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Boys VS Girls: Sports Showdown is an upcoming sports video game devloped by Camelot and MikuLuigi07 and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS.

The game crosses over with eight different franchises, including Nintendo's Super Mario, Neko Works's Nekopara, SEGA's Sonic the Hedgehog & Puyo Puyo, Hasbro's My Little Pony: Equestria Girls, Dreamworks's Shrek, Mattel's Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps, and Level-5's Yo-Kai Watch.

This game takes inspiration and elements from the Nintendo 3DS version of the cancelled Five Franchise Sports All-Stars.


Gameplay works very similar to Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Every sport plays differently and uses different control schemes. Characters also differ from each sport, including Captains. Some sports includes Goalies and Teammates.


The sports are the main focus of the game.

Sports Selection
Sports List V2

Normal Sports

There will be a total of 25 Normal Sports. So far, only 15 are confirmed.

All of the Normal Sports take place in the day.

Image Name Controls VS Character Select
Archery (1)
Archery Buttons & Move 3DS v4
Archery BvG





Baseball BvG
Baseball Male BvG

3 of Each Appears

Baseball Female BvG

3 of Each Appears

Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball

Buttons 2v2
BeachVolleyball BvG V2
Boxing (1)


Buttons 1v1
Boxing BvG V2





Curling BvG
Curling Male BvG

3 of Each Appears

Curling Female BvG

3 of Each Appears

Fishing (1)


Buttons & Stylus v4
Fishing BvG
Floor Exercise

Floor Exercise

Buttons & Move 3DS v4
FloorExercise BvG
Foot Racing

Foot Racing

Buttons v6
FootRacing BvG
Golf (1)
Golf Buttons & Stylus v4
Golf BvG V2
Rugby Sevens

Rugby Sevens




RugbySevens BvG

3 of Each Goalie Appears

RugbySevens Male BvG

3 of Each Appears

RugbySevens Female BvG

3 of Each Appears

Skateboarding Buttons v4
Skateboarding BvG


Buttons & Move 3DS v4
Skydiving BvG


JP: Football




Soccer BvG V2
Soccer Male BvG

5 of Each Appears

Soccer Female BvG

5 of Each Appears

Swimming (1)


Buttons & Stylus v4
Swimming BvG
Table Tennis

Table Tennis

Buttons 1v1
TableTennis BvG V2

Plus Sports

There are a total of 5 Plus Sports. Plus Sports play similar to normal sports, but they either have different or extra rules added.

All of the Plus Sports take place in the night.

Image Name Rules Controls VS Character Select
Beach Volleyball


Beach Volleyball Plus

Scoring will get you 0 points. Use the ball to hit rings to likely score points. Buttons


BeachVolleyballPlus BvG
Boxing (1)


Boxing Plus

It's a 4 way Battle Royale. Be the last player standing to win. Some health appears. Buttons v4
BoxingPlus BvG
Golf (1)


Golf Plus

It's a race. All that matters is who sinks in the hole first. Everyone takes turns though. Buttons & Stylus v4
GolfPlus BvG


Soccer Plus

JP: Football Plus

Break the shield blocking the goal to score a point. Items also appears. Buttons



SoccerPlus BvG
SoccerPlus Male BvG

5 of Each Appears

SoccerPlus Female BvG

5 of Each Appears

Table Tennis


Table Tennis Plus

The layout and hazards changes every time someone scores a point. Adapt to the table. Buttons 1v1
TableTennisPlus BvG

Special Sport

Special sports only include all the captions and no guests.

There's actually only one special event, but another one is teased.

Image Name Controls VS Character Select
Rhythmic Ribbon
Rhythmic Ribbon Buttons & Stylus v4
RhythmicRibbon BvG



There's only one type of special character, being the Mii. They are playable in any sport and any Mii can be chosen. They can also appear as teammates. Miis are also customizeable.Their appearance and what they wear differ their stats.

Boy Mii Name Girl Mii
Mii(Male) BvG V2


Can be given any name.

Mii(Female) BvG V2


Captains appear more often than guests. It is confirmed that there are 10 captains total.

Boy Captain Boy Name Girl Name Girl Captain
Jibanyan BvG V2
Jibanyan Angelina
Angelina BvG V2
Luigi BvG V2
Luigi Arle
Arle BvG V2
Mario BvG V2
Mario Chocola
Chocola BvG V2
Shrek BvG V2
Shrek Twilight
Twilight BvG V2
Sonic BvG V2
Sonic Vanilla
Vanilla BvG V2


It's unknown how many guests there will be.

