(Spoilers for Bravely Default and Second)                                         

Bravely Third - Sword Of The Brave
Platform(s) 3DS
Genre(s) RPG
Series Bravely Series
Release Date(s) April 2020
Age Rating(s) Teen
Cost $49.99


Bravely Third is the third game in the Bravely Series. It takes place 4 years after the events Bravely Second. This game's story focuses mainly on Bravely Second's Ch.2. 


Four years after the defeat of False God Providence, the Glanz Empire, Dutchy and Crystal Orthodoxy have made peace. These three armies have come together to reshape the Crystalguard and Three Cavaliers as a whole. However, they try to capture the Sword Of The Brave to aid them. Yew tries to talk everyone out of it, but they won't listen. Now, Yew has to try to stop everyone from getting to Geyser Grotto.



Yew wakes up in his house in Gathelatio. Today is the day that the Glanz Empire joins the Orthodoxy and Dutchy. Yew now must head to the Central Command. Yew heads through Pilgrim's Grove, which is for some reason filled with toxic gases and machinery. While travelling through the grove Yew encounters a Grizzly. Then, Yew gets chased into a marsh where he meets a girl named Yoko. He doesn't seem to recognise her from their last meeting. She says she is also headed to the Central Command. Yoko greets Yew as if she doesn't know him. The two of them become friends and keep progressing. They soon come across Argent Hienkel and Mongomery Harrow, the new recruit. They appear to have built this machine to put this machine here to take note on how the environment reacts to this change. Heinkel says that this is one step closer to creating the ultimate gas weapon. Montgomery just wants to conduct studies. Yoko and Yew do battle with them because this is completely wrong, according to Yew. "If we're going to make peace, why would we need weapons?" The two are successful. They stop in the town of Eternia. Then, they continue on their way through the Eternian Channel. Yew and Yoko then arrive at the Central Command. The duo makes their way to the top floor of the Central Command to take part in this ceremony. The ceremony takes place. Hundreds of people watch as the Glanz Empire as well as Ringabel, Grand Marshal Edea Lee, Master Kamiizumi and the rest of the high-ranking Glanz Empire snd Dutchy Soldiers. makes peace with the Orthodoxy and Dutchy. This event is referred to as "The Great Peace" by the way. So, to finish off this ceremony, Yoko suggests that they take up The Sword Of The Brave. Yew suggests he has heard of that name somewhere, but doesn't remember. Ringabel and Edea join the party and they set out to Geyser Grotto, the supposed location of this sword. Kamiizumi, Janne and Nikolai come as well. They make for Gathelatio but not before stopping at Pilgrim's Grove once more, where the party fights Artemia Venus who claims that they were the ones who built this machine. Besides, they are part of the same alliance. After a tough battle, Kamiizumi lends them his rowboat. The party sets out to sea. The chapter ends with a battle against Behemoth in the shallow waters.



Yew  The leader of The Three Cavaliers.
Yoko Yoko the princess. Yoko is actually an evil Yokai but she bends the minds of the party so that they don't remember the events involving her in Second.
Ringabel He is actually known as Alternis Dim, but he's still referred to as Ringabel. He works for the Dimensional Bureau.
Edea The Grand Marshal of Eternia. She wields the Grand Marshal's Stave, given to her by Braev Lee.


Eternia Region

BS Trailer City which I cannot remember the name of.
Gathelatio A town to the South of Eternia.


Potion Cures 150 HP. 20G
Phoenix Down Revive an ally with 200 HP. 100G
Antidote Cures poison. 10G
Echo Herbs Cures silence. 25G
Eye Drops Cures blind. 20G
Wakeup Bell Cures sleep. 50G


Fire Minor fire damage. 200G
Blizzard Minor water damage. 200G
Thunder Minor thunder damage. 200G
Cure Minor HP heal. 200G
Poisona Cures poison. 200G
Blindna Cures blind. 200G

Equips: tba Inn:

Inn Heals all HP/MP, removes status and ailments including KO. 5G

more tba



The freelancer is unlocked at the start, being the default job for all characters.

