Why hello there, <insert your name here>! The name’s Rocky (tbc)! What’re you reading? ...Oh, Brutal Favoritism! I love this one! Hey, did you know that I made it? It’s true! I made this page, along with its subpages and whatever it may have within it. So please, don’t make any edits to it. Unless I really screwed up on grammar, or it could use some categories, or if you have permission. If none of those apply, don’t touch anything here. Also, feel free to comment. I worked hard on this and would love feedback of any kind.

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Brutal Favoritism is an umbrella project created by Dragon of Steel. It is a fighting game developed for the Nintendo Switch, to be released on October 9th, 2018, coinciding with the creator's seventeenth birthday. The game is a collection of many of the creator’s favorite characters from many different franchises.

Unlike many umbrella fighters, including a past attempt by Rocky himself, this game is not in the 2D fall-off-the-stage format of Super Smash Bros. Rather, it is a 3D fighter similar to the style of games such as Splatoon. Your end goal is to wear down the Stamina of all of your opponents; whoever manages to do that--or simply survive the longest--is the winner of that match.

A sequel has been commissioned and has begun development, entitled Banquet Favoritism.


The gameplay takes after the style of games such as Splatoon. Players are placed in a large three-dimensional arena with the intention of fighting each other and lowering other fighters’ stamina. When a fighter’s stamina reaches zero, they are ko’d and can no longer fight, but can still spectate the fight.

Gameplay Process

To further explain the game’s gameplay, the process of having a battle has been written out for your edification.

The game opens with the opening trailer for the story. After the opening plays, it fades to the title screen. Pressing any button wil then take you to the main menu. The menu includes several options, including: Brutality, the game’s main mode; Story, to access the story mode; Online, to have battles wih others from around the world; Challenges, to compete assorted tasks for an extra feat; Vault, to view your collectibles and other assorted accomplishments; Games, to play the assorted game modes within the game; and Settings, to tweak the game’s playstyle. For this example, Brutality is chosen.

Within the Brutality mode, you have several sub-options before getting into a new battle. The sub-options include Battle, the generic 2-8 person squabble; Strikeout, a mode in which characters chosen are removed from the roster after having played as them, acting similarly to SSBU’s Smashdown; Pit of 100 Trials, a mode copied from PM:TTYD in which you are in a dungeon with 100 floors and on every floor aside from multiples of ten you must fight an opponent; Tourney, in which you can set up a massive tournament that can encompass up to 64 different people if desired; and Gamble, in which you can bet on characters you believe will win the preceding battle. For this example, the simple Battle will be chosen.

Selecting Battle takes you to the character select screen. The screen is similar to that of Super Smash Bros; characters are arranged in a large rectangle with a simple icon to identify them. Above the rectangle is a dropdown menu. Opening this allows you to alter the game’s rules, including the time limit, the amount of stamina a fighter has, and what items can appear.

When everyone has selected a fighter, it transitions to the stage select. The stages, like the fighters, are arranged in a rectangle identified by an icon. Their spot on the rectangle corresponds directly with where their home character is on the character roster. Once the stage is chosen, players are sent to a random spot on the stage and the battle begins.

The default time limit of a battle is 5 minutes. This can be altered if it is too long or too short, of course. During those five minutes, your objective is to find the other fighters scattered throughout the stage and deplete their stamina. While Smash Bros is largely based on combat, this game is more oriented on strategy; if you can find a place to wait out your opponents and catch them off guard, or find a means of depleting a large amount of stamina at once, it will be much more effective than just running into combat blindly.

When all other players have their stamina completely depleted, or the time limit runs out, the players are all placed on a podium in front of a cheering crowd, with the top three on platforms labeled 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Another possible victory animation is to have the top three fighters driven through a crowd on karts from Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, with the top player on the Parade Kart driven by Toadsworth.


Story Mode: Brutality Forever

The game has a story mode attached to it entitled Brutality Forever. Within this story, characters' home worlds are being torn apart and stitched together in a weird conglomerate way. The full story can be read here.


The game includes a large cast of characters. Casting is not based on popular opinions, but rather the creator’s own personal preferences. Characters have movesets similar to those in Super Smash Bros., although they perform differently than they do in Smash. Characters can also perform a Combo by pressing the two triggers at the right time.

Luigi Rosalina Bowser Jr. Yoshi Cappy
Paper Mario Flavio Kirby Meta Knight Wally and Gallade
Flygon Alolan Raichu Isabelle Tom Nook Ancient Minister
Steve Crazy Dave Dipper Pines Mabel Pines Stanley Pines
Michael Scott Luke Skywalker Han Solo WALL-E Eario
Calvin ??? ??? ??? ???
Wiggler Toad and Toadette Vivian Bandana Dee Gideon
Dwight Schrute Chewbacca EVE Kingsonnn Dededoo <insert your name here>

Default Characters

Current tally: 26



Neutral Special: Hammer

One of Luigi's big breakout moments was in the Mario & Luigi series, in which he wields a hammer with his brother. When using this move, he swings it in front of him and, depending on the terrain, he can temporarily bury someone in the ground.

Side Special: Fire Flower
The big gimmick of the Super Mario series is that various plants can give you essentially super powers; the most iconic of those plants is maybe the Fire Flower. Luigi’s side special has him holding said flower and spurring green bursts of flame from it for a time; it does need to recharge if it is used for too long.

Up Special: Negative Zone
In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Luigi’s Final Smash was some thing that made everyone inside it fall asleep and their colors became inverted. His Up special in this creates a small version of this which propels him upwards and temporarily inverts his outfit colors, as well as knocking out anyone caught in it.

Down Special: Poltergust
Luigi’s big thing back in the day was when he infiltrated a haunted mansion to save his brother from a royal ghost. He went in equipped with a vacuum that can suck up ghosts. Using this move, he uses said vacuum to either suck up objects or shoot out Boos.


Luigi 2 - RabbidsKingdomBattle

Super Mario
The hero of the Mushroom Kingdom was always one of my favorite characters...but he’s overrated so I picked his brother instead. Luigi is a lean, green fighting machine. He has proved his merit on many occasions; he can vacuum up ghosts like a pro, he can dream up ultra warrior versions of himself, and he has even been able to final smash his way into an inverted Negative Zone, which is a surprising but pretty cool power to have. He’s an all around fighter; he has pretty solid power and can run at a moderate speed. His defining trait is really his impressive high jump, though.

Neutral/Side: Fire Hammer

Luigi slams his hammer down now covered in fire.

Neutral/Up: Negative Hammer
Luigi swings his hammer upwards with a light green coloration. If it hits someone, they fall asleep for a time.

Neutral/Down: Polter Hammer
Luigi swings his hammer and proceeds to switch to the Poltergust right away and swing it.

Side/Up: Negative Fire
Luigi generates a Negative Zone filled with fire, which both burns and can put to sleep.

Side/Down: Fire Vacuum
Luigi holds a Fire Flower in front of his Poltergust, which expels a large amount of fire at a fast speed.

Up/Down: Negative Polter
Luigi holds the Poltergust in front of him and expels a Negative Zone in front of it, shooting a sort of fireball-like Negative Zone ahead of him.



Neutral Special: Wand Wave

Rosalina carries a magic wand with her wherever she goes. Said magic wand can be a powerful weapon if used properly. Or if used improperly; it’s a magic wand. Her neutral special has her wave her wand. If it physically hits someone, it does damage. But the wave itself sends a bolt of magic that does even more damage.

Side Special: Star Bits
A projectile weapon thing found all over the place in Mario Galaxy. Using her side special, Rosalina shoots a large blast of them in front of her.

Up Special: Launch Star
Launch Stars were a big part of Galaxy. They could be used to get yourself from one place to another at a pretty darn speedy pace. Rosalina stole one of these for her Up special. It can be used to move at angles or go straight up.

Down Special: Star Spin
Star Spinning was a thing for Mario because he had a Luma trapped in his hat. But considering Rosalina was an integral character in that game, it’s only fitting that she have the same ability for some reason. Using her Down special, she spins around and can potentially deal great damage to others.


MPSR Artwork - Rosalina

Super Mario
If you’re wondering where her other eye is, you’re not alone. But if you aren’t certain who she is at all, you are very much alone. Rosalina has become a staple character in the Mario series, thanks to her connection to the Lumas and other cosmos stuff, as well as guiding Mario through the galaxies way back before he was capturing with Cappy. Rosalina is fairly lightweight and floaty. She can move at a fairly fast speed and can actually slightly hover above the ground, so that’s pretty cool.

