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SSB Mario Series white.png Bowser Statue
Health Infinite
Power Fire-Type-Pokemon-Sword-and-Shield.png Fireballs

Electric-Type-Pokemon-Sword-and-Shield.png Lasers

Generally Bowser's Castles or near the end of the game
First appearance SSB Mario Series white.png Super Mario Bros. 3, NES, 1990
Latest appearance SSB Mario Series white.png Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury, Switch, 2021

An apparent egotist, Bowser has multiple statues of himself in his castles. Most of the time, they are merely background elements; however, in a few Mario games, they serve a gameplay purpose:

  • In Super Mario Bros. 3, a few Bowser Statues fire lasers at Mario, and they're quite accurate, too. Only by running at full speed can Mario dodge them.
  • In Super Mario World 1, there are two varieties of statue: the gray one, which spits out fireballs, and the brown one, which bounces around.
  • In both Super Mario Galaxy games, Bowser Statues can be destroyed to give Mario Coins or perhaps other helpful items, but only by explosions. SMG2 also has pairs of Bowser Statues that turn to face Mario and generate an electric "fence" whenever he passes by them, usually by Snake Block.
  • Super Mario Odyssey features a Bowser Statue that can be captured in Moon Kingdom, as well as two gold Bowser Statues before that based on two ancient Japanese gods.