Boy Guest Boy Name Girl Name Girl Guest
TBA Alice
Alice BvG V2
Bowser BvG V2


JP: Koopa

Amitie BvG
Amy BvG
Charming BvG V2
Charming Applejack
Applejack BvG V2
DarkPrince BvG

Dark Prince

JP: Satan

Azuki BvG
Donkey BvG V2
Donkey TBA
DonkeyKong BvG V2
Donkey Kong


JP: Fubuki-hime

Blizzaria BvG
Dr.Eggman BvG

Dr. Eggman

JP: Eggman

Flash BvG
Flash Cinnamon
Cinnamon BvG V2
TBA Coconut
Coconut BvG
Hovernyan BvG


JP: Fuyunyan

Cream BvG V2
Kashou BvG V2
Kashou Daisy
Daisy BvG V2
Knuckles BvG
Knuckles Fiona
Fiona BvG
TBA Fluttershy
Fluttershy BvG
TBA Gracie
Gracie BvG V2
Marco BvG

Hailey Anne

JP: Inaho

HaileyAnne BvG V2
MetalSonic BvG
Metal Sonic TBA
Nate BvG V2


JP: Keita

Maple BvG
PussInBoots BvG V2
Puss in Boots Muffins
Muffins BvG
Schezo BvG
Schezo Peach
Peach BvG V2
Shadow BvG
Shadow Pinkie Pie
PinkiePie BvG
Sig BvG V2
Sig Polly
Polly BvG V2
Silver BvG
Silver Raffina
Raffina BvG V2
Spike BvG
Spike Rainbow Dash
RainbowDash BvG V2
Tails BvG
Tails Rarity
Rarity BvG
Usapyon BvG


JP: USApyon

Ringo BvG
Vector BvG V2
Vector TBA
TBA Shigure
Shigure BvG
Wario BvG
Wario TBA
Whisper BvG V2


JP: Kinopiko

Toadette BvG
Yoshi BvG
Yoshi TBA


Teammates only appear on specific sports. They are free to choose depending on the gender of your character.

Boy Teammate Boy Name Girl Name Girl Teammate
Catboy BvG V2


Catgirl BvG V2
EquestriaBoy BvG V2

Equestria Boys

Chao BvG V2
GarbagePuyo BvG V2

Garbage Puyo

Equestria Girls

EquestriaGirl BvG V2
Knight BvG V2

Female Mouses

FemaleMouse BvG V2
Komajiro BvG V2



Noki BvG V2
MaleMouse BvG V2

Male Mouses


JP: Tsuchinoko Panda

Pandanoko BvG V2
Toad BvG V2


JP: Kinopios


Puyo BvG V2
Wisp BvG V2



Witch BvG V2


Goalies only appear on specific sports. They don't act like goalies all the time though.

Boy Goalie Boy Name Girl Name Girl Goalie
EggPawn BvG V2
Egg Pawn(s)

Pom Pom(s)