Neutral/Side: Bit Hit

Rosalina hits three Star Bits with her wand as if it was a baseball bat and the bits were baseballs.

Neutral/Up: Launching Wand
Rosalina creates a Launch Star with her wand, which fires in a direction of your choice and can hit opponents.

Neutral/Down: Wanded Spin
Rosalina performs a Star Spin while holding out her wand, thus increasing the area of damage the spin deals.

Side/Up: Star Bits Launching
Rosalina fires five Star Bits through a Launch Star in a direction of your choice, which can break through weak surfaces and deal a good amount of damage.

Side/Down: Star Bit Spin
Rosalina performs a Star Spin while firing five Star Bits in random directions during the spin.

Up/Down: Launching Spin
Rosalina enters a Launch Star and fires away while performing a Star Spin.




Neutral Special: Paintbrush Swipe

Bowser Jr’s primary weapon that he only used once is a magic paintbrush that can cover surfaces with paint. Junior swipes in front of himself with his brush. If he hits a surface, it is covered with a fiery paint that will burn if touched.

Side Special: Mecha Koopa
Bowser Jr. lays a Mecha Koopa down which walks a ways before exploding. If it reaches an opponent, it bites them and won’t let go.

Up Special: Clown Car
Bowser Jr’s whole tactic in Smash is riding his Clown Car and ejecting for his Up. Well, in this it’s flipped. The Clown car carries him up for a time until exploding and dropping him down to earth.

Down Special: Wax On
Bowser Jr. covers himself with paint and becomes Shadow Mario.


Neutral Special: Mario X

Shadow Mario is notorious for the random X’s he graffitis all over the place. In this move, he scrawls one in front of him. If in front of a surface, it will stick and cause damage when touched. If not, it’ll just explode.

Side Special: Polluted Piranha
Shadow Mario creates a small Polluted Piranha Plant, which sits in place for a time which bites and spits goo. There can only be one on at a time.

Up Special: Hover FLUDD
Shadow Mario is notorious also for stealing the water pack FLUDD. He uses the Higer nozzle of it to fly upwards for a time.

Down Special: Wax Off
Shadow Mario spins in a circle and turns back into Bowser Jr.


Bowser Jr SMHR

Super Mario
Oh hey, it’s this kid. He made his debut in Sunshine as a poor misguided infant who believed Peach was his mother. In an attempt to meet and bond with acclaimed mother, he framed Mario for a crime and kidnapped her, all the while dressing up as Shadow Mario. In this game, he fights with both his Clown Car he uses in Smash, but also his infamous paintbrush to cause both graffiti and aggravation. His Down Special involves him transforming into Shadow Mario, so that’s pretty cool.


Super Mario
What the...hey, everyone, it’s Mario!, it’s still Bowser Jr, false alarm. Shadow Mario is the superb transformation of Bowser Jr, in which his build and attire are that of Mario’s. It was originally used to frame Mario for mass graffiti, but now it’s just an advanced fighting suit for Junior. As Shadow Mario, his stats become similar to that of Luigi’s, as they are about the same build. His speed is greatly heightened, but his traction is less than ideal. He can transform back into Koopa the Kid with his Down special.

Neutral/Side: Painted Mecha Koopa
Bowser Jr. covers a Mecha-Koopa with paint and sets it loose. Its explosion will deal more damage and will splatter paint everywhere.

Neutral/Up: Painted Car
Bowser Jr. flies his Clown Car up while swinging his paintbrush in a circle, scatterig paint throughout the stage.

Neutral/Down: Painting Shadow
Bowser Jr. releases a blast of paint which covers him and spreads everywhere. When it clears, he is Shadow Mario.

Side/Up: Mecha Koopa Car
Bowser Jr. enters his Clown Car which flies upwards. As it ascends, it launches two Mecha Koopa from cannons on two sides.

Side/Down: Mecha Shadow
Bowser Jr. throws a Mecha Koopa in the air and then proceeds to turn into Shadow Mario.

Up/Down: Clown Car Mario
Bowser Jr. enters the Clown Car which flies upwards. After a time, it explodes and he falls to the ground, now as Shadow Mario.

Neutral/Side: Piranha X
Shadow Mario lays a small Polluted Piranha which spits paint in the shape of an X. These paint blasts act as boomerang and will fly forward a ways before returning.

Neutral/Up: Hover X
Shadow Mario uses Hover FLUDD. It launches paint from its nozzle instead of water; said paint makes the shape of an x on the ground which acts as a stage hazard for a time.

Neutral/Down: X Away
Shadow Mario paints an X in the sky and then reverts to Bowser Jr. The X then fallsto the ground and explodes at his feet.

Side/Up: Piranha Hover
Shadow Mario equips Hover FLUDD which pours a large amount of paint at once. It acts as more of a rocket-esque move here as it is simply one short burst rather than a continuous stream. The burst of paint forms a Polluted Piranha.

Side/Down: Polluted Conversion
Shadow Mario throws a Polluted Piranha in the air and then spins in a circle, turning into Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr. then drop-kicks the Piranha, sending it far off.

Up/Down: Hover Switch
Shadow Mario jumps off of Hover FLUDD into the sky; in the sky, he turns into Bowser Jr. Junior then picks up the FLUDD and throws it into the distance.



Neutral Special: Tongue

Yoshi extends his abnormally long tongue. If he can reach a foe worth it, the foe will be swallowed and then trapped in an egg. If he can reach some sort of item, the item will be eaten and restores stamina.

Side Special: Egg Roll
Yoshi encases himself in an egg and rolls around the stage. The longer he rolls, the faster he goes and the more damage he will eventually deal when he hits someone.

Up Special: Blimp Yoshi
Yoshi turns into the fat blue Blimp Yoshi from Galaxy 2 and floats upwards. He will eventually run out of air and fall back to Earth.

Down Special: Poochy
Yoshi hops on his trusty dog, Poochy, who carries him at a faster pace for a ways until turning into a pile of yarn.



Super Mario
Everyone's favorite dinosaur! Yoshi’s entire language is based off of his name (example, “Yo yo!” or “Yoshi Yoshi!”). That fact is irrelevant, but it seemed fun to add. Yoshi is a fighter with solid endurance. He’s been carrying babies on his back since forever ago, and is now more adept at carrying middle-aged men on hi back. Because of that, he’s developed a high quality speed and a capability to actually carry extra items on his back. Yo yo!



Neutral Special: Pokio

Cappy posesses a Pokio, those big-beaked birds at Bowser’s Chinese castle. As a Pokio, he pokes his beak forward once before un-possessing and returning to just Cappy.

Side Special: Glydon
Cappy posesses Glydon who jumps in the air and glides forwards until reaching the ground. When touching land, Cappy un-captures.

Up Special: Uproot
Cappy becomes an Uproot, those onions with stretchy legs, and stretches upwards for a time before releasing his capture.

Down Special: Shiverian Racer
Cappy becomes one of those racers in the Snow kingdom and does kind of a ground pound twice before un-capturing.



Super Mario
He may just be a floating top hat, but don’t let that fool you; he’s a warrior floating top hat. Cappy assisted Mario on his wedding crashing adventure, and allowed him to turn into T-Rexes and polar bears and onions with stretchy legs. In battle, Cappy can transform into those and more to fight in many different ways. As his mere ghostly form, Cappy can move at fairly fast speeds. He hovers above the ground, and can move higher or lower depending on the circumstances.



Neutral Special: Flip

Utilizing the dimension-hopping ability from Super, Paper Mario flips into the 2D dimension for roughly 0.7 seconds to dodge any incoming attacks. It’s a tricky move to master, but once you do you’ll be unstoppable.

Side Special: Koops Kick
Mario’s partner from Thousand Year Door, Koops, comes in and enters his shell. Paper Mario kicks him forward. By holding the button, you can hold Koops in one spot and jump on him to reach a higher area.

Up Special: Spring Jump
Paper Mario crouches into a folded up paper, then flattens back out and rockets into the sky. Any opponent he hits is badly damaged.

Down Special: Head Rattle
Paper Mario slams down his hammer, now with a more purple coloration. If it hits an opponent, they are confused for a time and can’t move right.



Paper Mario
Paper Mario is one of three iterations of Mario found in this game. He’s got his similarities with Mario—save Peach, wear overalls, eat mushrooms. But they have pretty grand differences. For one, this guy is made of paper and is two dimensional. He also has quite a few tricks up his sleeve that the normal Mario has never had, such as Crystal Stars, partners, badges, and a hammer. He can also “flip” between the 2D and 3D worlds to avoid some deadly attacks. But no paint, and no stickers. Ever.



