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Not to be confused with the Koopa Bros.
Do my wicked gnarlatious moves make you wanna bail out? Eat it, dweeb!

Bro. Koopa is a Koopaling debuting in 2016. He is the self-proclaimed "prince of the Fire Bros.", and can usually be found at or near the beach when not at Bowser's Castle. He is served by his followers, the Bro. Bros.. While he is a decent swimmer, his main attack is spitting fire.


Bro. is a somewhat muscular Koopaling with a deep orange shell. He has sunscreen around his nostrils on his muzzle, and wears dark indigo swim trunks.


Bro. Koopa talks and acts like a typical "surfer dude", and is always in pursuit of looking "gnarly". However, he isn't as dumb as all that lingo makes him sound. Bro.'s greatest asset, confidence, is also his greatest weakness, as he tends to overestimate his own abilities.


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