Brendan is a Popopo with a past shrouded in mystery. He has a somewhat unique style about him. Brendan was supposedly once a human from the state of California.


Brendan is a red Popopo with blue feet (each having two short horizontal dashes across them), blue cheekmarks (oddly shaped like stitched-up scars), and purple eyes. He has a very noticeable green Mohawk of the Liberty Spikes variety.


Brendan is extremely smart, and has an IQ of 486.


Brendan was once a very successful human. He had a PhD, he was being paid a lot of money and so on. But, some unexplained experiment including him and his friends (which went wrong due to Krystal's telekinesis interfering with the experiment) took him from the sunny state of California to the world of Zolara.


Brendan is, for the most part, pretty mature in comparison to the rest of his team. He's also one of the smarter members of the group he is in.

Relationships with Other Characters

Jess - Brendan is in a relationship with Jess that can't really be described by anyone.

Laura - Laura is Brendan's sister.



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