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Bullets N’ Dimensions
Developer(s) GrapePixelArt
Publisher(s) FruitBits
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Steam, Xbox Series X and S.
Genre(s) Fighting, Action, Platformer, Party
Release Date(s) August 20th, 2021
Age Rating(s) CERO: B
ESRB: T for Teen
PEGI: 12
USK: 12
Cost CAD 28.61
EUR 18.77
JPY 2326.09
USD 19.99

Bullets N’ Dimensions is a 2D umbrella multi-player action platform video game developed by GrapePixelArt and published by FruitBits, released for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Steam, PlayStation 5 , and Xbox Series X and S. The game features primarily shooting and platforming mechanics, taking inspiration from games such as Duck Game and Towerfall. The basic objective of Guns N’ Dimensions is to defeat your opponents in combat. Players will die in one hit, and the last player standing wins the round.


The basic objective of Guns N’ Dimensions is to defeat your opponents in combat. Players will die in one hit, and the last player standing wins the round.

Each character in the game has a specific weapon and special move unique to them. Pressing Shoot when not holding any ammo will make a small X appear above the player to indicate that they are out of ammo. In order to gain ammo back, players must collect back ammo via ammo contained in bubbles from shots that missed, or have a chance to gain ammo from treasure chests. Treasure chests contain a variety of power ups such as enhancements and ammo modifications.

Battle takes place on a 2-dimensional field on static levels that fill the entire area of a 4:3 ratio screen. Levels with open borders, which sees players and objects move from one end of the screen to the other when crossing the border, either vertically or horizontally.


Action Button Input
Move / Aim Ext3 101.png
Jump Ext3 0e0.png
Special Ext3 0e1.png
Shoot Ext3 0e2.pngExt3 0e3.png
Dodge / Catch Ext3 0e4.pngExt3 0e5.png


  • Move / Aim: Movement and aiming is done by either the Directional Pad or the Left Analog Stick and is constrained to the 8 ordinal directions.
    • Duck: Players can duck by holding Down when standing on a platform. A player's hitbox is slightly reduced when ducking allowing for evasion of arrows.
    • Wall Jump: Pressing Jump when airborne and next to a wall will execute a Wall Jump that pushes the player up and away from the wall. Wall jumps can be executed in quick succession allowing for quick vertical traversal of the map. This is a very useful platform technique.
  • Shoot: Holding the Shoot button will show an aiming reticle that indicates which of the 8 ordinal directions the player is aiming; when the button is released whatever weapon the player has is fired in the given direction. Pressing Shoot when not holding any ammo will make a small X appear above the player to indicate that they are out of ammo.
    • Ammo Steal: If you are holding no ammo and you bump into an opponent who has ammo then you will steal the ammo that is at the start of their inventory.
  • Special Ability: A button that unleashes the character’s special unique ability. What the ability does depends on what character you are playing. There are a variety of actions players can choose from.
  • Dodge / Catch: Pressing any of the Dodge buttons will result in the player performing a short dash in the direction they are facing. Dodging has a short cooldown period that prevents players from dodging in quick succession. If one or more shots strike the player whilst they are dodging then they will catch them and will add onto their ammo.

Power Ups

Power Ups are items found in treasure chests spread throughout maps in Bullets N' Dimensions. Treasure chests in Versus are determined by specific spawn rates for each map. There are many forms of Power Ups. Some give you or the stage unique quirks while others specialize your ammo.

Player Enhancements

Item Description
BDItemBubbleSheild.png Bubble Shield
A bubble will surround the player, absorbing a shot of damage upon being hit. If the bubble absorbs a strike, it will break and the player will flash for a few moments before becoming vulnerable.
BDMajesticWings.png Majestic Wings
Wings grant the player flight, capable of rising into the air each time they press the Jump button.
BDItemGhostMarshmallow.png Ghost Marshmallow
Upon eating the Ghost Marshmallow, the player will become slightly invisible and will hide their ammo inventory. The player will become even less visible when crouching.
BDItemSpeedBoots.png Speed Boots
Speed boots increase the player's horizontal movement speed when walking or airborne.
BDItemLil'Shroom.png Lil’ Shroom
Upon eating the Lil’ Shroom, the player will slightly shrink, shrinking their hurtbox, making it easier to dodge shots from opponents.

Ammo Enhancements

Item Description
BDAmmo.png Extra Ammo
Standard Ammo has no special properties. Players will start each round holding 3 ammo by default. They can gain extra ammo from chests.
BDBomb.png Bomb Ammo
Bomb Ammo explodes a few moment after being fired. Catching them will prevent them from exploding.
BDDrill.png Drill Ammo
Drill Ammos are capable of burrowing through solid terrain to reach targets on the other side. They will only drill through one solid surface and impact subsequent surfaces as per usual.
BDLaser.png Laser Ammo
Laser Ammo travels slightly faster than Standard Ammo without being affected by gravity. They will bounce off of surfaces up to five times before coming to rest in a surface.
BDLighting.png Lightning Ammo
BDSlime.png Slime Ammo
BDThorne.png Thorne Ammo
BDTrigger.png Trigger Ammo



Game Modes


Playable Characters

By default, Bullets N' Dimensions features ?? playable characters, each from a different series. Additional ?? characters can be unlocked by completing specific tasks with the game. Each playable character has their very own unique attributes that applies the them only. Every character has slight variations of shooting attacks, alongside a singular special attack, which can perform certain actions depending on your character.

BDCactiPortrait.png BDIgniaPortrait.png BDRaimuPortrait.png BDMuffinPortrait.png


Cacti is the result of a human replicator serum that came in contact with a Cacti after a desert lab was abandoned. The result of this formed a cactus girl. After exploring the abandoned lab, she found forgotten weapons of the past and Cowgirl attire. With this, Cacti dawned the persona of a Cowgirl. Cacti roamed the desert, protecting towns from baddies as a living, until one day the merger occurred. After a nefarious god named Diabolos catched hold of Cacti’s realm, she was chosen to represent her dimension within the Bullets N’ Dimensions Tournament. With pride, Cacti entered the tournament and prepared for battle, ready for anything that comes her way.

Weapon of Choice - Laser Revolver A pretty standard jakc-of-all-trades weapon. Shoots a decent distance and has an overall normal speed.
Special Ability - Cactus Erupt Cacti slams the ground with her foot as a Cactus emerges in place. Any opponent who comes in contact with the Cactus will take damage. The cactus will stay in place for fifteen seconds before disappearing. Cacti can only put out one Cactus per round. Even after it disappears she cannot bring our another one.
Alternate Costumes


Weapon of Choice - TBA TBA
Special Ability - TBA TBA
Alternate Costumes TBA


Weapon of Choice - TBA TBA
Special Ability - TBA TBA
Alternate Costumes TBA


Weapon of Choice - TBA TBA
Special Ability - TBA TBA
Alternate Costumes TBA




  • This game take inspiration from Duck Game, Towerfall, and Gunstoppable.