Bub (SSBR)
Bust-A-Move Series
Bub Pop in!
Universe Bubble Bobble
Others Super Smash Bros. Appearances Newcomers
Availability Starter
Home Stage Bubble Bobble
Final Smash Baron Von Blubba/Bust-A-Bubble

Bub (ねえ, Në) appears as a newcomers in of Super Smash Bros. Revolution, revealed at the end of the Direct of a 3D and HD remix of Bubble Bobble on december 8, 2018.

"Bub and his brother Bob are children who have been transformed into dragon and whose girl friends were kidnapped by the Baron von Blubba. Into their dragon form, Bub can inflate bubbles who stuck your ennemis in during a period of time."

Bub is confirmed to have Bob, his brother for alternate costume.


Bub is a light and a fast character. He can jump very hight, and his up special attack does it fly for a long time. Bub have also powerful attacks, a good KO power. Like in the game Bubble Bobble, he use his green bubbles to attack the opponents.


Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Bubble Burp 6-12% If the Neutral Special is pushed, Bub will spit a green bubble forward dealing 6% when it connects with opponents. However, if the special button is pressed and held, Bub will spit out a slightly larger bubble that when it connects with opponents, they will be trapped inside the bubble and will slowly start floating upwards. They will stop at a certain point, where they will be vulnerable to attack by Bub. Any sort of attack will pop the bubble which will produce food for Bub. The lighter the character, the more they will float up. The more damage the character has, the longer they will stay in the bubble. If the Neutral special query is held too long Bub will start inflating and start floating upwards.
Custom 1 Giga Bubble 12% Bub always inflate a large bubble, but the character is stuck inside the bubble for a lesser amount of time.
Custom 2 Explosive Bubble 13% Bub will always explode using the bubble, but the same amount of damage inflicted on them is inflicted on opponents.
Side Special Water Bubble 8% Bub spits a water bubble, hops on it, then rides the wave it causes, colliding with opponents. If used in the air, it will slowly fall down. You can press the jump button to exit the wave, which will keep flowing.
Custom 1 Speedy Water 3% The water flows much faster and can be used in the air without falling, but deals much less damage.
Custom 2 Uncontrollable Water 0-16% The water flows in several different directions, sometimes only pushing opponents away, or dealing a large amount of damage.
Up Special Bubble Cruise - Bub inflates a large bubble around himself and float vertically, before it pops.
Custom 1 Parasol Float 3% Bub inflates a large bubble around himself and float vertically. Once the bubble pops, Bub float down with parasols that function similarly to Peach's up special.
Custom 2 Bubble Hop - Bub jump in the air before breathing a bubble and jumping on them at great heights.
Down Special Swap - Bub pulls out a yellow button and pushes it. He then jumps in the background where he can stay for 15 seconds before having to return. When he is in the background, you can see Bub being feed food; he is slowly healed a random amount of damage every 2 secs. He can also be returned manually by pressing the down special query again.
Custom 1 Speedy Swap - The swap lasts for only 5 secs., but Bub is feed twice every second.
Custom 2 Slow Swap - Bub stays in the background for 25 secs. and is feed once every 5 seconds. However, he has a higher possibility of being fed higher damage healing food.
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