Neutral Special: Skull Gem

Flavio inserts the Skull Gem into a rock. The Gem then flies out of the rock and deals a good amount of damage to anyone hit. The rock then explodes.

Side Special: Chuckola Cola
Flavio throws a bottle of Chuckola Cola in front of him. When it hits a surface, it shatters and creates a large puddle on the ground.

Up Special: Two Stache Bros
Flavio lays the two stone faces from the entrance of Pirate’s Grotto beneath him, lifting him up. The stache bros remain in place until the move is used again.

Down Special: Coconut
Flavio drops a coconut on the ground. It rolls forward; if it hits an opponent while rolling, they will stumble and receive a good deal of damage.



Paper Mario
The bold sea captain and bearer of the Skull Gem joins the roster! Flavio entered the story of the Crystal Stars when Mario needed passage to Keelhaul Key for totally selfless reasons. So of course Flavio justified the journey with selfish reasons only benefiting himself...and then got his ship destroyed. Flavio is a fairly heavy character. His attacks are weak, but he makes up for it in high spirits and encouragement. Ok, yeah, he’s a bit of a joke character. Flavio hates you all.



Neutral Special: Inhale

Kirby sucks. If an opponent gets caught in his inhalation, Kirby spits them out and then looks like them and can perform their neutral special. Yes, it’s his Smash move.

Side Special: Air Ride
Kirby hops onto a Warp Star which blasts him forwards a short distance before exploding.

Up Special: Parasol
Kirby holds a paradol. A gust of wind launches him into the air and he gradually floats down.

Down Special: Rickroll
Kirby hops onto the back of his animal buddy Rick, who bites in front of him and scratches before disappearing.


KSA Kirby Artwork 4

Hey look, a pink puffball showed up! Just kidding, we all know who this puffball is. It’s Kirby! I grew to enjoy him after playing Smash Brawl, and then proceeded to play some Kirby games, such as Return to Dream Land and Epic Yarn. In this game, his moveset is largely based off of Return and Brawl, considering I know him best from those two. Poyo!



Neutral Special: Meta Stab

Meta Knight takes out his sword and jabs in front of him about fifty times. If you are caught in the stabbing, you won’t be able to escape for a long time.

Side Special: Meta Spin
Meta Knight spins in a circle, creating a sort of tornado which deals great damage to anyone it hits.

Up Special: Meta Fly
Meta Knight soars into the air and can stay there for as long as he wants. Yes, it’s a broken move. Don’t argue with me.

Down Special: Meta Mask
Meta Knight headbutts into an opponent. If they are hit, his mask will give them a head injury and cause them to be dazed for a time, not to mention they will receive quite a bit of pain.


MetaKnight SSBUltimate

Warriors come in all shapes and sizes. Meta Knight is one of the fiercest warriors out there, and he’s a tiny puffball thing with stubby arms. That said, he can still pack a punch. He can wield a sword like nobody’s business, and in Brawl his flight was totally and completely broken but in a good way. The brokenness has returned here, as well as his sick sword moves.




Wally and Gallade fights as a duo; each one move at the same time. You can only control one of them at a time, but both will attack at the same time. You can swap who you are controlling by taunting. When your stamina reaches half of its maximum, the one you are controlling will faint and you are forced to play as the other one.

Neutral Special: Repel | Psycho Cut
Wally takes out a Repel and sprays a cloud in front of him which knocks opponents away from him. Meanwhile, Gallade slices a Psycho Cut which deals a good amount of damage.

Side Special: Great Ball | Close Combat
Wally throws a Great Ball a short distance; the farther it goes, the more damage it deals. Gallade deals several punches in front of him consecutively. Using this move several times in a row will lessen its power.

Up Special: Escape Rope | Aerial Ace
Wally takes out an Escape Rope and uses it like a lasso of sorts, swinging it above his head and, if it latches onto something or someone, pulls him upwards. Gallade does something of a front flip and glides upwards.

Down Special: X Attack | Swords Dance
Both Wally and Gallade boost their attack by using this move. The boost only lasts roughly 15 seconds, and only one boost can be active at a time.


475GalladeOmega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Wally

One of my favorite Pokémon games is definitely Alpha Sapphire. It had a very good story, the Pokémon you can find are some of the best, and the locations were pretty great. But the characters really stole the show. Wally was one of my favorite rivals that I’ve fought, and his partner Gallade has a bit of nostalgia behind him, since I helped him catch it. In this game, Wally fights side by side with Gallade as an Ice Climbers-esque duo. If one of them is ko’d, the other must fend for themselves without their partner, greatly lowering their power. Both are fairly fast and nimble fighters, though Gallade has much more power behind him.



Neutral Special: Dragon Claw

Flygon rushes forwards a bit and slices with a now purple-shaded claw. The purple adds more power to it.

Side Special: Flamethrower
Flygon breathes a spurt of flame in front of him, causing a fair amount of damage and potentially burning.

Up Special: Fly
Flygon steps forward and attempts to grab any opponent in front of him. If there is, he grabs them and carries them into the sky, later dropping back down and slapping th opponent into the ground.

Down Special: Earthquake
Flygon slams its foot into the ground, causing the ground to crack and shake. Any opponent caught in the cracking and shaking is damaged.


Flygon bs

My favorite Pokémon of all time. The first game I completely played through was Y. In the early stages, I was struggling. Then a Level 25 Trapinch—higher leveled than any of my Pokémon—arrived via Wonder Trade and it became my strongest Pokémon, and still my favorite. Flygon is a well-adept user of flight, hence the “fly” in his name. He is fast and can attack at high speeds, but has lower recovery time because of it.



Neutral Special: Thunderbolt

Alolan Raichu has a bolt of lightning come down to the ground and zap an opponent. It’s essentially Pikachu’s Smash move.

Side Special: Volt Tackle
Alolan Raichu surrounds itself with electricity and blasts forward, causing great damage r whomever is hit but slightly hurting itself in the process.

Up Special: Psychic
Alolan Raichu levitates upwards using psychic energy in its tail. Anyone struck by this energy is harmed.

Down Special: Spark
Alolan Raichu creates a circle of electricity on the ground beneath it. It follows Alolan Raichu for a time and causes great harm to anyone who gets caught in it.



Also known as “the superior Raichu”, Alolan Raichu is an Electric/Psychic type exlusive to the island region of Alola. This Pokémon is the evolved form of the ever popular and ever overrated Pikachu. It rides its tail like a surfboard lightly levitating off the ground. It can move at high speeds and can actually fly for a short time before crashing down to Earth.



Neutral Special: Party Popper

Isabelle pulls out a popper, which explodes and deals a large amount of knockback to anyone hit.

Side Special: Donation Gyroid
Isabelle sets up a Lloid and a fence appearance around him. Fighters that pass will donate Stamina to fund the project. Upon completion, Lloid will disappear and there’ll be a nice aesthetic project added.

Up Special: Town Tree
Isabelle plants a seed in the ground beneath her which immediately sprouts into a gigantic tree, lifting her up and slaughtering anyone near the seed when it sprouts.

Down Special: Paw-Print Wall
Isabelle’s infamous contribution early on is the nasty Paw Print Wallpaper. For this move, she rolls out a sheet of it which rolls for a ways and eventually stops. It doesn’t do a lot of damage at first, but an opponent hit by it gets a lot of damage over time, as they can’t escape it until it stops.


Isabelle SSBUltimate

Animal Crossing
The real star of Animal Crossing: New Leaf has joined the battle! Actually, she was added in celebration of getting added into another battle, Smash Ultimate. So hopefully she’s can keep that legacy alive! Isabelle is the mayor’s assistant and would do anything to keep her town well and her mayor safe. She’s a lightweight fighter with an impressive running speed. Her fighting skills aren’t phenomenal, though. Because, you know, Animal Crossing’s a peaceful game.



Neutral Special: Bells

Tom Nook throws a Bell at an opponent, which bounces off of them and falls on the ground. It’s an stage hazard from then on.

Side Special: Umbrella
Tom opens an umbrella in front of him, which pushes back anyone near him.

Up Special: Slingshot
Tom Nook takes out a slingshot and fires a pellet above him; it ricochets back and picks him up and flies back into the sky, carrying him upwards. It makes sense.

Down Special: Net
Tom swings a net forward, which entraps a foe that gets caught in it.


TomNookACaF Alt

Animal Crossing
Everyone’s favorite raccoon finally joins a fighting game! Distraught by his missed opportunity in Ultimate, Nook found his ultimate chance through this fighting well as Animal Crossing 2019 which I’m way hyped for. T Nook is a swindler that will make you work for him and pay him rent just to live in paradise. He is a middleweight fighter, capable of running at high speeds but more often than not moving slowly.




