Brandon is a black Magikoopa and one of the two best friends of Neo Koopa (the other being Austin). He is a Magikoopa with a black cloak and a green wand. While Neo can already cast a wide variety of magic, Brandon's magic abilities are far beyond that and surpass even Kammy Koopa's magic skills. He is a captain of the New Koopa Troop.


Powers & Abilities

Brandon can cast all the spells Lemmykoopa24 can cast and can cast many more. He can heal his allies and move things with his mind. He can also make anything he wants move in any desired way, transform an object or person (including himself) into anything he wants and make someone feel a different way about someone. However, he will not cast a spell for someone to fall in love with someone else, as it is forbidden. If he casts a healing spell, he will get his own energy drained from him. If he casts a spell to heal a deep wound, he will be weakened severely. If he casts a spell to heal a fatal sickness, he will be unconscious for a long period. If he casts a spell to bring someone back from the dead, he will die. He can wield any type of magic spell and knows every spell in the entire universe.


  • Austin and Brandon are based off of Lemmykoopa24 (tbc)'s best friends in real life
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