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Brix Elo Hydranox
Brix, swordsmaster of the stars
SPECIES Siandrall
AGE 21
BIRTHDAY December 7th
WEIGHT 220 pounds (varies) lbs
Kass (party member)
CLASS Swordsmaster
Treasure, Swords, Kass
Asparagus Wassail, Monsters, Being Weak

Brix (full name Brix Elo Hydranox) is the main protagonist of FantendoQuest. She is a Siandrall, like Sia. She also fights with swords as well, but is not anywhere near the level Sia is when she begins her journey. She is on a quest to stop the summoning of Charcoss, the god of destruction.


Brix is exceptionally tall, clocking around 8 feet and 6 inches tall. She has white hair that has red dyed tips towards the locks. She has a four pink horns extending out from the top of her head and a set of blue eyes. She wears a red dress jacket combo with a brown undershirt under it. The dress has a diamond checkerboard pattern and is colored red-brown. Four yellow buttons are displayed on the front, although these don't really do anything. She has four tails and wears a set of brown boots.


Brix sets out on her journey to stop the evil Struzax from summoning the god of destruction (known as Charcoss) because of her innate desire to do the right thing. She does not like feeling limited in her cabalities and gets annoyed when she is barred off from doing something (such as crossing a gap that a bridge once created a path across). She refuses to give up and will take on any weight the world brings on her to save her party members and her world.


Not much is known about Brix. It is hinted her father died before the events of FantendoQuest but this is never really elaborated on.

Powers and Abilities

Brix is really tall, allowing her to grab treasure chests from ledges, hit buttons high on the wall, cross gaps that formerly held bridges, and overstep some walls. Siandralls as a race have the ability to read Runes of the Primordial, which are scattered across the galaxy. These provide direction and open doors that will only open when the runes are uttered out loud properly. In FantendoQuest, she was able to focus her skills via Skill Points, which allowed her to improve skills individually.



She is the main protagonist of the RPG. The strategy guide suggests that she is meant to be built as an heavy offensive swordswoman, as her health later on will cover what defense she will likely lack. However, the player can customize her starts however they like using her 59 skill points (as well as use the optional bee badges to add extra skill points).

Listed below is all of her stats in FantendoQuest, including her innate abilities, skills, and XP needed to level her up.

Brix's Full Skill Set
Critical Swing

Increases Brix's ability to do a Critical Swing, a powerful strike that randomly happens every time Brix attacks. This does way more damage than usual.
Tips: Spend about 11-15 Skill Points on this, but don't prioritize it over Attack Up. Attack Up directly affects this skill and it's more important.

Attack Up

This increases Brix's damage output.
Tips: The most important skill Brix can have. Use 12-15 Skill Points on this and keep it pretty up while not ignoring other skills Brix has.

Haste Up

This increases Brix's speed for attacks.
Tips: Keeping Haste Up will allow Brix to attack more often and decrease the chances that an enemy will be able to evade or block her attacks. Pretty crucial, spend about 11-15 skill points on it.

Defense Up

This allows Brix to take more damage and block and avoid attacks.
Tips: Brix is your primary attacker more towards the end game and will usually have a healer and a good amount of health to utilize but it might be wise to make sure that some Skill Points go towards this.


This allows Brix to taunt enemies and focus the enemy's attention towards them.
Tips: As it looks like, this skill is kind of useless. You'll have plenty of potions and know how to use them once you have more than one party member and it's a terrible idea to have if Brix is only member of your party. It's pretty situational but don't waste your points on it.


Brix gets more defense at the cost of their damage output.
Tips: If you intend to build Brix into a offensive beast, this skill is a joke. Brix will have more than enough health by the end game for it to not really matter and staying alive won't really be a problem by that point. Skip it.

Brix's Innate Powers
Read the Runes of the Primordial

Brix can read the Runes of the Primordial, which provides both direction and allows for the opening of certain areas.

Tall Stature

Brix is naturally tall, allowing her to grab treasure chests that are above a ledge that would normally require finding a path to find… nobody has time for that! She can additionally pick fruit from trees and hit buttons high up.

Brix's Leveling Guide
Level 1 50 XP Level 2 112 XP
Level 3 204 XP Level 4 329 XP
Level 5 485 XP Level 6 672 XP
Level 7 890 XP Level 8 1137 XP
Level 9 1472 XP Level 10 1723 XP
Level 11 2061 XP Level 12 2425 XP
Level 13 2817 XP Level 14 3237 XP
Level 15 3681 XP Level 16 4151 XP
Level 17 4642 XP Level 18 5162 XP
Level 19 5701 XP Level 20 6262 XP
Level 21 6843 XP Level 22 7442 XP
Level 23 8061 XP Level 24 8694 XP
Level 25 9346 XP Level 26 10010 XP
Level 27 10690 XP Level 28 11381 XP
Level 29 12083 XP Level 30 12797 XP
Level 31 13519 XP Level 32 14250 XP
Level 33 14987 XP Level 34 15731 XP
Level 35 16480 XP Level 36 17233 XP
Level 37 17989 XP Level 38 18747 XP
Level 39 19507 XP Level 40 20266 XP
Level 41 21026 XP Level 42 21785 XP
Level 43 22541 XP Level 44 23294 XP
Level 45 24044 XP Level 46 24791 XP
Level 47 25531 XP Level 48 26267 XP
Level 49 26996 XP Level 50 27720 XP
Level 51 28635 XP Level 52 29144 XP
Level 53 29845 XP Level 54 30537 XP
Level 55 31220 XP Level 56 31895 XP
Level 57 32560 XP Level 58 33215 XP
Level 59 33860 XP Level 60 34495 XP




Trophy Information




  • Brix's race was decided via a poll, although her class, gender, name, and sexuality were all decided prior.
  • She is the first Siandrall to have a different hair and eye color; Sia and her parents all have the same hair color and eye colors.

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