You fool! You have fallen into my trap- Wait, that's Mario? Oh, even better!
Buckello, Chapter One

Buckello is an inventive bandit who is a member of the Disaster Trio and debuts in Paper Mario: Prophecy of the Arts.


Buckello wears a green robe with white trims, white gloves, violet shoes, and a white mask consisting of a smug face and a brown leather band holding it. Additionally, he also wears a pair of goggles with yellow-tinted lenses and a bag on his left shoulder.


As the brains and mastermind behind the Disaster Trio's machines, Buckello is extremely inventive and an expert at technology yet uses his creations to advantage and tricks people into falling for them as pranks. Furthermore, he is incredibly energetic and hardworking at his next project or invention.

However, Buckello is considered a workaholic and barely takes a break from his work to get some fresh air. In the DLC, he begins to spend a little more time with his other teammates and shows a secret love for treasures, which may be a weakness of his.


As a survivor who was left behind in an alternate universe after the events of Paper Jam, Buckello was struggling to find help when he was found by Voldom traveling to other dimensions for members to his group. Voldom sensed his skill of inventing gadgets and convinced him to join his group.

It was not long after his registration to the group before meeting Lightlis and Wisky and together creating a side-group of what is now the Disaster Trio. After the events of Paper Mario's main story, he found an armless tabby and decided to bring it home as his apprentice.

At first, most of Voldom's former henchmen and even the fragments of Voldom's soul weren't pleased. In the end, though, the tabby successfully made it into the team and Buckello named her Marci.

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