal/Water type Kotomo. 111 often is seen assisting Aaa with whatever she needs done, so Pubble and Silvuid won't have many opportunities to hang out but they get along well. When an open slot is available, Aaa will let you know so you can walk Pubble and Silvuid together to boost their relationship.


Fleur Delaphenix

KotomoOrb WindKotomoOrb MetalKotomoOrb WaterKotomoOrb FLame KotomoOrb FLame

Signature Bubble: Flame

SoulSB64 Fleur


Character Art


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