Neutral Special: TBA

Side Special: TBA

Up Special: TBA

Down Special: TBA


Neutral Special: TBA

Side Special: TBA

Up Special: TBA

Down Special: TBA


Ancient Minister

Super Smash Bros.
The initial antagonist of The Subspace Emissary and later the hero of us all, Ancient Minister joins the squabble! He led his R.O.B.otic people while Tabuu took over the universe and eventually enslaved the R.O.B.s, causing him to go undercover and lead them in anonymity. Ancient Minister is a fast fighter; he can move and float at very high speeds. However, he cannot take hits very well and his traction is less than ideal.

ROB SSBUltimate

Super Smash Bros.
Everybody's favorite robot, the Robotic Operating Buddy, has joined! He may not seem like a fighter, but...actually, pretty much everything about him screams fighter. His arms are adept at swinging back and forth and slicing opponents in half, he has rocket boosters where his feet should be, and he has laser eyes! Much like the Ancient Minister, who he transforms back into via his Down special, R.O.B. is a fast fighter whose top speed is very high. He can’t take hits very well, however, and he doesn’t have too good of traction.



Neutral Special: Lead

Steve attaches a string of lead to a foe, causing them to be dragged behind him for a good ten seconds.

Side Special: Hoe
Steve swings a hoe in fronts of him, which not only deals damage but also makes the ground fertile. This fertile patch of land is slippery and forces you to walk slower on it.

Up Special: Slime Block
Steve places a block of slime. If someone jumps on it, it’s bounces them way higher.

Down Special: TNT
Steve sets down a block of TNT, which explodes after roughly four seconds.


Diamond Sword Steve

Even though he ended up being deconfirmed for Smash Ultimate, Steve has joined a fighting game! Steve is the avatar of whomever may play Minecraft, meaning that really his name Ian whatever you want! Steve is a prisoner to form; he always moves his arms and feet at exact angles. That said, he is a fairly fast fighter when he sprints. He can pack a powerful punch, but has an arguably low jump.



Neutral Special: TBA

Side Special: TBA

Up Special: TBA

Down Special: TBA



Plants vs. Zombies
This craaaaaaaazy!!!! In all seriousness I love this character, he made PvZ all the better and PvZ2 all the betterer. He’s one of the best tutorial characters I’ve seen and even operates his own shop out of his car’s trunk. And he has a time machine RV! His moveset in this is based around various plants from both games and the powers they have. Similarly to Rosalina in smash, Dave acts as a mere puppet for his underlings to fight for him.



Neutral Special: TBA

Side Special: TBA

Up Special: TBA

Down Special: TBA



Gravity Falls
His sister isn’t too good at first impressions...unlike this guy!! This guy...Dipper is visiting the sleepy town of Gravity Falls, Oregon for the summer. But his vacation became a heck of a lot more interesting when a creepy book written by his great uncle made him ultra paranoid. Dipper is a fairly weak fighter on his own; his physical attacks are pretty pathetic. That’s why he uses mystic stuff outlined in the Jornal to make up for it.



Neutral Special: TBA

Side Special: TBA

Up Special: TBA

Down Special: TBA


DC Mabel Pines

Gravity Falls
(gimme a sec while I think of a good mabel quote) Mabel Pines is Dipper’s more eccentric twin sister. While Dipper takes the weirdness of the town very seriously, she just wants to have fun and hang out with her friends and find a summer romance. In the very first episode, she obtained a grappling hook and barely used it since. She uses it in this fight though, as well as other assorted objects from throughout the show. This includes sock puppets, her pig Waddles, and scrapbooks. She’s a very fasts fighter and a bit stronger than her brother, but is a lightweight like Dipper.



Neutral Special: TBA

Side Special: TBA

Up Special: TBA

Down Special: TBA



Gravity Falls a WORLD of mystery! Grunkle Stan is a man with a lot of secrets, but in actuality they all pretty much get explained in A Tale of Two Stans. He’s a con man by trade, always in his twin brother’s shadow. So he set up the Mystery Shack to fool unsuspecting tourists. Stan uses many of those cons in battle, including the Cornicorn, dinosaurs, and severed hands. He is fairly slow but makes up for it with a lot of power behind him. Also he is a very strong melee fighter and can use a left hook like nobody’s business.



Neutral Special: TBA

Side Special: TBA

Up Special: TBA

Down Special: TBA



The Office
The world’s best boss, as confirmed by his mug he bought himself. Michael Scott is an eccentric man that only wants to feel included and respected by his coworkers at Dunder Mifflin Paper. He works to accomplish his goal of respect by any means necessary—often by not working at all and instead trying to just have a good time. Michael is a fairly standard fighter; he’s a middleweight, a fairly fast runner, and can use various gags from the show to attack. It shouldn’t be too hard to learn how to use him. That’s what she said.



Neutral Special: TBA

Side Special: TBA

Up Special: TBA

Down Special: TBA



Star Wars
The hero of the Star Wars series, in one way or another. Luke Slywalker is the son of legendary Jedi-turned-Sithy robot Darth Vader. However, due to teenage rebellion instilled in everyone, Luke didn’t become a sith like his father, but instead became a Jedi. Being a Jedi Knight, Luke is very light on his feet and agile. He carries both a blaster and a lightsaber, and can also attack using the Force.



Neutral Special: TBA

Side Special: TBA

Up Special: TBA

Down Special: TBA


Han Solo Transparent

Solo: A Star Wars Story
The world-renowned smuggler and pre-war hero, Han Solo joins the battle! Yes, this iteration of Solo is from the new(ish) film Solo: A Star Wars Story. Why? I feel like Ehrenreich’s representation did a better job giving Han real character and background. Han is a middleweight fighter who can run at high speeds. He utilizes his blaster and explosive raw coaxium in battle, as well as his cocky attitude. He shot first by the way.



Neutral Special: TBA

Side Special: TBA

Up Special: TBA

Down Special: TBA



After the world fell into chaos and all the humans everywhere fled to space to escape their own trash, who was there to save them? Why, this little trash robot, of course! WALL-E is the star of his titular movie, in which he reveals to the remaining humans in spar that Earth can sustain life. He is a fairly slow fighter and attacks without much power. However, he is a strong heavyweight, and can drop blocks of trash on your head.



Neutral Special: TBA

Side Special: TBA

Up Special: TBA

Down Special: TBA



Brawl in the Family
Eario isn’t the most heroic plumber out there, but he certainly cleans the most out of all the ones in the Mushroom Kingdom. He is one of Mario’s biggest fans and strives to be called a part of Mario’s actual family. Or he just wants a sandwich. Eario is a slow middleweight fighter. Some of his attacks are actually based on janitorial-ism, while others of his attacks draw from gags in BitF, such as Gooey Bombs and “you’re a thorn in my side”. Also he’s Waluigi’s father-a.



Neutral Special: Transmigrifier Gun

Calvin fires his Transmogrifier Gun which turns an opponent into some random inanimate object for about three seconds, receiving some damage during that time.

Side Special: Water Balloon
Calvin hurls a water balloon in front of him which will cover a hit opponent with water. The water that remains will gradually chip away at their stamina until they dry off.

Up Special: Springboard
Calvin hops on a homemade springboard which launches him into the air. The rock on the other end of the board flies forwards and deals a good amount of damage to whomever it hits.

Down Special: Snowman
Calvin rolls a large snowball forwards. The next time he uses the move, it’s a slightly smaller snowball that goes onto the larger one if it touches it. The third time it’s used, it’s a smaller snowball that goes on top which creates a snowman. Every time this move is used until the snowman is destroyed, the snowman throws a snowball forwards.



Calvin and Hobbes
The star of the infamous comic strip that teache kids to have an extreme imagination, be friends with feral cats, and get in heck tons of trouble. For being such a troublemaker six year old, Calvin is a very lovable and relatable character. I’m sure we’ve all agreed with his egotistical remarks at some point. Calvin is a weak melee fighter, being a first grader. Because of that, he utilizes a lot of gadgets and oddities to fight for him, including his Transmogrifier Gun, duplicates, and snowmen.

Unlockable Characters

Current tally: 10



Neutral Special: Headbutt

Wiggler lunges forward and smashes his head into whatever may be in front of him.

Side Special: Charged Sprint
Wiggler charges for a moment and, turning a dark shade of red, sprints forward for a few seconds.

Up Special: Flutter
Wiggler briefly sprouts wings and floats upwards for a short time.

Down Special: Roll
Wiggler goes on his side and rolls into any opponents that may be in his way.


