Brick Man
Brick Man
He's a brick house.
Full Name Brick Man
(DWN-035a / DCN-003a)
Gender Male-Programming
Location Crumbling City
Current Status Destroyed
Class Robot
Main Weapon(s) Brick Toss
First Appearance Mega Man: The Wily Rejects
Latest Appearance Mega Man: The Wily Rejects
It's clobberin' time!
Brick Man

Brick Man Sprite

Enlarged standing sprites of Brick Man, showing both his armored and 'naked' form.

Brick Man is one of the original Wily Rejects, and is the prototype of Stone Man. He was scrapped because his weapon, the Brick Toss, has limited ammo—ammo that just so happens to also be made out of his brick armor. Once he threw all of the bricks, he would be left with his much weaker skeletal frame with only the ability to leap at his opponent left in his arsenal, which was incapable of significant damage.


Brick Man Spritesheet

Brick Man's updated sprite sheet.

Brick Man is one of the more viable rejects in the first batch. He will toss his weapon forward and leap around; however if you can survive long enough, his armor will completely disappear and he takes four times as much damage as before; however you can also use Statue Man's signature weapon to make short work of him. Killing him gives you the Brick Toss, which is useful against Frog Man.


Brick Man (DWN-035a)

  • Hit Points: 28
  • Level: Crumbling City
  • Status: Decommissioned (Mega Man: The Wily Rejects)
  • Location: Tuskegee, Alabama

Behind the scenes

  • The torso of his skeletal frame is intended to look like a corset.


  • Brick Man's quote, "It's clobberin' time!" comes from Marvel Comics' Thing. It was used as his taunt to Mega Man in a sprite comic Somarinoa had produced in 2001, which was the first reveal of him to anyone outside of himself. Brick Man however does not seem to realize that he's using someone else's catchphrase, as he thanks Mega Man after a sarcastic, " original."