Brenadine Koopa is the sister of Bowser, Dark Bowser and Becki Koopa and the daughter of Mortan Sr. and Edith Koopa who first appeared in Kooped Up. She is the middle child of them being born after Bowser but before Becki. She has one daughter Opal who is 7 years old.


Brenadine has dark skin like her father and black hair too. Her face is plump like her niece Wendy's. She has a cat-like mouth like Bowser's and she wears Yellow heals. She has a Yellow shell and she has five spikes on it, rimmed with orange rings. Her shell has a white encasing like most Koopas.


  • She and her siblings (except for Dark Bowser) all have the same initials.
  • She is the only one of her siblings with a dark skin tone.

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