Wiggler Walking

Super Mario
Is this a caterpillar? Goodness, how lethargically obnoxious can this game get? Ah, well. At least it’s a fun caterpillar. Wiggler has been one of my favorite Mario enemies for a long time, considering some of the RPGs actually make them out to be allies. They also talk in the third person pretty consistently, which Rocky thinks is a fun concept. Wigglers are tanks; they can take a lot of hits and still be standing. They’re fairly slow due to being so big, but can charge up their run and hit a full on sprint for a time.



Neutral Special: Banana Peel

Toadette drops a banana peel behind the kart. If an opponent slips on it, they will stumble for a few seconds and take damage.

Side Special: Red Shell
Toadette hurls a red shell forwards which hones in on an opponent and deals a good deal of damage when making contact.

Up Special: Glider
Toad unfurls a glider from the front of the kart which brings them upwards at an angle. The glider eventually retracts back into the kart and they descend gradually to earth.

Down Special: Lightning
Toadette unleashes a bolt of lightning which randomly selects one opponent at random and both deals damage and shrinks them for a short time.



Super Mario
Toad’s always been one of my favorite characters, as well as his sister (or love interest?) Toadette. But neither really have great fighter potential. When they kart race together, though, they’re more or less unstoppable. In this game, the two of them race together on their kart from Double Dash. As such, they’re a very fast fighter and one of the heavier ones. Unfortunately, karts can’t jump very well, if at all, so that’s a setback.



Neutral Special: TBA

Side Special: TBA

Up Special: TBA

Down Special: TBA



Paper Mario
The loveliest member of the Shadow Sirens joins the cast! Vivian was ridiculed relentlessly by her sisters until she left them to join Mario...well, then she was ridiculed more, but still. She is capable of great power and is one of the characters in PMTTYD with the greatest development. Vivian is a fairly fast fighter, who can jump quite high due to her weird torso never actually leaving the ground. She is a middleweight who uses fire and ghostly moves to attack.



Neutral Special: TBA

Side Special: TBA

Up Special: TBA

Down Special: TBA


Bandana Waddle Dee KTD

The honorary “fourth main character” of the Kirby franchise. Bandana Dee is Dedede’s right hand man who carries a spear. You can tell he’s higher ranking than other Waddle Dees because of...of his bandana. He is a fairly lightweight fighter and floaty, though his run speed is top notch. Also his spear is pointy and hurts.



Neutral Special: TBA

Side Special: TBA

Up Special: TBA

Down Special: TBA


Gideon NvD

Gravity Falls
The local psychic of Gravity Falls who secretly isn’t a psychic at all. Gideon was the main antagonist of the show’s first season, but took a backseat in season two as his actions sent him to jail. His time in the show was fun, though; his hair was a massive joke, and his love for Mabel was gross to watch. Gideon is a fairly weak physical fighter; he makes up for it with his magic powers he battles with, however.



Neutral Special: Sucker Punch

Dwight punches twice in front of him. The second punch, if it lands, will catch the opponent off guard and cause them to fall to the ground.

Side Special: Bull Tranquilizer
Dwight shoots a bull tranquilizer in front of him. Whomever is hit falls to the ground asleep for a short time.

Up Special: Bouncy Castle
Unshun. In an effort to prove that the workplace is dangerous, Dwight jumps onto a bouncy castle, which launches him into the air for a short time. Shun resumed.

Down Special: Beet
And just as you have planted this seed in the ground, so will I plant my you. Dwight slams a large beet onto the ground which deals a large amount of damage and can cause someone to be stuck in the ground for a time.



The Office
In an ideal world, he would have all ten fingers on his right hand so his left could just be a fist for punching. Dwight K. Schrute is the top salesman at Dunder Mifflin and the...regional manager. He is a master of the martial art of karate and is able to fire a bull tranquilizer or pepper spray with a perfectly clear conscience. He is a middleweight fighter with a high running speed. He cannot jump extraordinarily high, however, and does not have great traction.



Neutral Special: TBA

Side Special: TBA

Up Special: TBA

Down Special: TBA


Chewbacca render by aracnify-d93gt2s

Solo: A Star Wars Story
Chewbacca is a Wookie who joined Han Solo in his quest for a life of smuggling after he was freed from the Empire. Chewbacca, I’m calling him Chewie, that’s too long. Like Han, Chewie is representing the Solo movie and is this iteration, though he looks pretty much the same throughout the franchise so not a big deal. He utilizes weapons from future movies, though, such as his bowcaster and thermal detonators. He is a powerful heavyweight melee fighter and can rip off your arms. Well, not really, characters with no arms is too hard to animate. We don’t have Hollywood working on this.



Neutral Special: TBA

Side Special: TBA

Up Special: TBA

Down Special: TBA



A robot probe sent by the Axiom to see if Earth can sustain life. Along with finding a plant in a boot, Eve also found love in the form of a trash robot. Eve is one of the game’s most agile and precise distance fighters. She can fire lasers from her arm cannon, capable of destroying an entire fleet of ships. She is a fast heavyweight, although she can be caught by magnets and stopped for a while.



Neutral Special: TBA

Side Special: TBA

Up Special: TBA

Down Special: TBA



Brawl in the Family
Er, yes. Hello. His name is King...sonn Dede...doo...yeah. And he’s here to CLEAN YOUR CLOCK. Both literally and metaphorically, I guess. Dededoo fights in a similar manner to Dedede of the Smash games, considering he hasn’t almost exactly the same build as he does. His moveset is different, of course. It’s more clock oriented, with a few BitF gags thrown in as well.


<insert your name here>

Neutral Special: Trash Post

<insert your name here> throws a screenshot of an article forward. This move randomly selects an article from the site; the longer the article, the more damage dealt.

Side Special: Smash Roster
A big part of Fantendo is Smash Bros games. To fit this trend, <insert your name here> carries a roster of 20 characters. Every time this move is used, <insert your name here> throws a tile of the roster at an opponent. When the twenty tiles are gone, this move is useless. Each tile deals a large amount of damage, so conserve them!

Up Special: Flame the Trolls
Fantendo is full of people that get into flame wars; <insert your name here> uses that trait in combat. It isn’t verbal flaming though, it’s physical flaming. <insert your name here> jumps upwards and unleashes a blast of fire beneath them, propelling them upwards. If someone is caught underneath it, the flaming degrades them and they shrink temporarily.

Down Special: Discord
The Discord server is big on the site. <insert your name here> holds the Discord logo and spins close to the ground while holding the logo. If someone is hit by the logo, they lose quite a bit of stamina.


Hailing from the internet website of Fantendo, <insert your name here> makes their first fighting appearance! <insert your name here> came to Fantendo in search of a Nintendo Fanon community in which they could create games and receive feedback on their concepts. But they found this instead; they’re still here, though, so the site must’ve done something right! <insert your name here> is a fairly slow fighter. They carry a lot of power, however, and are able to jump a fairly high distance. Their character design is based around their current avatar.

NOTE: This character does not appear in the story mode as a playable character

Unlocking Criteria

All characters can be unlocked by having them join your party in the story mode, but there are other ways to unlock them as well. After completing one of the criteria listed, you will need to defeat the character you are unlocking in a 1v1 battle on their home stage.

Name Criteria
Wiggler Win 10 matches as any Super Mario character.

Play 20 matches on any Super Mario stage.

Toad and Toadette Win 20 matches as any Super Mario character.

Win 15 matches on any stage from Mario Kart.

Vivian Win 15 matches as any Paper Mario character.

Receive and defeat Beldum, Marilyn, or Doopliss from the Buddy Taxi 30 times total.

Bandana Dee Win 15 matches as any Kirby character.

Use the Bandana item 15 times.

Gideon Play on any Gravity Falls stage 20 times.

Lose as Dipper or Stanley 40 times total.

Dwight Schrute Play on a The Office stage 50 times

Win as Michael Scott 50 times.

Chewbacca Play on any Star Wars or Solo stage 60 times.

Win as any Star Wars or Solo character 60 times.

EVE Win 50 times as any Pixar fighter.

Find the plant in the boot on the Trash Planet stage and take it to the landing site.

Kingsonn Dededoo Play on any Brawl in the Family or Kirby stage 50 times.

Obtain Dedede from the Buddy Taxi 30 times.

<insert your name here> Post a screenshot from this game to the official Fantendo forum.

Comment on a screenshot someone else posted.


These are the stages that you can perform battles on during battle. Many of them have stage hazards within them, which can be turned off in the settings. Also, each stage has a stage boss that, when defeated, will grant the defeater an extra 100 stamina for the remainder of the battle.

