A Bullet BoB.

A Bullet BoB Is a major item in the Ella-Metals series.

Appearance and Description

The Bullet of Brilliance is a silver, small bullet, which can tear a wall apart with one shot. They can be thrown by a normal non-VineVillian, and surprisingly, the ends aren't sharp, once thrown a chemical reaction happens inside, and creates a tiny explosion which can clear walls upon contact. Leaving a small bullet shape hole. Leaving the wall unstable. They have two dents at the pointy front, seemingly looking like eyes. More than 1 Bullet BoB can be fired by a Bullet Bob launcher.


It has so far appeared in every single Ella-Metals game to date. Ella Metals always has them on stock.

Ella Metals bent one of these when she was at the age of 3. Which was it's first appearance. In the first Ella-Metals game.

It appears as a item in Fantendo Smash Bros. Uproar, Stelios Scramble, Fusion vs. TsuKai, and many other Fantendo crossovers. It also appeared in Ella-Metals Racing, either as a single or 3 inside a launcher, the same thing happens in Ella-Metals vs. Battle of Bracelets, and like each other item in the game, it deals 2HP damage.


  • It is unknown why "bullet" is repeated twice in it's name.