Brendan Arnold Palmer
Brendan Palmer
AGE 22
BIRTHDAY March 19th
HEIGHT 5'10"
BIRTHPLACE La Habra, California
Laura Palmer (sister), Jess Pierce (girlfriend(?)), Nick Anderson, Krystal Pérez and Quentin Pérez (band mates)
CLASS  ???
Amy vs The FuturePérez's Story
I'm not giving up on you now, Laura. I know it was a harsh hit, but you can pull through. I know you can. You're a Palmer, we always pull through. We've lost Mom and Dad, and I don't want to lose you too. Pull through for me, please!
Brendan, to Laura after "The Accident"

Brendan is a human from Earth. He has got renowned music skills and has quite a bit of skill. He has a PhD. Despite not being on a distinct side, Brendan is a very important character in the Tayshaun & Amy series.


Brendan has a green Liberty Spikes Mohawk, a red hoodie, blue jeans and purple sneakers. He has a tattoo on his neck in the shape of the logo for punk band Zebrahead. He also has a guitar case on his back at times. His guitar is a lefty Les Paul with a black and purple design.


Brendan shares a tough life with his younger sister Laura. Their mother and father died when Brendan was 17 and Laura was 13, his sister came close to death after an incident with some sort of explosion that she was in the year after, almost leaving him on his own, but she was saved, thanks to Brendan's medical skill and Laura got PSI from the same incident. But not everything has been negative. He claimed a lot of money from a lawsuit against the hospital where Laura was being taken care of due to him thinking they weren't even trying to save her, as they thought she'd be fine since they'd had another person with the same kind of accident before. Brendan also picked up a PhD at age 20 and he has a successful band going on with a few friends. More recent events have been difficult to explain, even for Brendan and as even more weirdness unveils, it's clear he wants to protect Laura at all costs, so her health doesn't get worse. He was dragged along to the Fantendoverse by Krystal (he never discovered why) and was uneasy instantly, seeing the difference between their universe and the Fantendoverse and knowing Laura was on her own.


Brendan has a mature nature around him. He can be snide or cocky, but more often than not he keeps focused and cracks a few jokes. Even with the negative life he's lead, Brendan is cheery and fun-loving.


Jess Pierce

The relation between Jess and Brendan is a total mystery. Some think they're together, some don't, it's unknown. Jess goes extremely calm while around him.

Laura Palmer

Laura is Brendan's sister. Brendan usually looks after her to make sure she doesn't get hurt.

Amy Jackson

Brendan is somewhat interested in Amy, seeing her as somewhat "unique" in the way that she is a cyborg with a unique robot body part.

Krystal Pérez

Brendan's relationship with Krystal is okay, but iffy in some places. He thinks that Krystal can be a bit controlling at times.

Appearences in games

  • Amy vs The Future - Brendan is playable in Amy vs the Future, although he is clueless about what is going on.
  • Pérez's Story - Brendan appears in Pérez's Story.

Pokémon team

After first getting his PhD, Brendan was chosen to go to a Pokémon region. As he left the region, 6 Pokémon he saw on the journey followed him back to California. They were:







Their movesets as of now are unknown, apart from one or two moves, with the Ledian using Bug Buzz a few times, and the Minun using Thunder. The Minun shows up the most out of all and is thought to be Brendan's main Pokémon. The Minun has also apparently developed a thing for Krystal, one of Brendan's band members, of which fell for her looks. This has always been presumed by it's attitude toward Krystal, always nuzzling up to her. The Exploud more or less followed Brendan because of his music.



  • Brendan was originally based off the character from Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire with the same name, but then he broke off into his own character.
    • The Minun and Swampert were intended to reference Ruby and Sapphire.
  • Brendan's middle and surname (Arnold Palmer) is a tribute to golf player Arnold Palmer.

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