PomPom BvG V2


Character English Voice Japanese Voice
Mario Charles Martinet
Luigi Charles Martinet
Peach Samantha Kelly
Daisy Deanna Mustard
Yoshi -Japanese Voice Actor- Kazumi Totaka
Toadette Samantha Kelly
Wario Charles Martinet
Donkey Kong -Japanese Voice Actor- Takashi Nagasako
Bowser Kenny James
Pom Pom Lani Minella
Chocola Bryn Apprill Maki Tomonaga (Himari)
Vanilla Natalie Hoover Yuka Inokuchi (Amu Nakamura)
Kashou Seth Magill Shinnosuke Tachibana
Azuki Luci Christian Mia Naruse
Coconut Morgan Laure Ryoko Tezuka (Megumi Tateishi)
Maple Anastasia Munoz Yui Ogura
Cinnamon Kristen McGuire Tae Okajima (Uyu Arisaka)
Shigure Emily Fajardo Emi Sakura
Sonic Roger Craig Smith Jun'ichi Kanemaru
Tails Colleen O'Shaughnessey Hirohashi Ryo
Knuckles Dave Mitchell Canna Nobutoshi
Amy Cindy Robinson Taeko Kawata
Cream Michelle Ruff Sayaka Aoki
Shadow Kirk Thornton Koji Yusa
Vector Keith Silverstein Kenta Miyake
Dr. Eggman Mike Pollock Nakamura Kotaro
Silver Bryce Papenbrook Ono Daisuke
Twilight Tara Strong Miyuki Sawashiro
Rainbow Dash Ashleigh Ball Izumi Kitta
Pinkie Pie Andrea Libman Suzuko Mimori
Applejack Ashleigh Ball Sora Tokui
Fluttershy Andrea Libman Emiri Kato
Rarity Tabitha St. Germain Mikoi Sasaki
Flash Vincent Tong Kenji Nojima
Spike Cathy Weseluck Motoko Kumai
Muffins Tabitha St. Germain Yumi Uchiyama
Shrek Mike Myers
Fiona Cameron Diaz
Donkey Eddie Murphy
Puss in Boots Eric Bauza
Charming Rupert Everett
Angelina Charlotte Spencer
Alice Naomi McDonald
Marco Jules de Jongh
Polly Leah Zabari
Gracie Jo Wyatt
Jibanyan Alicyn Packard Etsuko Kozakura
Nate Johnny Yong Bosch Haruka Tomatsu
Whisper Joey D'Auria Tomokazu Seki
Blizzaria Alicyn Packard Aya Endo
Hailey Anne Erika Harlacher Aoi Yuki
Usapyon Katie Leigh Kotori Shigemoto
Hovernyan Johnny Yong Bosch Yuki Kaji
Arle Erica Mendez Mie Sonazaki
Ringo Cassandra Lee Morris Asami Imai
Amitie Christine Marie Cabanos Shiho Kikuchi
Schezo Ben Lepley Masakazu Morita
Sig Benjamin Diskin Yuriko Fuchizaki
Raffina Erica Lindbeck Noriko Namiki
Dark Prince Xander Mobus Chikara Ousaka
  • Metal Sonic & Egg Pawn speaks with robot grunts so they aren't casted.
  • It's unknown if any of the guests will be casted.

Cut Content

A lot of things in the demo is different compared to the final game.

  • Rhythmic Ribbon was originally a normal sport. It became a special sport while Floor Exercise took it's place.
    • Dark Prince and Pinkie Pie were playable in Rhythmic Ribbon. They are now playable in Floor Exercise.
  • According to Soccer, each player was originally gonna have their own teammates.
  • The boxes showing off the characters originally have five spots instead of six.
  • Kashou originally appeared in his chef uniform.
    • His picture was originally from the Nekopara OVA.
  • Coconut was originally a Technique Type.
  • Egg Pawn was originally a Power Type.
  • Chao were originally boys, as they were Sonic's teammates.
  • A catgirl originally appeared as a goalie.


  • Despite the huge load of content, the game is playable on a normal Nintendo 3DS.
    • It just takes a little longer to load.
  • The game received a "Everyone 10+" rating by the ESRB in North America due to the similarities of the Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games video game series.
    • It could've been much worse due to the competivive gender theme, Schezo's style of speech, and Nekopara characters, especially Coconut's appearance and Cinnamon herself, making an appearance.
      • Cinnamon's perviness had to be toned down, though it is still obvious.
      • Coconut's appearance and Schezo's tone of speech hasn't been changed at all.
  • Super Mario & Nekopara are the only series to have 2 captains. All the rest only have 1.
    • Coincidentally, the captains from their respective series are not only related, but are also twins.
      • Mario & Luigi are twin brothers while Chocola & Vanilla are twin sisters.
  • Of the guests on the top picture, none of them are speed types.
  • Obviously, the catboys and catgirls' pictures are not from Nekopara.
  • Some of the types don't make sense to the characters. The reason being is to save room for each type.
    • Jibanyan is a Technique Type & Blizzaria is an All-Around Type despite them both having top speed in the Yo-Kai Watch games.
      • One can argue that Blizzaria's type fits due to her being powerful in the Yo-Kai Watch anime.
    • Ringo is a Speed Type even though she's not as fast.
  • Muffins was originally gonna be named Derpy. It was changed to fit canon.
  • All of the My Little Pony: Equestria Girls characters appear in their latest appearance with the exception of Flash & Muffins.
    • Flash appears in his original appearance.
    • Muffins appears in her camp outfit from My Little Pony: Legend of Everfree.
  • Yo-Kai Watch characters resorted back to their original voice actors and Puyo Puyo characters went back to the characters' normal tone of voices.
    • Sonic the Hedgehog characters keep their modern tone of voices and voice actors though.
  • Soccer Plus, Boxing Plus, & Table Tennis Plus were originally ideas for Five Franchise Sports All-Stars.
    • According to an interview, Soccer Plus & Boxing Plus works exactly like how it was planned in said game. Soccer Plus just added a force field. Table Tennis plus originally has items too, but it was decided to have a new gimmick and keep the items exclusively to Soccer Plus.
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