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SSB Pikmin Series.png Bulborb
Bulborbs as seen in Pikmin 3.
Species Origin ladybugs
Rarity common
Alignment evil
Average Behavior Feral.
Habitat(s) Multiple places.
Ability/ies biting
Weapon(s) its teeth
Vulnerable To Overwhelming it with high numbers of foes.
First Appearance SSB Pikmin Series.png Pikmin 1, GameCube, 2001
Latest Appearance SSB Super Smash Bros. Series.png Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Switch, 2018
Dwarf Bulborb

Bulborb Larva

Any Grubdog.
The Bulblaxes.
Only to themselves.

Bulborbs (Japanese: チャッピー Chappy) are, more or less, the main enemies of the Pikmin franchise. They are red ladybug-like creatures with no arms, eyes on stalks, and only two legs that are members of a larger group of creatures known as the Grubdogs, which also includes Bulbears, Water Dumples, and their leaders, Emperor and Empress Bulblax.

Typically, a regular Bulborb will be found asleep during the daytime. As long as you don't wake it up, it poses no threat. However, they come alive at night, and eat any of your Pikmin who aren't in a "safe spot". Wake it up, and it begins chasing you and your Pikmin, possibly eating them. The main strategy to kill one is to throw a Pikmin onto its back.

Oddly enough, the Dwarf Bulborb, a clearly smaller version of them, was put in the Breadbug family at some point. This relocation was never fully explained.

Fanon appearances

St. Clair Publications

Bulborbs appeared on Super Smash Stadium, in Distant Planet, fulfilling the same role they did on that level in the canon Smash Bros. games. However, they were retired after October 2014.