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Happiness comes in bubble gum!
Bubbly G.

Bubbly Guma Female
16~17 years old Homo Cakian
Bubbly G with SHADE.png
FULL NAME Bubbly Guma
POWERS Using her bubblegum hair, turning her body into bubblegum, "flavoring" herself (aka change)
BIRTHDAY March 3rd
OCCUPATION(S) Adventurous girl

Bubblegum, her friends which I won't specify, her powers, friendship(?)


Having her bubblegum eaten without permission, her enemies which I also won't specify, having enemies


Bubbly Gum Medley


Random Adventures

Bubbly G. is one of Mr. Yokai's characters.


She mainly wears a hoodie with sleeves, with some sleek sneakers. She also some... braided hair? Well, the hair is unnatural, as it's actually bubblegum. She has light skin, but she can change it to bubblegum skin. Which comes in later.


Guma's maximum pink. At first, she'll look normal and not really strong. However, she's actually pretty strong (at least, when using her bubblegum capabilities). Sometimes, with her capabilities, she likes to showoff, but has a sense of equality; meanwhile, she doesn't like having enemies. She either tries to befriend them or purely just try and beat them up if they can't be befriended. Though, she tries to do the former when she can.

She likes any "hyper" song but she especially likes... Bubblegum Girl by Nick Bean. Though, she feels it's kind of inappropriate. Hopes it isn't.

Powers & Abilities

Something to know is that Guma can actually turn her skin into bubblegum (she can choose specific body parts), having some gooey abilities (because it's not natural). Additionally, she can manipulate her bubblegum hair for attacks, and in addition, saving people (seen in Random Adventures, used to save Duhstort before Queen Chrysalis can steal Duhstort's identity). She can also "flavor" herself by collecting some special berry, granting her new powers. There are so berries that it might take a while to even get past it.

Additionally, you can't turn her into candy or foodstuff.

List of "Flavors"

  • Spyz - As Spyz Guma, Guma can shoot out "streams of fire" (actually just burning bubblegum) from her hair. She also leaves pools of hot bubblegum whenever she lands for a few seconds. She's also heat-resistant.
  • Props - As Props Guma, her hands are replaced with "wings" (bubblegum morphed into wings) and she can use her bubblegum hair to propel herself for a short time. She can also do a triple jump if that wasn't enough!
  • Osh'n - As Osh'n Guma, she has improved underwater capabilities by morphing her legs into a bubblegum tail. She can corkscrew into enemies and shoot out bubblegum bubbles to trap enemies in.
  • Frad - As Frad Guma, Guma can throw razor-sharp "leaves" (actually just gum) which boomerang back to her. Not just that, she can also grow berries from there and use them as bombs!
  • Eyz - As Eyz Guma, she can do graceful spin hops which damage enemies and create a snowflake barrier. She can also kick frozen enemies towards other enemies.
  • Cirkit - As Cirkit Guma, she can create electrified bubblegum balls from her feet (like Marx's Jester Ball) to ride on and kick towards enemies. She can also splat them for electrical explosions.
  • Murta - As Murta Guma, Guma is ghost-like. She doesn't have all ghost-like properties, but she's immue to certain hazards. Also she can slightly hover and shoot out phantom bubblegum projectiles.
  • Omra - As Omra Guma, her hands and feet are basically black bubblegum. She can utilize them like shadows, and hide in shadows speaking of. Also she has large attacks.

Neitherfruit Guma

Neitherfruit Guma is Bubbly G.'s temporary form throughout Random Adventures World 3. Neitherfruit Guma is the product of Neitherfruit; a berry that some guy named "K___" made by extracting some of the Neitherworld Nygmites' DNA (along with the Neitherworlder's DNA) via the help of "Ch____ Ch____".

