Bracelets Race is the first spin-off of Battle of Bracelets Series. This game will be for Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Prima. Bracelets Race is the racing game where Aingeru, Ainhoa, Pablo and other bracelets use their vehicles to compete in races without rules, full of obstacles and more... This game will be released at the end of 2012.


One Player Modes

  • Story Mode: This story mode is about Aingeru, Ainhoa and Pablo discover some vehicles that works with the Bracelet. But Dark Bracelets will also appear to challenge them.
  • Racing Mode: This mode contains all kind of races in which the player chooses the rules and the circuits to run.
  • Time Challenge: The player will be able to run the circuits to make the best and fastest time in each place.
  • Destructive Mode: It's not recommended to people that doesn't like destroying cars. The objective is surviving in a fight with the vehicles and destroy the rival's ones.


Default Characters

Character Vehicle Ability Description
Aingeru Flamen Green Wing Form This angel got a perfect vehicle for him. Very balanced character.
Pablo Wheeled Hammer Light Speed He doesn't need vehicle to fly with his car.
Ainhoa Indigo Speeder Time Stop Her vehicle will face the time laws.
Xavier Chaos Obus Slow Time He looks an orange shooting star when he races.
Elena Motor Thunder Thunder Form Dangerous Racer who loves races.
Rachel Cyanomousse Plasma Form She is ready to exacutate any rival in her way.
Bruno Amber Dust Strong Danger He looks a powerful spark through a vehicle jungle.
Bella Psychotrain Drawn Obstacles One of her rules: races are also mind control.
Drake Dark Spark Shadow Zone His dark style in races make him be a great cheater.
Inferna Magma Festival Flame Form Her flaming style by using the kart is dangerous.
Garone Mechanometer Space Traveller Master of cheats, faster as a thunder, what else to say?
Alange Astonisher Dark Form He's the controller of a little dimension for him, fast like the sound.

Unlockable Characters

Character Vehicle Ability Description
Alex Crazy Coaster Invisibility

He'll speed around the track like a silent rollercoaster.

John Nighty Killer Dark Form

Jokey, fast and, legal? Maybe he needs a bit of mischief.

Tucker Running Armor Golden Form Brave at the wheel. He will avoid all the traps that the Dark Bracelets leave to him.
Uil Amberula Dark Form The Dark Side of the competition is shown in the way that he competes.
Dalia Fast Vortex Mind Control That dark lady is a danger. If the speed fails, she will always have the mind.
Shion False Rocket Absorption She is the master of confusion, be ready for any of her traps.
Areusa Dark Train Clima Change Hard to beat over concrete, ready to a good tricky race...
Crane Destruction Coach Telekinesis The Sage of Destruction will produce a giant mess in the raceway.
Will Gray Days Wing Form A Golden Bracelet from the Hades that isn't afraid the punch his rivals.
Mason Frozen Deathcar Ice Form Other of the sages of the Hades. Controlling the ice will help him on the road.
Jairo Virgo Lotus Logic Vision The Master of Virgo is now racing, he's all a challenge for alive racers.
Julius Geminoid Cryokinesis

New Racers: Speed Bracelets

Character Vehicle Ability Description



Electrorus Electric Field This is your new rival: a user of the thunder power. Perfect at speed races.



Steelair Metal Form She is one of the new races. Powerful and will resist any attack from her rivals.



Ocenicar Flood Power His style of racing is fluid like water and he always shows a perfect racing style.



Pironeid Igneous Absorption Her control in fiery races is perfect. She is an agressive race, very dangerous.



Tornadate Wind Control Invisible as wind, with a perfect form of defense, impossible to hit.



Lighting GTI Light Form


All the courses are played in Story Mode and VS Mode. They are all based off different places that appear in Battle of Bracelets Series.

  • Mountanian Tour
  • Water Ruins
  • Deserticien Dunes
  • Monacal Ruins
  • Aurora Mines
  • Holiday Coast
  • Dark Palace
  • Horizon Forest
  • Galactic Gate
  • Frozen Mountains
  • Astonish Raceway
  • West Oracle
  • Megatea Motorway
  • Hades Grand Palace
  • Thanatos Death Garden
  • Hypnos Dream Hell
  • Phobos Cemetery

more coming soon...


All of them work with Weap Disks:

  • Cut Weap Disk: the player can make a cut in the air and hit the person who is in the trajectory of the cut.
  • Fiery Weap Disk: the player can throw fireballs with it.
  • Ice Weap Disk: the player can freeze the road and make someone slip. If the player throws a piece of ice, the racer who hits the ice can be freezed too.
  • Thunder Weap Disk: the player can throw a giant thunder over a rival to paralize him.
  • Impact Weap Disk: the player can throw someone if the rival is near him.
  • Explosive Weap Disk: it will make explode a rival who is touched by the player's vehicle.
  • Crystal Weap Disk: the player can throw a piece of crystal on the road and make someone hit it.
  • Defense Weap Disk: the player can make an energy scude that will protect him.
  • Invencibility Weap Disk: the player gets invencible and they can produce damage to any of the rivals.

more coming soon...

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