Yu Zeonelcia Model
A jack of all trades! Stand Ground Miscellany
Swords B Rods B Bows B Axes B Staves B Katanas B Spears B
Daggers B Knuckles B Great Swords B Firearms B Shields B Helms B Armour B
Examine ----- Displays the targets HP, Weaknesses, etc. To review enemy information, Slide the Circle Pad left at any time. One Enemy
Divining Rod 1 Slot Displays the number of unopened treasure chests in a dungeon when equipped -----
Treat 8MP Recover 20% of an ally's HP. One Ally
EXP Up 1 Slot Increases EXP intake by 20% for the equipper -----
Self-Healing 1 Slot Cure poison, blind and silence at the end of the battle. Does apply to consecutive battles. -----
Stand Ground 2 Slots Have a 75% chance of surviving KO with 1 HP remaining. -----
BP Limit Up 2 Slots Allows the user to store up to 4BP at a time. -----
Dungeon Master 3 Slots Prevent any damage or status ailments inflicted upon your party from traps in the overworld. -----
HP 10% Up 1 Slot Increases the user's maximum HP by 10% -----
Teleport 10MP Escape from any battle ecxept for unescapable battles. All Allies
Know The Enemy 2 Slots All enemies are already examined at the start of the battle. -----


The knight job is unlocked after defeating both Argent Hienkel and Montgomery Harrow.

A well-rounded warrior with exellent offense and defense! Protect Ally Chivalry
Swords S Axes S Spears A Rods E Staves E Daggers B Bows D
Katanas C Knuckles E Great Swords A Firearms E Shields S Helms A Armour A
Stomp ----- A powerful attack that lowers P.Def and M.Def by 25% for 2 turns. One Enemy/Ally
Ironclad 8MP Raise P.Def by 50% at the start of the turn. The User
Two-Handed 1 Slot Double a weapon's attack power by holding it in both hands. Only applies to swords, spears, axes, staves, katanas and great swords. -----
Protect Ally 2 Slots When an ally is about to take single-target damage, subsitute their damage for your damage. -----
Shield Lore 1 Slot Raise Shield proficiency to S. -----
Two Shields 1 Slot Become able to equip shields in both hands. -----
Critical Moment 1BP Raise critical rate for 2 turns. The User
White Knight 2 Slots When you are about to take single-target damage, a random ally substitutes your damage for their's. -----
Super Charge 12MP An attack that coverts the user's P.Def into damage. One Ally/Enemy
Vengeance ----- An attack on one enemy that deals more damage the more allies are KO'd. If no allies are KO'd, this ability does no damage. One Enemy
Rampart 1BP Form a barrier around all targets that fully protects against the next physical attack. All Allies/Enemies


The Asterisk is earned by defeating Montgomery Harrow.

Make daring sacrifices to heal and buff allies! Quick Item Alchemy
Swords D Axes E Spears E Rods S Staves A Daggers C Bows C
Katanas D Knuckles E Great Swords E Firearms C Shields E Helms E Armour E
Sarcifice HP ----- Sarifice 20% of the user's HP to heal 20% of the target's HP. One Ally/Enemy
Convert HP ----- Convert 10% of the user's HP to heal 50% of the user's MP. The User
Quick Item 2 Slots All non-attack items are used at the beginning of the turn. -----
Upgrade ----- Upgrade any item of your choice. For example, Potions are turned to Hi-Potions, and Hi-Potions are turned into X-Potions, and all items that cure status ailments are turned into remedies. This also affects attack items. -----
Attack Item Amp 1 Slot Attack items do 25% more damage. -----
Buff Exchange ----- Raise any stat of your choice from P.Atk, P.Def, M.Atk or M.Def by 50% and lower all other stats for 6 turns. The User
Soul Exchange ----- Sacrifice all your HP to revive an ally with 1 HP. One Ally
Poison Immunity 1 Slot Confer immunity to poison in battle. -----
Vamp Weapon 30MP Imbue an ally's weapon with a drain effect for 4 turns that allows them to absorb HP and MP with physical attacks. One Ally
2 Slots One Ally/Enemy
Auto-Potion 3 Slots Automatically use any potion when your HP is 20% or less. -----


The job is claimed after a tough battle against Artemia Venus.

