The Broodals from Super Mario Odyssey, as depicted on a wanted poster.
Leader(s) Topper
Madame Broode (overseer)
Alignment Evil
(Notable) Members
First Appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)
Organizing weddings
Defeating anyone who dares meddling with them
Koopa Troop

The Broodals are a group of anthropomorphic rabbits, hailing from the Dark Side of the Moon Kingdom, specifically Rabbit Ridge. They are wedding planners Bowser had hired in Super Mario Odyssey, who in that game wanted to force Princess Peach into a marriage. They were tasked to steal various items befitting for a wedding but held dear to the Kingdoms' folk (such as Cappy's sister Tiara), as well as stopping Mario and Cappy from thwarting their plans. Each of the Broodals is encountered individually twice over the game in the game's kingdoms. They reward Mario with a Multi-Moon the first time they are defeated and then give a single Power Moon when defeated a second time. In the post-game Kingdom known as the Dark Side, they encountered together in a boss rush that rewards a Multi-Moon.

The leader of the Broodals is Topper, the short, egg-shaped rabbit in green. However, their mother, Madame Broode, is their boss. They also possess a giant wooden mech called the RoboBrood, which they use in their final confrontations against Mario and Cappy. After it is defeated, it explodes into fireworks resembling the faces of the Broodals and are not seen in the story afterwards.


Character Information
SMO Topper

Being the leader of the Broodals, Topper is responsible for client relations and troubleshooting. In battle, Topper carries a bunch of top hats around, which will spin around when knocked off. Topper only brings his entire collection of hats in a battle to the opponents he considers the most dangerous.

SMO Hariet

Hariet is a bombs expert and is responsible for the pyrotechnics. Hariet is considered to be the least predictable of the Broodals. While normally wearing a small doll hat, she brings an iron helmet in battle, in which she stores her homemade bombs.

SMO Spewart

The least subtle of the Broodals, Spewart is the entertainer of the four. He has the ability to spray poison from his mouth, which he not only uses for his battles, but also uses to make ground paintings with.

SMO Rango

While not the most focused, Rango is an invaluable member, being the bouncer of the Broodals. Rango is able to throw his boater hat like a boomerang, as well as in various ways and styles. He sometimes zones out, however, looking a bit confused.

Fanon Appearances

Mario Kart: X Circuit

The Broodals appear as unlockable racers in Mario Kart: X Circuit. Each one is assigned to four of the five weight classes.

Jake's Super Mario Kart

All four of the Broodals appear as playable characters in Jake's Super Mario Kart. Each one is assigned to a different weight class.

Mario Kart Switch

The Broodals appear as unlockable racers in Mario Kart Switch. Topper and Rango are both medium weight racers, while Hariet is a light weight racer and Spewart is a cruiser weight character.

Super Mario Kart: Switch Circuit

Alongside Madame Broode, the Broodals appear as unlockable playable characters in Super Mario Kart: Switch Circuit. Hariet is a lightweight, Topper is a middleweight, and both Rango and Spewart are cruiserweights. They all share Cappy as a special item.

The Broodal Story

The Broodals appear as the main playable characters in The Broodal Story. This game takes place during the events of Super Mario Odyssey and is about the Broodals making preparations for Bowser's wedding with Peach

Mario vs Wario: Full Moon

The Broodals return in Mario vs Wario: Full Moon as the bosses of the Dark Side. They still want to get revenge on Mario for ruining Bowser's wedding. They will use the Robobrood to try and get rid on Mario.

Mario & Luigi: Sage Quest

The Broodals make their Mario & Luigi series debut in Mario & Luigi: Sage Quest as an optional boss in the Boss Gauntlet's Boss Medley, fought right before Madame Broode.


  • The Broodals may have been inspired by the legend of the Moon Rabbit, which is based off the moon's markings resembling a rabbit pounding mochi with a mortar and pestle.
  • The name "Broodal" may come from several things; namely "brood" (the young of certain animals, or to dwell moodily on something), "bridal" (since they are wedding planners) and/or "brutal" (as they are enemies Mario must face).
  • The Broodals are likely responsible for the presence of Torkdrift and Yoofoe, which resemble UFOs and appear in the kingdoms as a boss. This would make sense considering their lunar origins. Given how Torkdrift is supposed to be a mechanical Spindrift, this could also mean they are responsible for the Mechawiggler, a similar machine that is supposed to represent Wigglers.


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