Default Stages

Image Name Description Home Character
Mansion Luigi's Mansion

Luigi's Mansion/Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

The location of Luigi's first (and potentially only) standalone series with him as the main protagonist. Although I have not yet played this game, I have a good understanding of the plot-King Boo ironically traps Mario in a painting and Luigi goes in to save him armed with a vacuum. Let me know if I’m way off.

This stage is largely based off of its battle course appearance in Double Dash. You can play in its exterior and have ghosts swarm you, but you can also go inside and have more ghosts swarm you. The layout inside is pretty much identical to the aforementioned battle course, so have fun with that.

Comet Observatory SM64D Comet Observatory

Super Mario Galaxy

The giant space station-esque building up in space. It’s not really a space station, rather; more of a home for Lumas and a space princess. It’s fairly peaceful, although a bit difficult to navigate the first time you play Galaxy, admittedly.

This stage encompasses the whole of the Observatory. Every single difficult-to-find area of it can be explored. Of course, you can’t enter the tiny buildings and fly to different galaxies. That would make this Mario Galaxy. Lumas throughout the stage can throw items to either hurt or help you.

Delfino Battle Delfino Plaza

Super Mario Sunshine

The hub of everyone’s favorite Mario platformer. This is the place Mario was convicted of covering the island in paint and stealing their sunshine--literally. But, of course, it was actually our good friend Bowser Junior, or Shadow Mario.

In this stage, you can travel around the entire city. You cannot, however, enter any graffiti, pipes, or cannons that take you to other areas. You can enter the gate leading to Corona Mountain if you want an added challenge. If you obtain a Shine Sprite and take it to the arch, you have added power for a time.

Bowser Jr.
PinnaPark Pinna Park

Super Mario Sunshine

The local amusement park of Isle Delfino. It has a roller coaster, merry-go-round, Ferris wheel, and a giant mechanical Bowser. So, you know, everything you need for a good time. This was also the place that nearly made me hate Yoshi, given how annoying they are in Sunshine.

This stage takes place in all of the park, including the outside with the Monty Mole Tank thing. You can ride the rides and get good vantage points to attack from different angles.

CapKingdomBrochureShot Bonneton

Super Mario Odyssey

The tutorial stage of one of the greatest Switch games yet released! This land is filled with buildings shaped like top hats and a bunch of spaceships that are also shaped like top hats. It’s also filled with hat ghosts that can very well take possession of your soul for a bit.

This encompasses all of the Kingdom that can be explored in Super Mario Odyssey. However, it takes place after the place has recovered from Bowser’s assault, so the airships are functional. Bonnetors are stage hazards that can take possession of your character for a short time.

Rogueport Rogueport

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

The port of rogues serves as the hub of the greatest RPG ever created, for Mario or otherwise. It was once a bustling city a thousand years ago, but calamity struck in the form of Princess Peach’s demon form, and reduced the town to its current glory.

This stage encompasses all of the town, much like Delfino Plaza. Also like Delfino, you cannot enter any areas that would take you to different parts of PM:TTYD, such as the Excess Express or Rogueport Sewers.

Paper Mario
PaperMario SSBU S.S. Flavion

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

The prize jewel of Flavio’s collection of expensive things, the S.S. Flavion is the very ship that carries Mario and crew to Keelhaul Key. It was on this ship that Cortez attacked them with his ghost army and eventually destroyed it, thus ruining Flavio’s hopes of being rich forever.

This stage moves throughout different places in TTYD. It starts in Rogueport Harbor. Then it sets sail to the open sea, where the majority of the battle happens. If the battle runs for too long, Cortez’s army will invade the boat, causing it to be destroyed. The remainder of the fight will take place on the shore of Keelhaul Key.

WhispyWoods64 Whispy Woods

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

In this Kirby game, Whispy Woods is fought for the first time in 3D. It was probably the only boss battle in Kirby 64 I had the willingness to play towards in all honesty. But it was a nice break from the norm of Whispy Woods battles; you walk around him instead of in front of him!

The stage in this game takes place in this very boss battle. You aren’t restrained to the circle, as in Kirby 64. You can walk towards him and around him and other directionalities as well. The tree is the stage boss, and is such for the entirety of the time you are on the stage. This stage is less of a “hide and seek” sort of battle stage and more of a “your foes are right there, fight them” stage, as there isn’t really anywhere to go or hide.

Halberd555 Halberd

The Subspace Emissary

The legendary ship of the legendary knight. You can tell it belongs to Meta Knight because it has his face on the front. If that isn’t enough proof for’s him driving it. I don’t know, deal with it. This ship was taken over by Tabuu and used to spread around Subspace’s conquest via Mr. Game and Watch’s soul. Luckily, an assault assisted by Snake and Lucario allowed him to reclaim it.

This stage is greatly based off of its appearance in Smash Brawl’s story mode. Stage hazards include Mr. Game and Watches, Primids, and other Subspace soldiers. The stage can tilt to the side as the ship flies, and the surface has a cannon that can blast you to pieces.

Meta Knight
MauvileCityBF Mauville City

Pokémon Alpha Sapphire

The “big city” of Hoenn. It’s shaped like a square, which you’d think would make for fairly easy navigation. In actuality, it can get confusing. But hey, still one of my favorite places in Hoenn!

This stage covers the entire square of the city. You can visit many of the shops and areas within the city that are available in ORAS, but you can’t leave. Must be a power outage or something.

Wally and Gallade
Tower of Mastery Tower of Mastery

Pokémon Y

The big landmark in the Kalos, Prism Tower is not the most important landmark! How dare you! This place is where you first learn about Mega Evolution, as well as score a free Mega Lucario. It has a really intense staircase, but once you reach the too and see the view, the ascent will have been worth it.

This stage covers the tower. Not really Shalour City, however. I mean, you can see it from the topmost part of the tower, but you can’t really go in it. Since it’s solely the tower, it’s a smaller stage, which should lead to some more intense battles.

BattleTreeBF Battle Tree

Pokémon Moon

The Battle Tree. The intense battle-scaling mode of SuMo. As you defeat opponents, you climb higher in the tree and gradually face more and more difficult foes. Higher up, rumor has it that you fight a few familiar faces...?

In this stage, you can ascend the tree. It has seemingly endless levels to it. On every level, there is an opponent, typically a randomly selected Pokémon for you to fight. Only by defeating the Pokémon can you move through the tree. It’s a scam.

Alolan Raichu
Animal Crossing Springtime The Town

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Ah, the town. The place where all the action happens. And by action, I really mean grabbing fruit for villagers that are standing right next to the tree holding fruit they want. There isn’t a whole lot of “action” in animal crossing.

This stage encompasses the whole of an Animal Crossing town. It’s scaled down a little bit, because the towns are pretty big. There are ten villager houses, Re-Tail, the town hall, and the plaza. You can’t go to Main Street, as it’s another location.

MainStreetBF Main Street

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

The strip mall of New Leaf. In this plot of land north of your town, you can visit many different shops and facilities to improve your town-ing experience. It also has a nice music to it, one of my favorites from the game. That and the 4 o’clock theme.

This stage encompasses the street of Main Street. You can enter the Happy Home Showcase if you want, but you can’t return to the town since it’s another stage. Villagers and assorted shop keepers are stage hazards that will get in your way and throw Bells at you.

Tom Nook
ManCave BF The Man Cave

Gravity Falls: Dipper vs. Manliness

One of Dipper’s first major character development episodes of the show was the one where the other main characters tore apart the character development he’d already established. What do I mean? Stan and Mabel were insulting his pre-teenedness and so he went and joined the Manotaurs to become a man in...the Man Cave.

The Man Cave in this game is a large cave. It has multiple rooms, one being the one with all the foosball tables and stuff, another having a hot tub, and one being the throne room of Leaderaur. Also creatures from the woods can enter to be stage hazards.

Dipper Pines
AGloveStoryBF A Glove Story

Gravity Falls: Sock Opera

One of Mabel Pines’s biggest enterprises on the show was when she put together a massive puppet show to impress a blond guy obsessed with puppets. It has many scenes with extravagant props and a wee bit of an explosive finale.

This stage takes place in the scene of the musical. Sock puppets are stage hazards that can harm you, but not very badly because they’re just socks. If the battle lasts very long, the explosive finale will start and light the entire stage on fire.

Mabel Pines
MysteryShack MAINREF Mystery Shack

Gravity Falls

The main location of the show. This tourist trap has a lot of old relics that are largely frauds designed to scam people out of their money. It is also the home of the Pines, and in the basement there is a dark secret which is no longer a secret...

