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Bramball NSLU
A Bramball
Alignment Evil

Bramballs are plant enemies that appear in the Mario series. They are large plant-like enemies that have large green legs with thorns covering them. Bramballs also have yellow suction cup-like feet. To attack, they flip around in a slinky-like motion, usually above pits or across platforms. Some of them will stay stationary however. Mario can only jump on the orange head, as touching the thorned legs result in damage. However, Mario can stay in between the legs and hit the Bramball's head from below, causing it to release a Coin and change directions.


Mario & Sonic All-Stars

Bramball is a playable character in Mario & Sonic All-Stars.

Mario All-Star Volleyball

He is a unlockable character in Mario All-Star Volleyball.

Super Mario Kart X

A Bramball appears as a playable default character in Super Mario Kart X.



  • Shooting out of a Cannon Pipe into a Bramball's head defeats it, causing it to drop twenty coins.</center>
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