Bugman land

Bugman Land


Stanley the Bugman's New Appearance (Artwork by Lukeherbat)

Bugman Land is the unexpected return of the character Stanley the Bugman from the third entry in the original Donkey Kong series. Players take control of Stanley as he travels across the titular Bugman Land, the game is a third person three dimensional platformer similar to Super Mario 64. The game also feautures a co-operative mode with one player as Stanley and the other as Pauline from Donkey Kong; the two are armed with Bug-Spray Guns through most of the game's duration which they use to exterminate many of the dangers the player will face in the game. There is thirteen worlds and the final level of each world has Stanley and or Pauline battle against an enormous and deadly bug, at the end however they must battle the game's villain Madness the Magician. The game is developed for Wii U and a special two dimensional platformer similar to the Super Mario series game is also in development for the 3DS; there is some other differences in the 3DS version such as extra playable characters Dual Screen and Stylus two crazy lizards who help Stanley on his journey.


Wii U Version

Stanley and Pauline return to their home in Juggle Jungle where they sadly discover that all of the captured bugs have been released across Bugman Land. They know then and there that they must work together and find out who did this; when suddenly the culprit Madness the Magician reveals himself. He plams on destroying all of Bugman Land and renaming it 'Madness World'. Stanley won't be having any of that and quickly attacks Madness the Magician; but alas he is too late. The group then cross the Juggle Jungle where they battle the bug 'Twister' and save the lizard Stylus, next they go to the the Hip Hop Hills and discover that Madness the Magician has destroyed entire villages and homes. After defeating the 'Jumper' bug they continue on tothe Carnivorous Caves and battle with the 'Wiggle' bug. They the carry on across multiple worlds towards their final location Celestial Castle home to Madness the Magician, after defeating him and his hoodlums all the evil bugs are returned to a safe place.

3DS Version

Stanley, Pauline, Dual Screen and Stylus set out on a journey. Following Madness the Magician's trail and eventually defeating him and his evil bugs. There is a lot less dialouge in the 3DS version than the Wii U version, but there is still a few story elements.


The levels range from tropical paradises to snowy plains, for every world there is three levels. Unlockable bonus levels can also be discovered when playing the game usually mini-games there is ten bonus levels and for the player to access them they must find a key in the main levels. 

World 1: Juggle Jungle 1-1: Twisted Vines 1-2: Tropical Huts

1-3: Jungle Bug 'Twister' Encounter

World 2: Hip Hop Hills 2-1: Dastardly Cliffs 2-2: Insanity Trees 2-3: Hills Bug 'Jumper' Encounter
World 3: Carnivorous Caves 3-1: Mystery Caverns 3-2: Wicked Mines 3-3: Underground Bug 'Wiggle' Encounter
World 4: Mean Mountains 4-1: Menacing Point 4-2: Crashing Stones 4-3: Mountain Bug 'Coaster' Encounter
World 5: Rocking Rapids 5-1: Frontier Falls 5-2: Radioactive Stones 5-3: Rapids Bug 'Gerridae' Encounter
World 6: Smashing Seas 6-1: Savage Ships 6-2: Vile Islands 6-3: Seas Bug 'Rapid Fire' Encounter
World 7: Floating Forest 7-1: Odious Farms 7-2: Nasty Pines 7-3: Forest Bug 'Sticks' Encounter
World 8: Snowtop Slopes 8-1: Vexatious Heights 8-2: Puckish Peaks 8-3: Slopes Bug 'Slip' Encounter
World 9: Dangerous Dimension 9-1: Playful Void 9-2: Splendid Mist 9-3: Dimension Bug 'Energy' Encounter
World 10: Fantastic Factory 10-1: Industrial Mayhem 10-2: Fierce Structures 10-3: Factory Bug 'Builder' Encounter
World 11: Viscous Volcano 11-1: Lava Madness 11-2: Spicy Temple 11-3: Volcano Bug 'Heat' Encounter
World 12: Pixelated Palace 12-1: Microchip Maze 12-2: Processor Towers 12-3: Palace Bug 'Graphics' Encounter
World 13: Celestial Castle 13-1: Evil Lair 13-2: Deadly Prison 13-3: Madness the Magician Encounter
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