Shortly after Neitherworld's defeat (note not canon yet), KoES managed to knock out Guma with an "Oblivion Kilogram Ball". KoES forcefully stuffed four Neitherfruits into Guma's mouth. This comes off as a success, with the consequences of Neitherfruit Guma attacking them with bubblegum versions of her Neitherworld version. She escapes into the main timeline, shortly afterwards starting a killing spree offscreen.

Neitherfruit Guma is capable of evolving further, looking more and more mutated. She is even more sadistic than the Neithersphere/Neitheworlder, outright trying to destroy planets and matter itself, and killing anything in her way. She will go as far as to try and kill deities, even the most evilest deities. Also, she has all the powers of her previous flavors, only this time with a "Neitherworld" theme and them being extremely powerful. She can also absorb anything to create weaker bubblegum clones of herself.

Her killing spree leads her to Gundham, who she manages to kill off and absorb. She soon kills eight Lumbuds (four with axes, four with guns) and absorbs them. When Starchlord attempts to stop her with a replica of Jack's Doomsday Device, she only absorbs it and shoots it back, refracting through many spirit jars (originally shattered them), and demonstrates her really high resistance to OP Dark Magic. Byakuya decides to penalize her by destroying her bubblegum clones and is set on fire, but is perfectly fine. Her first instinct is strangling Blitzy, to which Inkbuster tries to save him. It ends with Inkbuster sacrificing himself to stall Neitherfruit Guma (via being absorbed by her, which produces a tingling feeling in Neitherfruit Guma and stops her). She is then seen at the end of Sector 3A, after Heavy Eight correctly says that Neitherfruit Guma is a "killing machine", having overheard KoES on an intercom he didn't mean to broadcast on. Depicted with text, Neitherfruit Guma has killed Lumbuds.

Game Appearances

Fantendo's Card Cataclysm

FCC Bubbly G Card.png
Bubbly G.
Bubble Gum Medley
Bubbly Guma is an adventurous girl who has magical bubblegum powers, which she's able to use to rescue her friends from danger. Not only is she able to turn her hair into sticky pink bubblegum, but she can also turn her very skin into gum!
Bubblegum Burst
Bubbly G. transforms her hair into gum and strikes the foe, covering them in bubble gum which slows them and prevents them from fleeing.


Neitherfruit Guma

Fanart/Other Art


  • "Happiness comes in bubble gum!"
  • "Great, a new rival? I'll help you!"
  • "Bring it!"
  • "Remember... happiness comes in bubble gum!" "No, happiness comes in hope." "Can you just leave me be and let me have my own sayings?!" - Bubbly G., Nagito Komeada, Bubbly G.


  • She was created when Mr. Yokai thought of candy Unten and Cardinal, in other words, "Mind Candy Crusher".
    • Also, it's kind of based off of Joyce from Fortdee.
  • In some scenes of Random Adventures, Bubbly G. sometimes ironically doesn't care if she has enemies or not and most of the times doesn't try to be good friends with them. The only enemy (not relationship) she befriended was the B-4 B.L.O.O.N after she feels discouraged of trying to kill it.
  • She has a Neitherworld version who's "Pinkness" is 0 and is essentially a reskin of Bubbly G.
  • Her flavors (Excpet Neitherfruit flavor) are actually corruptions/alternations of various existing words.
    • Spyz is a corruption of "Spice".
    • Props is a shortening of "Propellers".
    • Osh'n is a corruption/shortening of "Ocean".
    • Frad is a corruption of "Frond".
    • Eyz is a corruption of "Ice".
    • Cirkit is an alternation of "Circuit".
    • Murta is an alternation of "Muerta".
    • Omra is a corruption of "Umbra".
  • Neitherfruit Guma (phase 1) is not the same as Neitherwraiths and Neitherworld Guma; although she looks the same as Neitherworld Guma, there are notable differences aside from getting more powerful.
    • She has a mouth and is capable of talking.
    • Her braids resemble the Neithersphere's... things, and has a blue-purple gradient. Her hair's also longer.
    • She does not have pupils, and rather has white-black eyes.
    • The color of her shoes are different.