Target the weak points of enemies! Prescision Hunting
Swords E Axes D Spears E Rods E Staves E Daggers A Bows S
Katanas E Knuckles E Great Swords E Firearms A Shields D Helms E Armour D
Targetting 1BP A conventional attack that's always critical and never misses. One Enemy/Ally
Bug Slayer 5MP An attack that does 50% more damage to insects. One Enemy
Fish Slayer 5MP An attack that does 50% more damage to aquatic enemies. One Enemy
Berserk 10MP Go into a berserk state where the user can only preform conventional attacks and P.Atk is raised by 25%. The User
Ghost Hunter 5MP An attack that does 50% more damage to undead enemies. One Enemy
Prescision 1 Slot Attacks never miss. -----
Bow Lore 1 Slot Raise bow profficiency to S. -----
Demon Slayer 5MP An attack that does 50% more damage to demons. One Enemy
Plant Slayer 5MP An attack that does 50% more damage to plants. One Enemy
Dragon Slayer 5MP An attack that does 50% more damage to dragons. One Enemy
Boss Slayer 12MP An attack that does 100% more damage to bosses, no matter what family. One Enemy

Black Mage

Unlock either the Black Mage or the White Mage (your choice).

White Mage

Fight Holly White to unlock this job.


Do battle with Konoe Kikyo rather than The Jackal to unlock the Ninja asterisk.


Fight The Jackal to get the Thief asterisk.


Fight the Achorite of Chomp Chomp to unlock this job.

Bravely-Second-SE-Members-Costumes 003
Master the art of toymaking! Learning Chompness
Swords C Axes D Spears E Rods B Staves B Daggers C Bows E
Katanas C Knuckles E Great Swords E Firearms A Shields E Helms E Armour E
Chompmancy ----- Use a monster ability. -----
Stats Up 2 Slots

Increases Chompcraft stats for all allies depending on how many allies have this ability equipped.

1 ally - 1.1x

2 allies - 1.25x

3 allies - 1.5x

4 allies - 3x

Study 16MP Learn a monster ability from the enemy without it having to use it against you. One Enemy
Pray 4MP  Increases the chance of certain chance-based abilities take effect.
Toss 1 BP (from each ally)

Availlable only when all allies are alive and are not afflicted with an ailment like sleep or charm that makes them unable to act. Craft a Chomper toy to throw at an enemy. Depending on what tools you have equipped affects the power. If Yoko has a pair of scissors that affects efficiency, this increases/decreases the number of chompers thrown. Ringabel's stuff will affect the base damage of each Chomper slightly. Edea's glue increases the accuracy of the attack and Yew's brush increases the rare rate (damage is based on the sale price of the Chomper toy).

One Enemy
Hunger 2 Slots Decreases the time between snacks in Chompcraft. -----
Learning 1 Slot Learn a monster ability when it is used against you. Yes, if there is a healing or buffing ability, it has to be used AGAINST YOU. -----
Confuse Immunity 1 Slot Confer immunity to confusion in battle. -----
Chomp Mastery ----- Use a powerful monster ability. -----
Chomp Champion ----- Increase P.Atk, P.Def, M.Atk and M.Def to all allies depending on how much of their coresponding Chompcraft stat they have. -----
Battle Snack 50 MP All allies eat a snack, dead or not. For the duration of the music, this increases their Chompcraft stats, just like in actual Chompcraft when you eat a snack. This also buffs P.Atk. Why would you want to increase your Chompcraft stats in battle? Because of the toss ablity, that's why. All Allies

(Note that Chompcraft stats will be displayed when sliding the Circle Pad to the right in battle if an ally has this job equipped as their job command or job.)

