Bowser Jr clowns the competision!

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Bowser Jr (unlockable)


Bowser Jr acts more or less the same as bowser, but smaller. Due to people complaining how he was always in his clown car of his, he now fights on his feet. For such a small fighter, his is very heavy, as he is the 8th most heavy character in the game.


NUTRAL B: Bowser Jr spits a fireball. Unlike Mario's fireball, this one just goes in a strait line forward.

SIDE B: He swipes at the enemie using a paintbrush. When hitting someone, you cover them with paint, making them slip.

UP B: He tucks into his shell and spins, flying upwards. Like Bowser's recovery, you can tap B repeatedly to fly higher into the sky.

DOWN B: Bowser Jr does a less powerfull but slightly higher Bowser Bomb. Anyone you land on will get burried.

FINAL SMASH: Jr transforms in his own little trancformation, Giga Jr. In this form, Jr is much mor powerfull, and his Side B gets replaced with a claw swipe. It lasts for a good 11 seconds.


SIDE: Jr pulls out his little hammer, looks at it, then puts it back.

UP: Putts his bib thing over his mouth. It stays on until you use his Nutral B.

DOWN: Jumps up and down.


  • You can unlock him by Playing classic mode without getting a game over.
  • In SSB4, he foght in his clown car. 
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