Bowser Mario
Mario in the Bowser Suit
Item Type Weapon
Kind of Item Mushroom
Breath fire, hide in shell

Bowser Mario is a power-up for Mario. He needs to eat a Bowser Mushroom to access this form. This form makes an appearance in the sidescrolling game, Super Mario Bros. 2010 but only appears in five levels of World 8.


It is actually, Fire Mario and Shell Mario in once, but than more powerful - Bowser Mario can breathe big fireballs and is allowed to shell slide when running fast enough. He couldn't be stomped because of the big spikes on the carapace*. Mario's Ground Pounds are also more heavy and as powerful as an synchronic Ground Pound. However, Bowser Mario runs much slower than Super Mario, and jumps much lower.


Bowser Mario looks like Mario in a Bowser-like suit - complete with bracelets, shell and even the head, with the mouth as opening for the face. Bowser Mario's shirt has been changed yellow, just like Bowser's own body. The overalls are changed red.


  • Mario was wearing a Bowser-like suit yet earlier, in the Mario Party series. The very first one was the first Mario Party, only in some minigames. This suit looked more like Bowser, but was missing the head. In Mario Party 2 and Mario Party 3, this returns, but also as an item called just Bowser Suit. In Mario Party 4, the Suit changed to a Mushroom, but looked different. Finally, in Mario Party 8, a special kind of Candy could make Mario into a Bowser-like suit, which included the head for a change, but looked more cheap and custom (e.g. buttons instead of eyes and eyebrows).
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