(Chompcraft stat refers to Proficiency, Sale Price, etc.)


Fight Janne Angard in Geyser Grotto to get this asterisk


Fight Nikolai to get this job.



Goblin 20-40 HP Gathelatio World Map (Before Ch.5) Pilgrim's Grove (After Ch.5)
Goblin Slasher 20-40 HP Gathelatio World Map (Before Ch.5) Pilgrim's Grove (After Ch.5)
Goblin Archer 20-40 HP Gathelatio World Map (Before Ch.5) Pilgrim's Grove (After Ch.5)
Orc 40-60 HP Obscure Island South Of Hartschild Pilgrim's Grove (After Ch.5)
Orc Leader 50-80 HP Obscure Island South Of Hartschild Pilgrim's Grove (After Ch.5)


BT Bear
Grizzly 150-200 HP Pilgrim's Grove Event Battle, Florem Gardens (Before Ch. 5) Pilgrim's Grove (After Ch.5)


Great Bat 30-50 HP Gathelatio World Map (Before Ch. 5) N/A (After Ch.5)
Harpy 35-80 HP Gathelatio World Map, Shallow Water World Map (Before Ch. 5) N/A (After Ch.5)



BD Battlehopper
Battlehopper 40-70 HP Pilgrim's Grove, Gathelatio World Map (Before Ch. 5) N/A (After Ch. 5)


Aggresive Carrot 20-30 HP Pilgrim's Grove (Before Ch.5) Rilgrim's Grove (After Ch.5)
Yew: These carrots attacked me on my way to the Eternian Certral Command!
Yew: According to a scientist I interviewed with, these carrots were given a self-aware like state from the toxic gases which caused them to come to life. I didn't even know carrots were farmed in Eternia, let alone any vegetables.
Yew: I wonder if they're safe to eat...


BD Zombie
Zombie 20-50 HP Gathelatio World Map Night (Before Ch. 5) N/A (After Ch.5)
Yew: A dead- er... undead human that roams Southern Eternia at night.
Yew: These types of zombies aren't uncommon to see in Eternia.



Fire Drake 10-35 HP Eternia World Map, Geyser Grotto (Before Ch.5) Dimension's Cauldron (After Ch.5)



BDPB Knight
Argent Hienkel 100 (Easy) 150 (Normal) 200 (Hard) Pilgrim's Grove
Montgomery Harrow 100 (Easy) 150 (Normal) 200 (Hard) Pilgrim's Grove
BD Artemia Venus
Artemia Venus 300 (Easy) 350 (Normal) 400 (Hard) Pilgrim's Grove (2nd time)
Zucc me daddy
Behemoth 400 (Easy) 600 (Normal) 800 (Hard) Shallow Water
Fiore 400 (Easy) 500 (Normal) 550 (Hard) Eisen Bridge
Holly 400 (Easy) 500 (Normal) 550 (Hard) Eisen Bridge
Omnias 400 (Easy) 500 (Normal) 550 (Hard) Eisen Bridge
Kikyo 1000 (Easy) 1200 (Normal) 1450 (Hard) Hartschild
The Jackal 1000 (Easy) 1200 (Normal) 1450 (Hard) Hartschild
Janne 500 (Easy) 550 (Normal) 700 (Hard)  Geyser Grotto
Nikolai 500 (Easy) 550 (Normal) 700 (Hard) Geyser Grotto
Einheria 1000 (Easy) 1400 (Normal) 1600 (Hard) Al-Khampis Dungeons
Mrs. Veeling 400 (Easy) 500 (Normal) 600 (Hard) Al-Khampis Dungeons
Barras 1000 (Easy) 1400 (Normal) 1600 (Hard) Al-Khampis Dungeons
Mr. Traccsute 400 (Easy) 500 (Normal) 600 (Hard) Al-Khampis Dungeons

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