Bubble Wario
One of Wario's Reactions.
Original Character(s) Wario
Achieved By Getting inside of a bubble underwater
First Appearance Wario Land II (1998)
Latest Appearance Wario Land 4 (2001)
Resist water currents

Bubble Wario is one of Wario's Reactions in the Wario Land series. It was introduced in Wario Land II and reappeared in Wario Land 3 and Wario Land 4.

Activation and Function

When Wario is underwater, he can go inside bubbles to get trapped inside. Bubble Wario can then float upwards against a water's current, which normally would force him to get into a certain direction. When he hits the air above the surface or a barrier, he will revert back to normal form.


Wario Land: Hunt For The Ring

Bubble Wario returns as a Reaction in Wario Land: Hunt For The Ring, acting the same as it did in past appearances.


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