On this stage, you can explore the entirety of the Shack, as well as the grounds outside it to an extent. You cannot go to the basement through the vending machine, as that’s another stage in itself. Gnomes and goats and other animals are common stage hazards.

Stanley Pines
ScrantonBusinessPark Dunder Mifflin Scranton

The Office

The main location of one of TV’s greatest hits. The Scranton Branch is home to many lively characters that have impacted the lives of millions—for better or for worse. This building is like a second home to some, but to others it’s their worst nightmare. Sometimes it’s both.

This stage encompasses much of the Scranton business park. You can enter the warehouse as well as the Dunder Mifflin office. You can’t enter the other businesses, such as Vance Refrigeration, but there are plenty of references to them throughout the stage.

Michael Scott
CocoonAcademy Cocoon Academy

Brawl in the Family

The school in which many of your favorite heroes (and villains) learned how to become truly great heroes (and villains). Many gaming legends taught there, including Professor Oak, Toadsorth, and...Resetti apparently. All of this is canonical by the way.

This stage encompasses all of the school, at least the parts that were shown in the ten-part story arc. It also takes place right around the attack of Dark Matter, so the little blobs of it are stage hazards.


Unlockable Stages

These stages are unlocked when you unlock their corresponding home character.

Image Name Description Home Character
WakeportMLDT Wakeport

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

The bustling market city place in the greatest M&L game out there. This city feels like a calmer shift from the intense locations in other parts of the game. It does have its moments, though, like when you need to flip panels in the most aggravating way, or when you fight the city itself in the dream world. Also in the outskirts Popple makes you fight a Wiggler, so that’s fun.

This stage takes place in the entirety of the city. You can explore inside all of the buildings and sub-areas within. Like other locations like this, you can’t leave the city and explore the other places in Dream Team. Also you can’t go to the Dream World because this ain’t a 2D game. Sorry not sorry.

DinoDinoJungleMK7 Dino Dino Jungle

Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

This is by far my favorite course from Double Dash. Why? Not sure. Actually, my favorite’s kind of a tie between this, Yoshi Circuit, Baby Park, and DK Mountain. But this course takes place in a jungle full of dinosaurs, which is pretty intense. And the music is superb.

This course covers the whole original course from MK:DD. Geysers will lift you into the air and deal damage if you go into one, and dinosaurs will block your path. Also, Shy Guys driving two-seated karts will blaze past you and potentially run over you if you aren’t careful.

Toad and Toadette
KMA Starcutter Lor Starcutter

Kirby’s Return to Dreamland

The main hub so to speak of KRtD, the first Kirby game I played. It’s the ship of Magolor, this guy who convinces you to rebuild it, and then backstabs you in the back with a dragon. It isn’t a cool ship though, and the rebuilding cinematics are high quality.

You fight on this ship. It moves around at high speeds, so be careful there. Also, Kirby enemies can sometimes appear out of nowhere, so watch out for them if you want.

Bandana Dee
Mind of Stan Pines BF Stan's Mind

Gravity Falls: Dreamscaperers

The mind of Stanley Pines isn’t somewhere people should willingly go into. Unfortunately, Dipper, Mabel, and Soos had to willingly go in order to save the Shack from Gideon...who eventually stole it anyways via dynamite.

Stan’s Mind is essentially the same layout as the Mystery Shack. However, there is a much darker vibe to it. Also, every door that’s you open will play various clips of the show, as well as replays of battles you’ve had. There are also eye-bats that can hurt you.

SchruteFarms Schrute Farms

The Office

A 60-acre beet farm operated by Dwight and his cousin, Mose. It is the location of several out-of-the-office events, such as Ryan’s initiation, Andy’s dinner party and (spoiler) Dwight and Angela’s wedding (cease spoiler). It is also a bed and breakfast; it even has a TripAdvisor page!

This stage takes place on the farm. Because not all of the farm is shown in the show, much of it is just beet fields. You can enter the slaughterhouse, however, and be attacked by Mose Schrute.

Dwight Schrute
WikiActivityBF Recent Wiki Activity

Fantendo - Nintendo Fanon Wiki

The place where the majority of my time on this site is spent. Here, you can see incoming edits made by fellow users. By attacking words, you can make them fall lower on the stage and harm others.

This stage’s layout is fairly unique. It is the closest to a 2D stage you will see in this game. You fight within the activity itself. As words come down from below, the entire stage will shift and bring you lower.

<insert your name here>

Stage Bosses

Every stage contains a Stage Boss that can be battled at some point in the battle on that stage. There are different ways to end up fighting them; you may need to find them, or have the battle run long enough. When they are defeated, the victor will receive a bonus 100 stamina. Of course, the boss appearing at all can be turned on/off in settings.

Mario Party Star Rush King Boo

Stage: Luigi's Mansion
King Boo is the main villain of Luigi's Mansion and one of my favorite Mario characters; he’s actually my main in MK8D so that’s fun. I thought about adding him as a playable, but I couldn’t think up a good moveset so he’s here instead.
King Boo is fought when you find his painting in the mansion. It’s always in a different place every time you play on the stage, making for more stressful battles. He attacks by sending Boos at you to tackle you, licking you with his severely huge tongue, and slapping you. He can also throw his crown like a boomerang.


Stage: Comet Observatory
Gobblegut is a massive dragon that you fight one of the Galaxy games, but I can’t remmeber if it’s one or two. Huh. Well, anyways, from what I remember he’s a boss you fight early on in the game and you have to stab those protruding red parts on his torso to kill him. What a weird boss.
Gobblegut is seen if the battle lasts 3+ minutes. He will fly around the Observatory and occasionally he will swoop down to your level in an attempt to eat you. If you can attack and destroy all of his red circles on his torso, he will be defeated.


Stage: Delfino Plaza
The most annoying mini-bosses ever to hit a Mario platformer. The Polluted Piranhas are these gigantic Piranha Plants covered in slushy goop graffiti and act as such a hindrance. I could understand it being the first boss on the Airship, and even in the Plaza. But regrowing in two more just to be there and take up space, as well as several in sub-locations like Bianco Hills and Ricco Harbor(?) was just plain rude.
Instead of the nine thousand like in Sunshine, this game only has one that you need to fight. It can be found in the spot where that blue coin hut can be ordinarily found. It will try to eat you and spit blobs of sludge at you. If you defeat it, the hut will appear and give you a Shone Sprite.

MechaBowser Sunshine

Stage: Pinna Park
Ah, this thing. Haven’t missed you at all. It was on this beast when Shadow Mario first revealed himself as none other than Bowser’s kid. Not only that, but its a pain to fight, too!
Mecha Bowser is a giant mechanical Bowser found in the large pool thing, same place as in Sunshine. You can hop on the roller coaster to attack it, but that’s a pain. Instead, you could just hit it a bunch until it explodes.

SMO Topper

Stage: Bonneton
The leaders of the most corrupt wedding planners in the known world! Well, Broode is the leader...? Idk. Point is, this guy feels more like the leader in my eyes. And he’s the first one you fight, and his voice is nasally! He’s the real villain of Odyssey!
Topper is fought in the same way and in the same place as in Odyssey. When you reach the top of the tower in Bonneton, you battle him. There’s no exposition or dialogue or even the other Broodals, just him and his hat.

Don Waluigi

Stage: Rogueport
The leader of the notorious Pianta syndicate. Don Pianta is a stone-cold godfather who has such a lit accent and such an intimidating being. For all of his intimidation, though, you never fight him! Bummer!
...well, here we fix that! Don mostly fights using other Piantas to attack for him. Do you remember in one of the opening scenes of TTYD when the two Piantas beat up the two Robbos? Yeah, they do that. He himself does attack too, but mostly he commands. You fight him in the west side by the Parlor.


Stage: S.S. Flavion
The army of Embers that were sent by Cortez in Chapter 5 of TTYD. These sunk Flavio’s ship, stranding them on Keelhaul Key forever. Well, until they befriended Cortez and beat up Lord Crump; after that they were good to go.
Cortez’s Army acts differently than most stage bosses. It’s an entire swarm of enemies instead of one sole boss. They come in after roughly 3 minutes on the open sea. If you do not defeat all of them, they will throw all of the fighters into the sea, causing the screen to go black for a couple seconds. The battle will resume on Keelhaul Key’s shore.


Stage: Whispy Woods
Ah, Whispy Woods. The nostalgic staple of every Kirby game ever. Whispy is usually the very first boss you fight in every single game. He isn’t that hard to fight, all he does is blow wind at you and drop apples.
Well, he does exactly that in this! Whispy is the main subject of the stage titled Whispy Woods. He can be fought throughout the time on the stage, dropping apples and blowing gusts of wind. When defeated, he will fall to the ground and crush whoever may be down below him.


