Bowser Jr. (SSB6)
Bowser Jr. SSB4.png
Bowser Jr's artwork for Super Smash Bros. Universe
Symbol SSB Mario Series.png
Universe Super Mario
Super Smash Bros. Brawl (2008) (as a trophy)

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U (2014)

Official Debut Super Mario Sunshine (2002)
Availability Unlockable
Final Smash Shadow Mario Paint

This article is for Bowser Jr's appearance in Super Smash Bros. Universe. For the other game appearances of the character please see Bowser Jr.. Thank You!

Bowser Jr. (クッパ Jr., Koopa Jr.) is an unlockable veteran in Super Smash Bros. Universe. His moveset has remained entirely unchanged from the transisition from Smash 4 to Universe, with the exception of his custom moves which have been cut.

How to Unlock

  • Play 100 VS Matches.
  • Complete Adventure Mode as Bowser on Normal or higher diffculty.
  • Get him to join your party in The Wrath of Shadows.

With the exception of the third option, fulfilling one of the tasks above will allow Bowser Jr. to challenge the player to a battle on World Bowser. Defeating Bowser Jr. in this battle will then allow him to be selected for regular use.


Name Description
Neutral attack Punches twice, followed by a flurry of punches and a finishing hit using boxing gloves.
Forward Tilt Stabs forward using a pitchfork.
Up Tilt Slashes upward using a pitchfork.
Down Tilt The Clown Car licks three times in front of it.
Dash Attack Slashes multiple times with a grinder.
Forward Smash Uses two drills to converge like pincers.
Up Smash Flips upside down and attacks with the Clown Car's propeller.
Down Smash Slams the ground on both sides of him using wrecking balls.
Neutral Aerial Spins around with the boxing glove arms extended.
Forward Aerial Hits in front of himself with a wrecking ball.
Back Aerial Hits behind himself with a wrecking ball.
Up Aerial Swings a hammer above himself.
Down Aerial Extends a drill below himself.
Grab A claw appears.
Pummel Bowser Jr. hits the opponent with a squeaky hammer.
Forward Throw The boxing glove uppercuts the opponent forward.
Back Throw Spins, then throws the opponent behind him with the claw.
Up Throw Throws the opponent above him with the claw.
Down Throw Throws the opponent onto the ground and drills into them.
Neutral Special Clown Cannon Bowser Jr. fires a cannonball from the Clown Car's mouth. The longer Bowser Jr. charges the attack, the farther the cannonball will fly. If the move is overcharged, the cannonball will be shot automatically.
Side Special Clown Kart Dash The Koopa Clown Car sprouts little wheels, backs up a little bit and then drives full speed ahead. At the end of the travel distance, the Clown Car will spin out.
Up Special Abandon Ship! Bowser Jr. jumps out of the Koopa Clown Car, which explodes when it hits the ground. He can then use a hammer attack as he falls by inputting any aerial. Bowser Jr. gains a new Koopa Clown Car upon hitting the ground or grabbing a ledge.
Down Special Mechakoopa Bowser Jr. drops a Mecha-Koopa from the hatch of the Clown Car as it walks forward. If it makes contact with an opponent, it will detonate. They can be picked up as items.
Final Smash Shadow Mario Paint Bowser Jr. transforms into his Shadow Mario disguise and paints an orange "X" on the screen. Anyone caught in the "X"'s hitbox will take damage. The "X" will clear away after some time.
Tag-Team Smash ??? (Shared w/ Bowser) ???


  • Sits on the edge of the clown car and breathes fire.
  • Pulls out hammer and spins it around twice.
  • Equips the Clown Car with wheels and spins around in circles, making Bowser Jr. dizzy.

On-Screen Appearances

  • Flies in onto the stage in the Junior Clown Car and makes a face at the camera.

Victory Fanfare


Victory! (Bowser and Bowser Jr.) - Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Music

Role in the Wrath of Shadows

Alternate Costumes

Unlike the other fighters, Bowser Jr. doesn't have any actual palette swaps. Instead, one of the seven Koopalings can replace Bowser Jr. inside of the clown car, complete with their own sound clips, crowd chants, and even the announcer calling their names upon being selected. The moveset remains the exact same as Bowser Jr's.

Image Color Notes
Light Blue
  • Replaces Bowser Jr. with Larry Koopa, and changes the rim and propeller to light blue.
  • Replaces Bowser Jr. with Roy Koopa, and changes the rim and propeller to red.
  • Replaces Bowser Jr. with Wendy O. Koopa, and changes the rim and propeller to pink.
  • Replaces Bowser Jr. with Iggy Koopa, and changes the rim and propeller to lime-green.
  • Replaces Bowser Jr. with Morton Koopa Jr., and changes the rim and propeller to black.
  • Replaces Bowser Jr. with Lemmy Koopa, and changes the rim and propeller to yellow.
  • Replaces Bowser Jr. with Ludwig Von Koopa, and changes the rim and propeller to blue.
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