Stage: Halberd
One of Subspace’s greatest robotic warriors. Not much is known about Duon, though my best guess is that he was on the Halberd keeping the Game&Watches in line. He has wheels for legs, and...uh yeah, I can’t think of much else to say about him.
Duon is fought on the Halberd, just like in The Subspace Emissary. He fights similarly to the way he fought then, rolling around and trying to kill you. He is fought when two or more players are on the deck of the ship.


Stage: Mauvile City
One of the only truly memorable Electric type Pokemon I can think of off the top of my head. Seriously, off the bat I can think of heliolisk, magnemite, pikachu, and manectric. Literally, that’s it. He’s an Electric type that is shaped like a dog of sorts, which is good because I like dogs. And um yeah.
Manectric is fought in front of Mauvile City’s gym after roughly two minutes have gone by. He will charge after you and sends lightning bolts your way. If you don’t defeat him after about a minute, he’ll Mega Evolve and become even tougher and scarier.


Items can be found scattered throughout stages, designed to help or harm gameplay. Their availability can be changed in settings if you prefer a more itemless playstyle.

Items with a * are not found within an Item Container.

Image Name Description
GrandStarModel Grand Star* When catching and destroying the Grand Star, the Grand Star Special is able to be used. It works similarly to the Smash Ball in Super Smash Bros.
Smash Ball WSSB Smash Ball* Though your first guess might be that it activates your all-powerful attack, in this game it does not. Instead, upon obtaining it, it will charge up the next attack you perform to an extraordinary power level. Use it wisely!
Taxi Buddy Taxi* The Buddy Taxi acts similarly to the Assist Trophy found in Smash. After about a minute of fighting, the taxi will begin driving around the stage. If you can hail it down (by taunting when it’s near, or by attacking it), a Buddy will come out of the taxi and assist you for a time. The taxi will drive away and explode.
MushroomMarioKart8 Mushroom Arguably the most iconic item found in the Mario series. Its purpose has varied throughout different games; in the platformers, it makes you taller, while in RPGs it restores your health. So in this game, it can do either; there’s a 50/50 chance of a Mushroom either giving you height or restoring 20 Stamina.
DoubleCherry Double Cherry Upon eating this item, a clone of yourself is created to fight alongside you for a time. Your clone will copy your every movement. It is also bright red, so you can distinguish between yourself and the copy.
StarMK8 Super Star A star. When obtained, it turns you invincible and glowing rainbow-y for a solid fifteen seconds. Time it well!
Assist LumaSMWWii Co-Star Luma When you grab this Luma, it sits on your head and allows you to perform Star Spins for about a minute; it flies away after the minute. While it is with you, it also shoots Star Bits at opponents periodically.
BillBlaster Bill Blaster By grabbing one of these and setting it down somewhere, it will fire Bullet Bills every five seconds for about a minute. Occasionally it will fire a red Homing Bullet Bill that will seek out an opponent and explode on them.
WarpStarKA3D Warp Star Whoever grabs this item will fly around the stage for a time on this powerful star, capable of crashing through buildings and other opponents at a high speed.
KMA Jumbo Candy Jumbo Candy Eating this popsicle will make you giant, invincible, and glowing for a short time. It’s rare, as you’d expect from an item this powerful.
Bandanna D Bandana Putting this on your head gives you the powers of a Bandana Waddle Dee. You carry a spear and can be floaty for roughly a minute. If Bandana Dee himself puts it on, he has twice the power for a while.
Superpotion Super Potion By spraying this on yourself, it restores 50 stamina. Quite handy.
Bag Destiny Knot Sprite Destiny Knot It has no initial effect upon being picked up. However, if an opponent hits you while holding it, they are “destiny knit” to you. What do I mean? Whenever you take damage, the opponent who is destiny knit to you will take the same amount of damage.
S2 Weapon Main Splat Roller Roller Though I have yet to play Splatoon, the Roller has always been an interesting weapon to me. While holding this, you cannot jump or turn very easily. However, you’re holding this massive paint roller in front of you, being able to crush foes and spread paint that will light people on fire if they touch it.
WallNut Wall-Nut Picking this up and setting it down will cause it to act as a barrier. Foes will need to attack this relentlessly until they can get past it.
MemoryGun Memory Gun Upon shooting this at an opponent, they are confused and in a daze; their movements are reversed for the next minute. For instance, if you move the control stick left, your character moves to the right.
QuantumDestabilizer Quantum Destabilizer A very powerful ray gun. You only get one shot with it, but if you can aim and time it well, it can deal an extremely massive amount of damage. It becomes useless after the one shot.
InfinitySidedDice Infinity Sided Dice A die from another dimension with infinite sides. Upon rolling this, anything can happen in the battle. Literally. Anything. Use it wisely.
LFFABrick LEGO Brick A small 2x4 LEGO brick. You can set this down anywhere on the stage. If you gather enough, you can build a small structure if you want. Or you can just leave it somewhere for people to step on. That’d deal a good amount of damage.

Item Containers

Box Name Description
Question Block 3D ? Block A block with a question mark on it. By hitting it with an attack or jumping up under it, an item comes out.
ItemBoxMK8 Item Box It’s like the ? Block, but it’s more clear than before. Because of that, it can simply be walked into and an item will appear in your hands.
DoubleItemBoxMK8 Double Item Box Similar to the Item Box. However, when you walk into it, you obtain two items from it.
Barrel Barrel Found commonly in the Donkey Kong Country series, it seemed like the proper way to represent it without having to throw in stereotypical Donkey or Diddy. The barrel can be smashed open or picked up and thrown. It contains an assortment of items, unlike the boxes which only hold one.
PokeballTopTrans Poké Ball You can pick this up. When you throw it and when it hits the ground, it item? Yes, an item comes out of the Pokémon holder. Commence outrage.

Buddy Taxi Summons

The following is a list of possible summons you can receive by using the Budgy Taxi item. Each lasts for about 30 seconds before disappearing.

Image Name Actions
Lubba Lubba Lubba summons the Faceship, which flies down to the stage. He hops onto it and begins firing Star Bits from it at opponents at high speeds.
Captain Toad miner Captain Toad Captain Toad brandishes his pickax and slices in front of him a few times before disappearing. Occasionally he’ll throw a Turnip or two which deal quite a bit of damage.
Beldan TTYD Transparent Beldum Beldum extends her hand and sends forth a wave of icy wind, freezing anyone that he’s caught in it. She does this three times in three different directions.
Marilyn TTYD Transparent Marilyn Marilyn seeks out an opponent and claps her hands against their head, essentially crushing their skull and squandering a good amount of Stamina.
KingDedede SSBUltimate Dedede Dedede pulls out his hammer and begins hammering Waddle Dees at opponents. If a Waddle Dee hits someone it deals a good amount of damage. If an opponent gets too close to Dedede, he personally hammers them into the ground.
Prince Fluff Walk
Prince Fluff Prince Fluff will run around and strut out some yarn all over the stage. Walking into this yarn will trip you and hurt you. So yeah, that’s what he does I guess.
Ash-Greninja Ash Ketchum appears in the distance surrounded by a pillar of water. From the water comes Ash-Greninja, who flies in surrounded by his own water. He throws many Water Shurikens before disappearing.
A Toaster 3
War Toaster War Toaster appears in a random spot in the map, generally close to an opponent. It appears initially as just a toaster, then pops up as a head. Finally, the full buff body emerges and War Toaster punches the foe ruthlessly until disappearing.


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  • The umbrella fighting game concept was attempted before by Rocky in the form of Epic Warriors, but was eventually scrapped for being too difficult to work with.
  • Flygon’s moveset (aside from the Grand Star Special) is identical to the moveset Rocky’s Flygon had by the end of Pokémon Y.
  • Many of the stage bosses--including Don Pianta, King Boo, and others--were considered as playable characters, but were scrapped largely due to a lack of moveset potential.
  • Much of Wally’s moveset was inspired by the Pokémon Master in Super Smash Bros. Discord.
  • Several characters that the author does care about and would like in a fighting game were eventually scrapped for various reasons.
    • Prince Fluff was replaced by Bandana Dee as playable character, due to the author feeling more passionately about Bandana Dee being playable than Prince Fluff; also, Bandana Dee had a stronger moveset potential and an easier tie-in in the story.
    • Phil Connors of the film Groundhog Day was considered as a fighter early on, but was scrapped due to the lack of moveset potential and real story tie-in.

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